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Gridiron Roundtable: Who is the Best in the AFC and NFC after Five Weeks?

Today we debut our first “Gridiron Roundtable” for the 2010 season, as we go around the Sports Gab Network to ask our staff members the following question: Though Five NFL Weeks, who is the Best team in the AFC and the best team in the NFC? Here are just some of the answers given by […]

Gridiron Roundtable: After 10 Weeks, your Super Bowl Matchup and Winner

Jerie O’Conner – Ravensgab: Giants-Jets – Brett Favre is the MVP of the Super Bowl as the winning QB.  Eli Manning demonstrated in last year’s Super Bowl that all you had to do was be the QB of the winning team to “earn” the MVP trophy. Ian Leslie – NFLGridirongab: Titans-Giants – Like most I am […]

Gridiron Roundtable: What Rookie Coach Are you Most Impressed w/ so far in His First Season?

Ian Leslie – John Harbaugh – Considering how little experience he has, and his age, he has managed to inspire a mostly veteran team and has them believing that they can be a contender in the AFC. The Ravens looked like a team that was on the decline and would have to undergo a […]

Gridiron Roundtable: 8 Weeks into the Season, Who is Your NFL MVP?

David Wright – Jetsgab: Redskins Clinton Portis – Portis is a workhorse and is showing what he can still do without the old Gibbs running game. David Quinn – Cowboysgab: Titans Kerry Collins – This one’s easy after this weeks MNF game, Kerry Collins is having the best year of his career and showed that […]

Gridiron Roundtable: Who is the Most Overrated Player in the NFL?

Wendy Bupb – Terrell Owens – While I like T.O., and his talent is undeniable, he’s too much of an individual in a team sport. I have been waiting for the wheels to come off in Dallas, and I believe they’re starting to look a little wobbly. After Jake Delhomme went down last year, […]

Gridiron Roundtable: What One Player has Come Out and Played Better Than Expected This Season?

Russ Loede – Jason Campbell – Journeyman back-up Todd Collins outperformed the former Auburn Tiger ’05 1st round selection last season! You can make a case that Campbell is an MVP candidate and has outplayed every QB because he has yet to turn the ball over! He also has beaten four legitimate teams, including […]

Gridiron Roundtable: What Team, Good or Bad, has been the Biggest Surprise so Far Four Weeks into the Season?

Eric Cook – Bad: St.Louis – I don’t know that I expected them to be a powerhouse this year, but a whipping boy relegated to the likes of the ’07 Dolphins, that I didn’t expect. Jean-Paul Bergeaux – Bad: Minnesota – The Vikings have to be the surprise losing team, despite beating a […]

Gridiron Roundtable: Which of these four current AFC division leaders will NOT Win their Division: Buffalo, Baltimore, Tennessee, Denver

Jim Dubenetzky – Baltimore – They have wins against the Bengals and the Browns and haven’t been tested yet, with a rookie starting QB they are sure to struggle at some point this season. The Steelers are still the definite favorite in the AFC North, their only loss came at the hands of a […]