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2010 Regular-Season Schedule Announced for Seahawks

The National Football League released the regular-season schedules of all 32 team this evening. Seattle boasts the third easiest schedule, based off of the combined 2009 win-loss records of Seattle’s 2010 opponents.  The season starts off at home for the Seahawks, as they’ll play host to divisional foe San Francisco.  For a second straight season, Seattle […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Arizona Cardinals

The puking sounds you’re about to hear will be coming from the Arizona Cardinals. They just had one of the wildest playoff experiences in NFL history, culminating in an epic Super Bowl that was decided in—what for them—was a gut-wrenching final few seconds. No doubt, Arizona’s unlikely run through last year’s postseason was “a good […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: St.Louis Rams

A few years ago, the theme of the St. Louis Rams preview was Recapturing Glory: How can this still-gifted group rediscover its Super Bowl swagger? Soon, the theme slid into Fulfilling Expectations: What must this talented club do in order to live up to its potential? Not long after that, the theme turned into Bouncing […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: San Francisco 49ers

Unless you’re a fan of the Cardinals, Seahawks or Rams, chances are, you’re pulling for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West this year. Why? Simple—you love their head coach. Mike Singletary is a consummate throwback; an old-school purist who played the game at a Hall of Fame level and teaches football with a […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Seattle Seahawks

Forget the term “bouncing back”. It doesn’t apply here. For, to talk about this Seattle Seahawks team “bouncing back” is to give relevance to last season’s 4-12 disaster. And last season really isn’t relevant. An epidemic of injuries ruined everything. Last season, Seattle’s quarterback battled a bulging disk in his lower back. The receiving corps […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

You know who’s really running this Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise? Al Davis. Think about it: In 2002, the owner of the NFL’s west coast band of nautical villains basically shipped rising young head coach Jon Gruden to Malcolm Glazer (owner of the NFL’s east coast band of nautical villains), in exchange for a bounty of […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: San Diego Chargers

So often an NFL player will claim that his team’s season isn’t successful unless it ends with a Lombardi Trophy. The rigidity of this notion—a season’s value being measured only in the variable of victories, and true value not being recognized unless one of those victories happens to be of the rarest, most difficult form—would […]

2009 Gridiron Gab Team Previews: Denver Broncos

It’s sad to look at the Denver Broncos and no longer see Mike Shanahan. The relationshipo between the two-time Super Bowl champion head coach and Pat Bowlen’s franchise was an iconic portrait of NFL stability. It was like your grandparents’ marriage. Bowlen had once declared Shanahan the Broncos’ “head coach for life.” When that bond […]