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2008 Divisional Predictions: AFC West

We start our first divisonal breakdown of the 2008 season with the AFC West, a division with really one power, one team trying to get back into playoff contention, another trying to be competitive, and another in rebuild mode.  With that, here is our look at the AFC West and how it’s going to go […]

2008 Divisional Predictions: AFC South

The AFC South has been dominated by the Colts the past five seasons, but there is a new kid on the block in the Jacksonville Jaguars making a heavy push to unseat the Colts in 08, and the Titans and Texans are not all that far behind, with the Titans making the playoffs last season.  […]

2008 Divisional Predictions: AFC North

The AFC North seems to be a two-team race, as the Pittsburgh Steelers look to hold off the upstart Cleveland Browns.  The Bengals and Ravens will put up a fight and have some playmakers, but there is no question that they are not as talented top to bottom as the Steelers and Browns.  Here we […]

2008 Divisional Predictions: NFC North

Other than possibly moving Vikings/Lions home games to outdoors (think: frigid, icy, snowy conditions), wouldn’t it be just as exciting to see all the teams in the NFC North a.k.a. “least feared” Division place their skilled players at the QB spot? Imagine The “Windy City Flyer” (Devin Hester), “All Day” (Adrian Peterson), Calvin Johnson, Greg […]

2008 Divisional Predictions: AFC East

When it comes to the AFC East, there is not much discussion about who is going to win the division.  Is there? Nah, the Pats are by far still the best thing in this division, and even with the arrival of Brett Favre in the Big Apple, New England still has more than enough horses […]

2008 Divisional Predictions: NFC West

The NFC West is almost always looked at as the weakest division in the league.  With only one team that many feel is even close to making a real run in the playoffs, this division for the past few has been filled with quite a few “what ifs.”  That leads us to this season, and […]

2008 Divisional Predictions: NFC East

I’ve found out that “surprise/unexpected” difference makers can really lift a team’s hopes, helping enhance its chances to exceed expectations. Sure you can count on the Westbrooks, Owenses, Romos, Burresses, Wittens, and Cooleys to get the job done on Sundays – just remember they can’t do it by themselves nor are they supposed to (consistency […]

2008 Divisional Predictions: NFC South

Many feel that the NFC South is going to be a competitive toss up of a division in 2008, with all but the Falcons capable of winning the division.  Many feel that the Saints are going to rebound after a tough 2007 that saw them start 0-4, the Bucs are the champs and have made […]