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Legendary senior writer jclombardi muses about Packers bloggers rankings.

Recently, after another offseason of extensive reviews and research about Packers Blogs, we reviewed the top Packers blogs in the Packers Blogosphere.   Now, for its rankings, CHTV’s subjective criteria: “Relevant, timely information delivered with a clear strong voice. A dedication to Packer fans that includes posting often during the off-season and every day during the season. These qualities separate the bench warmers from the starters.”  Then, Total Packers added its list based upon its own traffic criteria. Shockingly, Packers Gab was not mentioned in the top “Packers blogs” list.  “Stunning, shocking! Oh, the humanity of it all!”

Anyway, the fans in the Packers nation begged the legendary senior writer and Packers lead blogger to present an updated impartial and accurate top rankings of Packers blogs based upon the lack of vanities, suck-ups, and egos with emphasis on quality narrative writings lacking awful trivia ramblings, delusional self-importance rhetoric, fancy graphics, and geek headsThus, after great soul searching, hard work, and an unbiased professional rankings of the major Packers blogs,  we present the official “jclombardi’s” ranking of the top Packers bloggers in the Packers (blogger and grade):    

  1. Packer Gab.                               
A++ (Stellar).
  1. Lambeau Field Insider.
A++ (Outstanding).
  1. NFL Gridiron Gab Packers.
A (Solid).
  1. Packer Backer Blog.    
A (Classic).                                        
  1. JSOnline Packers Blog.             
B (Good fluff).
  1. Packers Insider.  
B (Good fluff).
  1. Jason Wilde’s Blog.
B+ (Good Regional ESPN).
  1. Ol Bag of Donuts.                         
B (When Does Football Start).
  1. Packers Chatters.
B (Boring).
  1. Total Packers.
B (I love LA).
  1. Green Bay Packer Nation
B- (John Who?).
  1. Packer Geeks.
B- (Fair Weather).
  1. Acme Packing Company.          
C (Lonely “Share Nothing” Act).
  1. Tundravision.
C (Lost In Tundra).
  1. Cheesehead TV.
F (We’re Jealous NYers).           
  1. Packers Daily Links.
F (Boringly Awful).
  1. Jersey Al’s Packers Blog.
F (Lonely “Plagiarist” Retrograde 50s).
  1. Lombardi Avenue.                    
F (Bloody Amateurish).
  1. Packers Chronicles.
F (“Dead-In-Water” Direction).

COMMENTARY: Hard work! Meanwhile, we have witnessed the usual antics of professional competition among Packers bloggers in Packers Blogosphere. The sites come and go leaving interesting stories for fans.  Recently, PD had their violent la femme talk about Packers bloggers  with her amusing musings about leaving: (1) I will remember there’s no guaranteed payday that goes along with blogging (2)  I will remember that as a blogger that I’m not a “professional journalist” (3)  I may not care for every player on the roster, but I don’t have to. I will trust Ted and Mike to handle any player who doesn’t live up to their expectations, on or off the field and (4) Lastly, and I’m going to remember that the people I interact with on Twitter and in the blogosphere are real people with real feelings, real family and real friends.  Yet, we were more struck with another recent fascinating story involving an elderly great Packers fan who ran MPU and making an eloquent narrative “retiring” speech. Both these Packers characters will be missed in the Packers Blogosphere.

EXPOSE: We do not believe in allowing sites to be monopolies in the Packers Blogosphere.  We believe healthy diversities in sports blogging with diverse views are a good thing. Life is too short for petty fools.  Thus, one character who will not be missed is lonely petty PL who is finally gonebut he continues his laughable “low brow” antics competing against an established senior writer, publisher, and author. We quote these laughable hilarious examples from his twitters: (1) “That was JC Lombardi, Packers blogging legend in his own mind. RT @DirectingTitan: @alextallitsch. Ok humor me… what the hell was that?? and (2) RT @jaymelee1 “On Monday night, at Cheesehead Radio we will be talking to someone actually legendary.  Finally, the amusements continued combined with laughable JerseyAlGBP Jersey Al twitter ramblings: (1) “Well this has just made my day….”Legendary Senior Writer” @JCLombardi: The World laughs at you!” (2) “I’m really not into getting involved with internet feuds or flaming posts, but in the case of @JCLombardi I’m willing to make an exception.” (3) “Hey @jclombardi1.  Nice video! If I were you, I’d hide in a cave rather than open my mouth about anyone else.” (4) “Someone PLEASE confirm: is Redfern the legend? And how do we know? RT @jrehor: @JerseyAlGBP might have just had Christmas morning in July.” (5) “@ Catch me up – are we saying the guy in that video is JCLombardi? PLEASE let it be so @alextallitsch.” and (6) “Does ESPN know that legendary senior writer @jclombardi1 is clipping their articles and calling it his “report?” #theywillsoon.” …JerseyAlGBP probably happens for all teams, but all i see is the #Packers stuff….RT @ryancook13: Why Packer “writers” seem to plagiarize all the time?….JerseyAlGBP he follows me too. I wouldn’t worry about it either way. RT @foundinidaho: @JerseyAlGBP He’s following me. Your advice?….JerseyAlGBP Can someone who is followed by @mortreport please DM him that link? thank you.”

EDITORIAL: Fans, petty, boring, and sad, isn’t it?  We wanted to show Packers fans that the predictable blogging competition talks a good game about Lombardi principles, but they care only about being the sports center of the Packers Blogosphere news for their delusional self-importance. Fans can enjoy this long overdue sports blogging expose in Packers Blogosphere for its musings and amusements. Meanwhile,  life goes on and moves on. Finally, as the song says (and figure it out), “My fans they can’t wait!

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One Response to “Packers Bloggers Rankings”

  1. Ed Wood says:

    What a douche waffle. Rating your regurgitated articles on four shit sites as top four. Very impartial, I see. You’re a dick.