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Bears Urlacher Says Hall of Fame Game a No-Go Even If Lockout Settled Thursday

Brian Urlacher, the Bears heart and soul on defense, thinks that the Hall of Fame game between the Bears and Rams set for August 7th in Canton, OH will not be played – even if the NFLPA and the owners get the lockout situation done sometime on Thursday. “I think the Hall of Fame Game […]

5 “What-the-Heck” Lineup Changes I’d Make if I Were Bears Coach Lovie Smith

Let’s face it fellow Bears fans – there will be no coaching changes, firings or trades between now and the end of the season. But that doesn’t mean the team that’s (a) struggled to run the ball against the league’s worst run defense (Cleveland) and (b) been run over by the team with the worst […]

Bears Cutler Wants Team to Make a Run for Marshall

Could the Bears have the combo of Jay Cutler throwing to Brandon Marshall in the 2009 season? While it seems unlikely, reports are coming out that Cutler wants his former Bronco teammate with him, and today’s Newsport News Daily Press reports that Cutler was pushing hard for the team to get Marshall from Denver. Jay […]

Bears Ranking Madness and More

Scouring the internet for interesting news on the NFL is like a part-time job for any fan right now. Unfortunately, if you’re not entirely interested in Michael Vick or Brett Favre, (even Vikings fans are groaning) there isn’t a whole lot in the way of captivating information. But in a constant effort to make the […]

Where Can the Bears Turn for a Receiver?

The Bears have answered some of their needs this offseason, most noticeably making improvements on the offensive line and quarterback . They have also added some depth to the safety position, which obviously still needs to be addressed, but should keep them from searching for starters in former players late in the season. One important […]

Very Sneaky Jerry, Very Sneaky

I have to admit that I was duped for a moment when everything went down. The combination of the Cutler and Pace signing was a shock that stunned me. With everyone rushing to get on the bandwagon, it was a frantic haze with kool-aid cups left everywhere. A lot of people quickly ran for their […]

The Stage is Set for the Bears – Will They Deliver?

I was just starting to have hope for this season. The Bears had made a few additions and were likely to make more. I thought that even if they reached on a WR, I was looking forward to seeing the offense develop with the new and improved OL and any WR that they added. Then […]

Where’s the D?: Orton Special Teams Guide Bears Over Vikings 48-41

Offense wins games, defense — just costs money. Many expected a typical black ‘n blue, NFC North slug fest between Chicago and Minnesota. Few imagined the battle to see more than 48 points, let alone a single team reaching that mark. Even less envisioned the offensive show which was on display at Soldier Field to […]