Colt Brennan’s Colonials Cease Operations, He Could Land On Other Team

Colt Brennan’s fans will need to cancel their reservations for Connecticut hotels this fall.

His angry armchair critics – who likely have a less-than-50% success rate in projecting QB’s – could wind up one step closer to seeing his comeback vanquished, thus giving them the temporary satisfaction of “knowing” that he couldn’t make it should he ever get the chance to play again.

The UFL’s Hartford Colonials have folded, coach Jerry Glanville has taken a consultant job with the UFL and the team will be reassigned in a dispersal draft this coming Monday. Also, the league announced the remaining four teams will now play merely a 6-game season.

I’ve heard some convinced that Brennan will go to the Las Vegas Locos and someone else believes the Sacramento Lions is the best fit.

What’s interesting is, the UFL has been hoping to get the NFL to sponsor them as a developmental league. Maybe the difficulty faced by the NFL GM’s and coaches slicing the 90-man roster down to 53 will prompt them to push for such a set-up.

It could definitely advance scouting during the season as front office people would have a lot of fresh tape to look at if they wanted or needed to go outside the practice squad for an addition.

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22 Responses to “Colt Brennan’s Colonials Cease Operations, He Could Land On Other Team”

  1. smiley4284 says:

    “His angry armchair critics – who likely have a less-than-50% success rate in projecting QB’s – could wind up one step closer to seeing his comeback vanquished, thus giving them the temporary satisfaction of “knowing” that he couldn’t make it should he ever get the chance to play again.”

    Angry Armchair Critics i.e. Realists: 1
    Delusional Colt Brennan supporters: 0

    You know how people know he “hasn’t made it”? BECAUSE HE HASN’T MADE IT. Duh.

    This article is embarrassing and HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NFL.

  2. blimpie says:

    Chris, seriously bro, Colt Brennan again?

    WTH, is this NFL Gridiron Gab or Previous-NFL-FLOP-Gab? Enough with this loser. This is the biggest time of the year for NFL players and you’re touting some washout who hasn’t been in a roster in almost two seasons.

    Your writing is usually pretty good, but these articles drop you down a notch compared to the other contributors. Take care.


    • Chris Bach says:

      He has a huge following and when you break nearly every record on the collegiate record at the most popular position, people want to know what he’s up to.

      Though I like him, I wouldn’t cover him on here as often – since he is out of the NFL – if it weren’t for the thousands of fans Googling him and bringing hits to the site. Honestly, there are a lot of topics I wouldn’t cover more related to the NFL if they weren’t great for hits but that’s the point of having a website.

      I guess you’ll want to scroll past my article later today about free agent quarterbacks, too, since they aren’t in the NFL for the moment.

      I appreciate the feedback.

      • Jean says:

        I agree with you Chris. He’s a good guy who needs a chance in the NFL. He has alot of fans, like all of Hawaii. Thats 7 Islands in the Pacific. I would like to see him play for the 49ers.

        • BigTimeSammyJam says:

          Dude. I agree. Anything is better than Smith.

        • makaha 16 says:

          oh yes….. that would be … G R E A T !!!!! I wanted that since he left Hawaii….. nothing is impossible……

      • thisisasticup says:

        Whats funny is someone like cam newton goes 8/19 with 130 yards in his first ever pre season game against a 2nd/3rd string d , and people are saying he has so much potential.

        Yet colt went 9/10 with 2 tds and 100some yards, and it was because he was playing a back up defense.

        the double standard is amazing. maybe it was the “system” he played in? what System did Kevin Kolb play in? and what has he proved?

        • Mean Fucker says:

          There are a handful of Punks who follow Colt Brennan around who get their rocks off the ONLY WAY THEY CAN – biting Colt from the back. Every single game I have seen Colt Brennan play in he brought Energy, Excitement and TOUCHDOWNS. I want to see him play again. Another interesting tidbit for the Punks, Colt’s stats for the Sugarbowl were very close to Staffords’s, while spending most of the game on his back… look it up..

          • CB5lvr says:

            As opposed to Brennan LOVERS “biting” Colt from the front?

            You guys act like this wasn’t expected. Everybody (well, those who actually watch and understand football and quarterbacking) knew he would fail miserably once he left the coddling coed-fondling arms of June Jones (Colt must have taught JJ how to do it) and the rest of the UH daycare center. The WAC was a joke. UH’s season was a joke with the punchline being Georgia making lil’ golden child Colton cry and quit on national television. Colt sucks, period. Have fun kids, daddy’s out of here, time to join an NFL discussion.

          • DrP says:

            He certainly deserves a chance, he just needs the right fit. Ie., this year Grossman and Campbell look more like they did in college then their time with Bears (RG) & Redskins (JC). I say his agent just “pimp” him out cheap to teams like the Eagles who need a third string. Goodness, King Brady was 5th round…

  3. realsmiley4284 says:

    Hopefully, the Virginia Destroyers pick him up. He had a huge fan base the Redskins/Deadskins:) Fake smiley get a identity be yourself man. Now I understand why you have so much hate for Brennan. You hate yourself and try to be other people. Getting drafted to the NFL isnt making it. hahahahaha Coming from a couch potato hater that will never come close to it. Be yourself dude

  4. hawaiibearsfan says:

    Appreciate the post on Brennan. Still keeping hope alive that he will eventually find a place on a team, wherever that may be. Hopefully one day he can work his way back to the NFL. I know a lot of people like to hate on Colt, but to people from Hawaii, he will go down in history as one of the greatest to play the game here. Keep up the good work.

  5. Brahcraft says:

    Thx for the update on Colt…

    Don’t listen to the negative loser with nothing better to do than spit shit online….no one is asking you to read anything.. it’s your choice. Hater’s gonna hate every opportunity-get a life.

    Chris – I wish Brennan would have had a better shot in the NFL, its sad he did so well for the skins during both preseason games few years ago, but never got the shot he needed…not even 1 snap in a real game. For what it’s worth, I think he’d be a good qb in the NFL, its unfortunate the opportunity might well be over.

    • moneyforG says:

      Colt Brennan is a JOKE and busted in every professional league he’s been in. But keep up the dream of having the side-armed JOKE of a convicted sexual deviant in the NFL Mrs. Brahcraft.

      Let me guess, you think itty bitty wittle Colt is cute? awwwwww.

      • yo daddy says:

        quit haten dork. i’m sure ur just mad cuz he whooped ur teams’ a$$. twice in NY for heisman is a joke? if i was tryin to get cold more fans, i’d post something like u did.

    • DrP says:

      I’m certain if Zorn played Brennan instead of Campbell, he’d still have his job. They both had the same system of play…. Oh well…

  6. Masterman says:

    It’s amazing, all these NFL QB’s injured and Colt doesn’t even get a call. Well, it’s over folks, he sucks like everyone with a modicum of football knowledge predicted!

  7. suchagoodstart says:

    Nobody gives two (*&^’s about Colt Brennan.

  8. mone says:

    I hope u can get more info on Colt. UH Football sucks without him.
    New Coach Chow should bring interest back to us though.
    Anyway I think Colt will try for the CFL. It all depends on his agents. He just wants to play. Manoa underground has an recent interview with Colt.

    Anyway hope you get more info as things develop this year.