Could Seattle Seahawks Jump Into Kyle Orton Derby?

I know it’s probably not going to happen, but I won’t give up, I just am not 100 percent content with Tarvaris Jackson being the Seahawks starting quarterback scheme familiarity be damned.

I was happy to know that the parameters of a trade between the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins for quarterback Kyle Orton fell through. Denver reportedly did not like the Dolphins offer, and part of that reason could be that the Broncos ran out of teams to strike a deal with.

For now, he remains the Broncos starting quarterback at least in Training Camp and outperformed Tim Tebow during practice. This may be a ploy to signal they don’t need to trade him to drive up his value after all but putting him on the trading block with a humungous “for sale sign”.

If Pete Carroll is really just building a one year bridge to his franchise signal caller, why not Kyle Orton? I can’t wrap my head around how Jackson gives Seattle a better chance to win.

The reported asking price was a third round draft choice and Miami did not meet their asking price, if Pete Carroll could offer a fourth round pick for Kyle Orton I do not see a logical reason why he should not immediately pull the trigger.

When he discovered he needed an actual running back he had no qualms trading a fourth round pick for Marshawn Lynch. He will always be remembered for his “BeastQuake”, but it doesn’t change the fact he came to Seattle with some legal issues and question marks.

Now Pete Carroll needs an actual starting quarterback. For a similar fee they would acquire someone who has none of the issues or question marks Lynch had when he was acquired. If most teams could be guaranteed they would be getting Kyle Orton and Marshawn Lynch in the fourth round, most would be pretty pleased.

In fact, it’s tough to argue Orton comes in with any issues. The guy is a consummate professional who has done nothing but win games with a contender and put up statistics with a pretender. He put a happy face on when he was “the replacement” for Jay Cutler and even after two years of good (equal?) quarterback play he is being tossed aside for someone who many people think can’t throw (I like Tebow though).

Two weeks ago I argued that Orton was the best quarterback option potentially available this off season and I stand by that remark.

At least statistically there is no denying he had a better 2010 then any quarterback who swapped teams this off season; including Hasselbeck, McNabb, Kevin Kolb, and Tarvaris Jackson.

See, he just doesn’t belong on that list!! Jackson should not be a starting quarterback!! I am very happy they didn’t pay the kings ransom for a guy with a worse career passer rating, but I would rather have Kolb than Jackson at least (not at the price though, have fun getting your secondary shredded Arizona).

Someones going to get (or keep) Orton, and that team is going to get another year of very good production from the quarterback position.

Pete Carroll, someone in the Seahawks’ front office, if you happen to be reading this, please just think to yourself and answer this question, you don’t have to lie to yourself, just to your fans.

Is the quarterback situation better with Tarvaris Jackson or if you acquire Kyle Orton and have to forfeit a fourth round pick?

Kind of like how Seattle paid a ransom for Charlie Whitehurst last off season, only to watch an equal aged, equally mobile, and far more talented Jason Campbell get dealt for a fourth round pick

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You can view up to date Seahawks free agency news and rumors by clicking here.

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30 Responses to “Could Seattle Seahawks Jump Into Kyle Orton Derby?”

  1. Josh says:

    Kyle Orton sucks nuts dude, realize that would ya 7

  2. paulbedichek says:

    That’s Jay Cutler genius

    • Fong says:

      Lol at least he didn’t put Cutler in a Bears uniform up. Then again he could put up Orton in a Bears uniform.

  3. Josh says:

    I agree with this article. Orton is a good quarterback on and off the field. He would be good for the Seahawks. Fourth rounder? Love to get that deal!

  4. Russ Loede says:

    Fixed. Andrew got a little bit too excited about his team acquiring Orton. He wishes his squad could have the Bears gunslinger Jay Cutler. As for Orton to Seattle – not a chance. I believe Orton has an outside shot of landing in Cincy if Dalton doesn’t impress during the preseason. Another possibility: Washington. In the middle of the season: Detroit, if Stafford gets hurt again, which I’m hoping he doesn’t.

  5. Andrew Auger says:

    I’ll pass on Cutler the malcontent crybaby drama queen who didn’t do anything better in Denver then Orton has in favor of Orton to bridge to Carson Palmer or Andrew Luck because Pete Carroll is either leading this team to the playoffs or were about to go 4-12.

  6. Andrew Auger says:

    Geezes did I really put Cutler up lol. Sorry I have been posting often…

  7. Russ Loede says:

    Oh, that same Jay Cutler who just led the Bears to 11 victories, an NFC North title, and an NFC Title Game appearance? That same Cutler who got hit/sacked more than any QB in the league last year and only missed one full game because of it? That same Cutler who had a very average receiving crew but still did wonders with it? The media always will blast Cutler, no matter what, but he’s a very solid starting QB in this league. Talented and tough enough to lead your team to the championship. Have fun with Whitehurst and Jackson.

    As for 4-12 or playoffs, even if Orton does somehow find his way to Seattle, they’re still going to miss out on the Playoffs.

    Better off getting involved in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

    Lastly, name me nine quarterbacks better than Jay? He’s top-ten material.

    • Bears Fan says:

      You sir are incorrect… Jay Cutler top ten in his dreams… Heres your 10 that are better and a couple more in no specific order.

      P. Manning, Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Drew Brees, Matt Schaub, Josh Freeman, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Rothlisberger, Donavann McNabb, Carson Palmer (if not retired), Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, and Phillip Rivers… That is 14 and I would say Matt Cassel is also better than him too but thats pushing it.

      In my opinion Jay could be great but he needs to get his head out of his butt and play for the team and realize he is no Brett Farve or Jon Elway. Right now he is more like a Trent Dilfer who rode his defense as far as he could in the playoffs. The only difference is that the ravens won in 2000 and the bears lost to the packers last year.

      He is better than Tony Romo though that guy is terrible.

  8. Andrew Auger says:

    Harsh words for a team that just signed the best receiver, best guard, and best defensive tackle in free agency?

    People counted out the Hawks last year when they made the playoffs, and I know your Bears beat them, but they beat the defending Super Bowl champions. I mean come on, how can you hate on that?

  9. Russ Loede says:

    Best wide receiver? Best guard? Best defensive tackle? I beg to differ. Give me Santonio Holmes, Davin Joseph, and Cullen Jenkins or Aubrayo Franklin instead. First, let’s see if Sidney can stay healthy. Second, it doesn’t matter how good of a receiver you acquired or how much your offensive line improved, if you don’t have a legit starting QB.

    The playoff win over the Saints is a distant memory, other than that Lynch run, of course.

    QB is the name of the game – it’s the most important position in the NFL. I just don’t see much in Whitehurst and Jackson is average at best.

  10. Hawk_Eye says:

    Orton’s asking price is way too high for us. He wants what he is making now, which is 6 million per year, for a long-term agreement. Miami wants him for less and a short term contract. Why would he do that when he can stay put, earn his 6 million this year and become a free agent next year? He would then be able to control his own destiny, which team he goes to and sign a long term deal.

  11. Andrew Auger says:

    Well Holmes and Joseph (as well as Mebane) weren’t technically available…?

    So I will say this, they got the best available receiver and guard available, not much debating that.

    • Hawk_Eye says:

      I’m not sure we will win our division this year. But with all the additions we made through the draft and free agency, we are a much more talented, bigger, faster team. I think Pete Carroll and John Schneider looked at this years and next years quarterbacks draft prospects and decided to wait and not pull the trigger until next year. I mean think about all the teams that committed to a quarterback this year that priced themselves out of the QB market next year. Plus, from what I read, the 2012 draft has 4 outstanding NFL QB prospects. Like I always said, they have a plan to build this team from inside to out, getting their foundation in place before you add your franchise quarterback.

  12. Fong says:

    No offense the Seahawks shouldn’t have been in the playoffs last season. Granted they played well in the playoffs but a sub .500 tram should have not been there. Another topic for another day.

    • Andrew Auger says:

      No no no no no!

      You don’t get to say that when they beat the defending Super Bowl champions when they got there. That proves they were good enough to be in the post season, bottom line.

      I was there, I witnessed it first hand, I put that game over the NFC Championship game as far as events I have attended and that’s a lofty perch. It was an incredible game and I think it’s inaccurate to say a team who wins a game in the post season against the defending Champions doesn’t belong there and I just don’t think there’s much refuting that.

      • Fong says:

        Oh come on Andrew, I’m not saying that they didn’t play a good game and that the NFC Championship game was better. All I’m saying is that there were two other teams that deserved to be there more. The Giants and the Bucs were both 10-6. At least one of those two teams should be in that game. I understand that the division champions should be there but it’s an absurd concept if you want to be fair. Teams in the NFL can beat any other team on any given Sunday no matter how bad that team is on paper or have played the previous week. My prime example is the Denver Broncos in 2009. They were a horrible team but they managed to win 6 of their first 16 games before their bubble was burst and went on a hell of a losing streak.

        • Andrew Auger says:

          I’m actually content with that, the Giants and Bucs cleaned our clocks and your right they deserved to be there. I can’t say with 100 percent conviction they did more so then the Seahawks. What happens if they Bucs or Giants lose in the playoffs?

  13. Fong says:


  14. Russ Loede says:

    I can’t believe we’re even discussing the brightness of the Seahawks’ future. Hands down, they are one of the worst teams in football at the moment. As simple as that. Too easy.

    I believe both the 49ers and Rams are in better position, and the Cards are going to improve with Kolb.

    Check again, Andrew:

    If you look at the list, I would not consider Rice or Gallery the top WR or OG. Especially, Gallery, when you have also have Dahl and Colledge on the list.

    Consider this: if Seattle wins more than five games I would be absolutely shocked.

  15. Michael says:

    The basis of this article is entirely wrong. The deal fell through b/c Orton wanted K. Kolb money, not b/c of the Broncos compensation from Miami. You can’t really blame Orton for wanting more money.

  16. Andrew Auger says:

    Ok, but Vincent was franchised and Santonio re-signed with the Jets. That makes Sidney Rice the best AVAILABLE receiver. Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph were also (restricted) and (re-signed) which means they weren’t really available either?

    The only argument you have is comparing Dahl to Gallery even then I think their both good players but the lightbulb went on when Cable and Gallery got together and I think he’s more valuable to us then Dahl is.

    Why are we having this discussion anyway? Sidney Rice>Roy Williams?

  17. Fong says:

    Then they lose just like the Hawks did, maybe it wouldn’t be a better game but hey it was fair. Anyways good banter and we will never know.

  18. MM says:

    Professional journalists should learn the difference between “then” and “than”–but never mind that. You are right that Orton would be a steal if the Seahawks could get him.

  19. Andrew Auger says:

    You do realize I am in the Edward. R. Murrow school and I still get told that by my professors all the time. It’s not even that I use them in the wrong way, I just never type “than”, it’s always “then”, period.

    You’re right, it is a terrible habit.

    • MM says:

      You do have a good sense of humor about it, Andrew, which is another quality that a professional sports journalist should have! Go Murrow! (and Go Cougs!)

  20. Andrew Auger says:

    Hey I only missed one, not terrible for me

  21. Russ Loede says:

    Jackson, Nicks, Joseph and Holmes were still considered “free agents.”

    So, that observation is weak. Also, you know Cullen Jenkins was the best free agent defensive tackle.

    Sidney Rice is a good player, that is, when he’s healthy.

    Rice better than Williams. I’ll give you that. But don’t be surprised if Roy redeems himself under Martz again.

    You can have the better FA wideout, I’ll take the club with the better QB, RB, defense, and overall team.

  22. Russ Loede says:

    Matt Schaub: He’s good at throwing the ball up to Andre Johnson and winning eight games every year. Excellent fantasy QB.

    Josh Freeman: Big-time fan of Freeman, however, he’s not nearly as accomplished as Cutler is.

    Donovan McNabb: When he was in Philly.

    Carson Palmer: Have you watched him play since the ’05 playoff injury against Pittsburgh?

    Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco: All debatable.

    Cassel is underrated, solid signal caller. Give me Tony Romo ahead of Schaub, McNabb, Palmer, Flacco, and Eli.

    How can you say Jay rode the defense to the NFC Title game? The defense last year was good, but nothing like ’05 or ’06. There were many times the D looked lost and couldn’t stop the pass.

    So that makes seven QB’s who are “clearly better” than Jay Cutler: Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Peyton, Rivers, Vick, Big Ben.