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Laylah’s Take: What Person Thought the Release of the Roethlisberger Tapes Was a Good Idea?

It’s no surprise that players don’t like the media…because of things like this. The release of Ben Roethlisberger’s interviews that were conducted along with photos and surveillance tapes were released to the public Wednesday. How rude are you? Whoever thought this was a good idea has absolutely nothing else better to do. I say good […]

Laylah’s Take: Leave Roethlisberger Alone Already!

I get the whole thing about Ben Roethlisberger violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy, but do we need to continue to drag this out? He made a mistake, now lets move on. His teammates want this, I’m sure he wants this, and the Steelers want this. I think we’re beating a dead horse here. Let […]

Laylah’s Take: Raiders want Russell’s Money Back? Good Luck

When it comes to getting paid, what company wants a refund? My guess would be many, but is it right? Should the NFL be allowed to ask for money back? In the name of the Oakland Raiders and JaMarcus Russell, they do. If we could ask for money back from every employee who has failed […]

NFL talking Apples – and maybe Snow – with a NY Super Bowl

The NFL is talking apples, and who knows, maybe a little snow when it comes to having a Super Bowl in New York in 2014. The Giants/Jets new Stadium is one of the favorites come election day to hosting Superbowl XLVIII, and they only need 14 more votes to make it happen. “Doing it in […]

Introducing Laylah Figueroa – Our newest NFL Gridiron Gab Sportscaster

In an effort to diversify our readership, the Sports Gab Network and NFL Gridiron Gab has decided to add to our staff of hack bloggers here at Sports Gab by introducing a “female voice” to all the sites. Laylah Figueroa is officially our Sports Gab Sportscaster and will be featured in many videos and articles […]