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2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Oakland Raiders

When previewing teams looking to make that jump from bottom-dweller to playoff contender, the process generally whittles down to identifying one or two key factors that will ultimately decide the immediate fate of said team. For example, the San Francisco 49ers will become a playoff team if they find a solid quarterback to lead their […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Kansas City Chiefs

For the past few years, it’s almost like the Kansas City Chiefs have been on a road trip. Their exceptionally-passionate fans have been riding along, bellowing a cacophony of gripes and complaints from the backseat. The fans viewed the road trip not as an adventure but as a means for reaching a destination. They looked […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: New Orleans Saints

If a man in a New Orleans Saints shirt ever passed a man wearing a Phoenix Suns hat on a street somewhere, you can be the two would briefly lock eyes and exchange looks of empathy. For, the man in the Suns hat knows what the man in the Saints shirt is going through. The […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Carolina Panthers

Your view of the Carolina Panthers depends on your interpretation of their disastrous 33-13 home Divisional Round loss to the Arizona Cardinals last January. If you are in the camp that believes America witnessed merely a 12-4 team being struck down by quarterback Jake Delhomme’s ill-timed career lowlight (in which he completed 22 of 34 […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Atlanta Falcons

Dear Michael Vick, Consider this letter your official “Welcome Back” to society. A lot happened while you were away. America proudly elected its first black president. China wowed the world with a stirring Olympics Opening ceremonies. John Edwards became the most noteworthy politician since Bill Clinton to get busted for cheating on his wife, while […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Houston Texans

“Houston Texans” will be the answer to the most frequently asked NFL question this summer. This is the team that everyone will pick to break out in 2009. This is “The Sleeper”. You’re going to hear about this team during all those sponsored television segments where football experts dilute their credibility by issuing opinionated 15-second […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Jacksonville Jaguars

Looking at the Jacksonville Jaguars right now is not unlike walking in on someone who is cleaning up after a major basement flood. It’s a mess. And not the type that makes you say Here, let me help; more the type that makes you say I’ll come back later. Jacksonville’s cleanup efforts, daunting as they […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Indianapolis Colts

Change? You call this change? Ha! This ain’t change! Change is going from a Republican white president to a Democratic black one. Change is landline phones to cell phones. Or cell phones to PDA’s. It’s going from fat 1980s Oprah to sleek 2000s Oprah (minus this past year, apparently). Or, on the flip side, going […]