McNabb to Miami? A Disaster in Waiting

In case you missed one of the various NFL Total Access’ last night, Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King speculated that the Miami Dolphins would perhaps be a good landing spot for veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb. McNabb is currently apart of the Washington Redskins squad, but appears to be on his way out.

I would not like this move for various reasons. One, it appears McNabb is well on the downside of his career. The Dolphins are indeed looking for cheap veteran help, but to bring in a guy like McNabb who has an intimidating presence on any roster, may in fact hurt Henne’s progress rather than push him to being the starter we all believed he could be. The media would go crazy, along with the fans, calling for McNabb the second Henne slips up, and for Henne to succeed this year, he needs to know that the team is behind him 100 percent, and not have the team divided and the fans calling for his head, which is what would likely happen if the team struggles out of the gate.

King stated in the interview that McNabb is a guy who would not likely be on the move until a couple days of free agency, possibly a week. He wants to stay back and see what the market is and what the Redskins are willing to do with him. He has been linked to the Minnesota Vikings earlier in the off-season, and now the Dolphins have been thrown into the mix as well.

With free agency set to likely start sometime next week, and the Dolphins not giving any indication on exactly who they are interested in this off-season, the McNabb debate shall most likely continue throughout the week until he is indeed signed by either the Fins or another team in the league. So let’s hear your thoughts on whether you’d like to see McNabb in South Beach this year, as a backup, or even the starter?

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19 Responses to “McNabb to Miami? A Disaster in Waiting”

  1. Brandon says:

    Hmmm Chad henne or donavin Mcnabb on the back end of his career…ill take donavin and if the fins a smart they would to.. Let’s not forget last year when donavin was in Washington they had no offensive line so in Miami he would be way better trust me.. Oh and listen to this lol imagine Brandon marshall Devon ness plexico burress donivon Mcnabb and Bradshaw or Williams in the backfield wow talking bout offense cone on Miami we havnt had that in YEARS!!! Oh I forgot edmund gates come on this would be one heck of a season 🙂 let’s hope we make moves alot of players want to play here lets see what we do 🙂 go phins

  2. Bigbossplayer says:

    Dan Marino resigned in a wheelchair sounds more convincing.

  3. Brandon says:

    Wow you know nothing about football then if we got plexico we would be one of if not the best recording core in the NFL wow with Edmund gates come on!!! You think Chad henne is better then Mcnabb haha wow lol who do u want? Vince young? Mar bulger Matt ??? Lol who ???? We need Mcnabb for this one year and you will see with the offensive line we have and with our weapons we will have Mcnabb will do great things!!! Just imagine we get all these great players and Chad henne is our quarterback ummm wow how is Marshall and Edmund gates going to get the ball!?? Mcnabb has the arm and has showed that in Philli you can’t judge him on last season look at that offense in Washington from the O line to the receivers Mcnabb couldn’t do anything I watched 6 of those games and Mcnabb wasnt protected come to Miami with our O line and receivers and our new running backs we going to have and watch miami do big thongs!!

  4. Brandon says:

    Correction I ment to say one of the best recieving core 🙂 damn iPhone :))

  5. Brandon says:

    Lol thongs I meant iPhone spells out words for me it puts some stupid things up

  6. Josh says:

    I totally disagree. I’ve been rallying for McNabb to come to Miami since the season ended. I think he or Orton would be our best options. McNabb is not on the downward side of his career, he had a bad year with a bad team. Two years ago with the Eagles he put up just as good numbers as he always did. I definitely think with our weapons he could have one heck of a year and maybe stick around.
    I want Henne to succeed, but McNabb should be able to do more.

  7. jake says:

    :::shaking head:::
    all you people who think McNabb is the answer are remembering his glory days, with a killer support staff. This is shades of bringing in dante culpepper and trent green. A disaster that will set us back another 5 years….

    just say NO to McNAbb

  8. Brandon says:

    Jake you don’t know football then because Mcnabb still has wat it takes with the crew we have u know we are getting some nice free agents in a week or so and henne is not the quarterbackthat will help us this year Mcnabb Is a leader he’s great outside of the pocket he can make those big plays not henne when henne is in the pocket he just sits there like his feet has roots and gets sacked it’s just horrible we can win now with Mcnabb and we will win now!! Henne is done he’s horrible!!!!

  9. Brant says:

    Mcnabb on the backend is not what we need. Mcnabb never won a superbowl with some pretty decent weapons on the eagles when they went to the superbowl. He’s on the final stretch of his career and part of the explanation for his stats last year was his age..and partially because of the lack of a team around him. Mcnabb will not come cheap and who is to say we definitely need a starter for a backup..I think with a dependable line and running game Henne can come into his own. It’s his job to lose right now

  10. Brandon says:

    Hahahahaha wow!!!!!! Henne will not be our starter week one I know that for a fact!!! Don’t be upset when we bring in a veteran qb!! We have weapons that can’t be used because we don’t have anybody to get them the ball and you think the front office will just sit back and not bring in a veteran witch is 5 times better then henne??? Wow dude you need to follow another sport because you don’t know football .. Henne sucks and Mcnabb is way better then henne for us to win now we need a new qb and it won’t be henne you wait and see!

  11. jake says:

    @ Brandon,
    when people disagree with you, it makes you look foolish to say they dont know anything about football. I would wager I have forgotten more than you ever knew. Tell me how many redskin games did you watch last year? the truth…

  12. Brandon says:

    Honestly I watched 5 games because my wife is from Washington and she’s a true football fan so I had to suffer through the games lol and from what I saw and from what I know from coaching and from being a football fan and being involved with the dolphins organization from 85 through 94 I kind of know a little bit about football sir… Look all I’m saying is Mcnabb would be a big step up from henne and maybe just maybe henne could learn something from Mcnabb… We need a spark and henne isn’t ready just yet.. Trust me man Mcnabb will be what we need for this year and maybe just maybe this will help henne progress in the future! Just throwing him out there in this tough arc east again yes again won’t help him get better! Donovan has been there and done that in a Philli uniform and could possibly help henne get better! Trust me..if not expect another 7 and 9 season from the phins and then what??? Henne is dropped then we draft and then we are stuck with a roockie qb that can’t throw a damn td pass! Mcnabb will help us Win and help henne learn how to win and run a team in a very very very tough aft east 🙂 go phins

  13. Brandon says:

    Sorry all the typos my stupid iPhone just puts dumb words out 🙂

  14. Hogwash says:

    Be careful for what you wish for Dol-Fans, you might just get it! And all of these comments about him playing for a “bad team” (the Redskins), what the hell are the Dolphins, a Super Bowl Contender? PLEASE! BTW, I hope the Dolphins give up a draft pick, so when I see McNab launching balls into the dirt on short passes, or under/overthrowing on long passes, I can laugh at you guys. The Skins aren’t a good team, but you maybe you can at least learn from their mistakes…McNab is done unless he ends up on a good/contender team, then it becomes a “maybe done” scenario.

  15. Brandon says:

    Haha the dolphins arnt contenders??? Wow wow wow lol dude just give up on football because we have a damn good squad !!!! Wow with our new free agents we will be getting and with our great O line and great defense and our damn good receiving core how could you say that lol you just made my day dude we are a great team that’s missing on peace and we have been missing this peace for a while and Mcnabb is that peace for this YEAR!!! With the time he will have in our pocket because we have a great O line he will be damn good! And buddy Washington sucked everysnap he was rushed out of the pocket lol not here in Miami not with our great recievers and we have alot more great players coming watch !! I just heard today that Miami is making a huge splash after this lockout so you just wait and see go phins!!!!! And if you think henne is our future then guess what…. There is no future for the phins!!

  16. Brant says:

    Mcnabb has always ran the west coast offense..the dolphins do not run a west coast offense. So someone like vince young or Kyle Orton would make more sense. Specifically Orton.

  17. Brandon says:

    I love orton but the thing is I doubt we will get him I mean if we did we would be in good shape but I don’t think it will happen… I’m looking at all the free agent quarterbacks and Mcnabb can help us now. Vince young is just not the guy yea he’s 30 and 17 as a starter but he’s not a leader and he has mental issues lol Matt hassell is old and probably can’t stay healthy a whole season and Marc can’t get up after he gets hit lol he is just banged up he can’t give us a whole season so we are left with henne and Mcnabb. Henne hmmm lack of leadership always just takes a sack doesn’t have good feet can’t read defences cant throw the damn ball to a wide open Brandon Marshall but under throws him about 5 or 6 times a game doesnt see the field clearly witch causes turnovers and horrible red zone offense that’s why our kicker was so great lol we could always make field goals.. And Mcnabb is a much better quarterback just look at the numbers! Can’t judge him after last year look at the situation he was in lol it was a joke!!! Henne or Mcnabb????? I’m going Mcnabb anyday… Please somebody give me some good reasons why Mcnabb isn’t good for Miami so far it’s the same crap.. Somebody tell me why henne is better then Mcnabb tell me when did henne go to 5 championship games and one superbowl??? Any body?? Don’t judge Mcnabb on last season look at Washington and that O line and that receiving group and there running backs haha and tell me what quarterback will succeed there!!! None

  18. John says:

    “The Miami Dolphins dont run a west coast offense”….. makes no sense, we just had terrible offensive coordinators over the years. Brian Daboll runs a qb friendly offense and revolves it with the qb he has. This article is terribly thought out. Tony Sparano is on his last year and its either play offs/ good winning record or bust. Everyone on the team knows that, including Chad Henne. With that said, why wouldn’t we bring in McNabb a hall of famer? Yeah hes 34, so is Brady and Manning. He can have 3 more 20 TD seasons on a good offense which could be ours potentially. The Redskins were a joke last year and had no talent whatsoever and mcnabb still threw for about 300 yds a game. Imagine him with brandon marshall who was a top 4 receiver as a bronco and is young, davone bess who is a top possession receiver leading the AFC in 3rd down catches for 1st, a oline with the best tackle jake long and a rookie who will stand out pouncey, and a run game with potentially ahmad bradshaw/d williams and daniel thomas to be under there wing. This can be almost like a brett farve offense on minnesota throwing for 34 tds and only 7 picks because he had every single type of weapon needed. ALL on top of a 6th total defense last year, which most starters are under 25 and will go nowhere but up.

  19. Brandon says:

    Bring in Mcnabb we need to win now!!!!!!