No Lockout For The UFL: Pro Football Kicks Off in 50 Days

The outcasts. The longshots. That’s actually not what the UFL has been completely about. One thing they strive for is to be a tackling, catching and running audition for players hoping to get back into the NFL.

UFL owners have been losing money and know they will again this year but are angling to get enough fan interest and revenue to land big-time licensing and TV deals, in addition to a new “player buyout” situation with the NFL.

The season is 50 days away and – with recent news of his signing to be the quarterback of the Colonials – the league has found its first star in Colt Brennan. His story has been one of incredible obstacles and setbacks, the latest being a car accident that left him in serious condition. For his fans, it’s been this long wait to see him play in a meaningful game. Brennan’s been waiting 3 long years to get the taste of the Sugar Bowl against Georgia out of his mouth. He dazzled college football fans for those three wizardly seasons (140 total TDs, 20 400-yard games), then has been mired on the bench in the three years since.

In the 2 seasons the UFL has been in existence, the closest they’ve had to a player of his name recognition is Jeff Garcia. Whether it was Garcia or Jagodzinski’s scheme, his numbers were forgettable last year and the Nighthawks finished 3-5.

Brennan’s strength is allowing his fleet-footedness and his ability to rifle on the run. Jerry Glanville is going to try to replicate that (he was the DC at Hawai’i during some of Brennan’s WAC conquest) and has even brought in one of his old receivers in Ryan Grice-Mullen. I expect them to play guns blazing and shred the UFL record books the same way they did the NCAA ones. This increases the chances of Brennan and Grice-Mullen getting to the NFL.

Note: a lot of these rosters are not set in stone, so there’s no guarantee these players will be on the .

The season kicks off with Hartford Colonials @ Virginia Destroyers, August 13th. Ex- NFL players could include Kevin Jones, Andre Dixon, Ahmad Carrol, and Adam Terry for Hartford; Hank Baskett, Reggie Brown, Adrian Peterson, Willie Parker, Aaron Rouse, Odell Thurman, Jermaine Wiggins and Pat White for Virginia.

The first game for the Las Vegas Locos: at Sacramento Mountain Lions on August 20th. Ex-NFL players could include J.J. Arrington, Dede Dorsey, Ross Kolodziej, Kevin Payne, Samie Parker, and George Wrighster for Las Vegas; Daunte Culpepper, Keary Colbert, Marcus McCauley and Matt Lentz for Sacramento.

The 2011 start for the Omaha Nighthawks is at Sacramento, August 14th. Ex-NFL players could include Dusty Dvoracek, Demarcus Faggins, D.J. Shockley and Nick Hannah for Omaha.

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23 Responses to “No Lockout For The UFL: Pro Football Kicks Off in 50 Days”

  1. 808lover says:

    If Colt Brennan is the UFL’s “star” then this psuedo-league is in some serious trouble. Seriously, Colt Brennan? He of DC flop, Oakland failure, and his 5 minute Texans audition which was a disaster? Colt Brennan?

    The guy is an NFL washout and is only at Hartford because June Jones is still nipple-feeding him to keep Hawaii’s fake success from 08′ “relevant”.

    Luckily for Colt, Glanville is part two of the nipple-feeding team.

    And oh yeah, with Jerrod Johnson picked number 1, Colt might not even see the field.

    Colt, going on 28, will NEVER sniff an NFL field ever again.

    • Chris Bach says:

      I’m sure people said the same thing about Kurt Warner, Tony Romo, Anthony Armstrong, Cameron Wake, Jake Delhomme, etc.

      • 808lover says:

        Kurt Warner went undrafted in the NFL, went to the Arena League, and the rest was history. His career went “upwards”, I don’t see the connection to Brennan (?).

        Tony Romo was drafted in the NFL, performed well, and is a top NFL QB. He never sniffed any sub-par leagues. I don’t see the connection to Brennan situation (?).

        Anthony Armstrong went undrafted in the NFL, went to the Arena League, and the rest was history. His career went “upwards”, I don’t see the connection to Brennan (?).

        Cameron Wake went from the CFL to the NFL. His career went “upwards”, I don’t see the connection to Brennan (?).

        Jake Delhomme went undrafted to practice squad to NFL Europe to NFL. His career went “upwards”, I don’t see the connection to Brennan (?).

        Colt Brennan embarrassed himself over the course of 3 years with three NFL teams, the Redskins, Raiders, and Texans. He is going what NFL purists call “downwards”.

        Wow, are these writers paid to do this? I was able to conjure up this in less than 2 minutes.

        • Chris Bach says:

          You appear to be right. It seems you did conjure that up, as in create it from your imagination.

          It’s understandable not to want to forgive Colt Brennan for whatever he did at Colorado. It’s understandable if you think whatever quarterback you like would have put up numbers in Hawai’i’s system.

          But to pretend that
          a. He wasn’t one of the most popular college athletes of the last decade
          b. He was a disaster at Washington (his first three preseason games were pretty good, even drawing the praise of John Madden)
          is simply revisionist history.

          Also, Tony Romo went undrafted. My comparison was that nobody wanted to give Romo, Warner or Delhomme chances when they got to the pro level. Delhomme had two starts in 1999 and didn’t start again until 2003. Warner’s rookie year was 1994. He made his starting debut in 1999. Romo was in Dallas in 2003 but didn’t play until almost mid-way through 2006.

          Anthony Armstrong didn’t just go to “the” arena league. He also played in the Intense Football League. Warner bagged groceries. I bring this up to show people have had less of a chance than Brennan – starting on a league that has put players on NFL rosters – and succeeded. Colt’s dedicated to do the same.

          Thank you for visiting the blog, though, and I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong if he fails.

        • Brythair says:

          Wrong, Romo was not drafted nut picked up as a free agent because June Jones recommended him to PArcells. Get your facts straight before posting your ignorance.

  2. billydon'tbeahero says:

    Ummm…are you from the University of Hawaii dude, or is this one of those trendy joke articles?

    “In the 2 seasons the UFL has been in existence, the closest they’ve had to a player of his name recognition is Jeff Garcia.”

    You’ve GOT to be kidding? Culpepper, Ahman Green, Dominic Rhodes, Tim Rattey, Josh McCown, Brook Bollinger, JP Losman, Maurice Clarett, blah blah blah. There have been literally hundreds of players with more name identity than freakin’ Colt Brennan who has fallen off the face of the earth since the Georgia Sugarbowl (which exposed him for what everybody knew he was; gimmick QB from a gimmick video-game conference). He didn’t do anything worth remembering in the NFL. I usually enjoy your articles on Gab, but this one is embarrassing to this website and is borderline bad for the UFL of whom I am a big supporter.

  3. clarkson says:

    I hope the UFL succeeds because it IS a league of longshots, outcasts, and has-beens….did you see their open tryouts? lol…..that’s what makes it so appealing to me.

    But in what galaxy is Colt Brennan more of a household name than the ex-NFLers you listed above on those rosters? People are a little rough on Colt above, but he is really a nobody. He is nowhere near the UFL’s “first star” as you put it. Sure, I along with others remember his college days, but even those days were loaded with 60-70 pass attempts a game against inferior talent in the WAC.

    Colt Brennan is a nobody, seriously man. He isn’t even the biggest star on the Colonials. This is journalistic embellishment at its best and almost an insult to the real star power in the United Football League.

    • Brythair says:

      If you remember the 60 to 70 passes a game you will also remember he completed 70% of those passes. A grand accomplishment in any league.

  4. mahalo says:

    I saw “Pro Football”, get excited, and then realized it was about this UFL minor-league and the QB everyone expected to suck Colt Brennan. Two garbage subjects. What’s next on this site, WNBA news?


  5. LEain' says:

    Nobody cares about Colt Brennan aside from UH tard’s who have zero sports knowledge. Dude is a buster and is lucky to even be in the UFL.

  6. jerry says:

    UFL has delayed the season = another year of no football action for Colt Brennan lol.

    The guy sucks anyhow.

  7. Haters says:

    I feel sorry for them. The same no life haters will be the ones most watching Brennan play. hahhaa Sorry lives they live.

    • jerry says:

      Watching him play what? Some resemblance of “pro” football? The side-armed frail WAC Warrior is running out of sub-leagues to play in! June Jones, when he’s not sexually harassing coeds, only has so much pull and the “UFL” was it. hahahahaha. Yeah, I’ll be too busy watching the NFL, you know…..a real league? I guarantee Colt won’t be there ma’am. Have fun watching replays of the real Colton vs Georgia in the Sugarbowl cause that’s all you got lady. lol

    • smiley4284 says:

      How did Colt pan out in the UFL? Did any of those “no life haters” watch Colt do ANYTHING this year? hahahahaha.

  8. smiley4284 says:

    So, with this delay, does Colt Brennan still stay in this league or does he drop even further to another semi-semi-pro league?

    He’s terrible anyhow and will never get on an NFL roster again. He is everything the NFL DOESN’T want in a QB, small, weak, side-armed, lazy, and not smart.

    Maybe he can sign coconuts for 5 bucks a pop to help pay for his girlfriends snake-like lawyer fees.



    • Chris Bach says:

      What lawyer fees are you talking about?

      You’ve arrived at the conclusion that he’s terrible because he never made first string in the NFL? Maybe the two of you can play in a Turkey Bowl game and you can show him how “un-terrible” you are. I wouldn’t make such a claim except that you are laughing at this “demise” which isn’t official yet.

      I’m not sure where you get that Colt was lazy and not smart.

    • Couch Potato says:

      First off, Why dont you try coming up with your own username. Second try being yourself onetime as painful as that can be. 3rd You can never hold a candle to the talent of Brennan. So why dont you get off the couch, lay off the potato chips and do something productive with your life. Because the lack of Vitamin D is getting to your brain.

  9. SEARCHresults says:

    How did Colt do in this semi-pro league? I look up his UFL stats and I see the same numbers he put up in his NFL “career”: 0 passes for 0 yards with 0 tds. The chode isn’t even on a roster.

  10. MattG says:

    Colt Brennan…hahahahhaha. What a joke!

  11. yeah. says:

    Show me stats that prove that Colt didn’t have a successful NFL experience. He did very well, better that ANY other rookie QB,when he played. Which wasn’t very much. His fault? No. Shanahan is still trying to figure out his QB situation, and Gage was fired in Oakland. The Colonials folded before the year started.


    Where is your evidence that Colt couldn’t, or shouldn’t be in the NFL? Not just your opinion, but back it up. Saying that since he isn’t on team, he failed as a QB is ridiculous. Don’t tell me that you have no understanding of politics in the NFL!??!!

    Colt Brennan IS a system QB, in a very successful system that trains QB’s to do their jobs well! Give him a chance!

    • Masterman says:

      Here are his NFL stats: 0 completions for 0 yards and 0 touchdowns. That is a “positive NFL experience”? hahahaha. The dude didn’t even get selected in the UFL re-allocation draft. He’s HORRIBLE brah. Mahalo from the 808.