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The Gab’s Final Divisional Predictions: AFC South

Last season the Tennessee Titans won the AFC South with a punishing running game and a powerful defense. The Colts were not far behind in Tony Dungy’s last season as head coach, and the Texans and Jags brought up the rear. It should be another interesting year to say the least in the AFC South, […]

The Gab’s Final Divisional Predictions: NFC South

The NFC South has always been a division that is very tough to call. Each year there’s plenty of surprises, and last season the Panthers came out of nowhere to have a solid regular season, only to have a melt down in their home divisional playoff game vs the Cardinals. There was two playoff teams […]

The Gab’s Final Divisional Predictions: AFC North

The two teams that faced off in the AFC Title game a season ago came from the AFC North, and once again 2009 looks like a dogfight between the Steelers and Ravens. The Bengals are a team that could look better this year, and the Browns have a new look with a new coach. Here’s […]

The Gab’s Final Divisional Predictions: NFC North

Talk about a transition in a division. How about the NFC South, which will see new quarterbacks on likely three of the four teams (Matthew Stafford WILL start at some point in 09 in Detroit). It’s a division with plenty of big name players, and it seemed that every team made a move to try […]

The Gab’s Final Divisional Predictions: AFC East

Last season the AFC East was turned upside down with the injury to Pats QB Tom Brady. This year, many have the Pats running away with the division as Brady is back and the Pats seem as high powered as they were when they went 18-1 with their only loss being the Super Bowl loss […]

The Gab’s Final Divisional Predictions: NFC East

The NFC East is a tough, hard-nosed division with talent all over the place. From Albert Haynesworth in Washington to Tony Romo in Dallas to Donovan McNabb in Philly, there are playmakers on every team. For now though, the big boys from New York are still the favorites to win the division, this even after […]

Gab Inter-Division Team Rankings: AFC

AFC EAST 1. MIAMI DOLPHINS- Last years division title wasn’t a fluke. Dolphins players and personnel are a year  further in familiarity with their schemes and plays. With Jason Taylor’s return, the defense will now have the QB terrorizing tandem of him and Joey Porter. Miami is the best team in their division until another […]

Gab Inter-Division Team Rankings: NFC

NFC EAST 1. New York Giants– New York’s grip on the throats of the other teams within their division won’t be loosening anytime soon. With Plaxico gone it’s going to be harder for Eli to do his best to prove he is worth his big money contract but a stout defense and excellent defense make […]