Legendary NCAA QB Colt Brennan Has An Offer From Colonials

Quarterback Colt Brennan, who was seriously injured in a November two-car accident in Hawaii, has a job offer in the UFL. Brennan’s rights have been secured by the Hartford Colonials, coached by Jerry Glanville.

I’ve always felt Brennan was a fearless competitor, great at anticipation throws, passes into small windows and passes on the perimeter. Whether he joins an NFL training camp or dissects UFL defenses – or both -, we haven’t seen the last of him. Glanville was defensive coordinator for Hawaii when Brennan was there for his sophomore and junior seasons of 2005 and 2006.

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28 Responses to “Legendary NCAA QB Colt Brennan Has An Offer From Colonials”

  1. jonthebaptist says:

    lol @ “the gunslinger” going to the UFL.

    Why is this dude still REMOTELY relevant? And do yourself a favor, never put “Colt Brennan” and “NFL” in the same sentence; nobody will take your article serious. This is “NFLgridirongab”, not “NFLwashoutgab”. He’ll never sniff the NFL ever again.

    • Chris Bach says:

      He’s relevant because:
      1. He’s got thousands of fans.
      2. He has excellent arm strength and accuracy on short-to-mid throws. He even showed this in several NFL preseason games.
      3. He has an offer to actually play real football this fall, something that Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers can’t say.

      • mark says:

        right you are

      • Alan Hunt says:

        Hey, Aaron Rodgers plays in the NFL…Brennan doesn’t! Aaron Rodgers has a Super Bowl ring…Brennan doesn’t, Rodgers played in the tough Pac 10, Brennan played in the WAC, the weak ass conference.

      • Al Trahurn says:

        Brennan is just barely hanging on with the Colonials. He has shown he is just not NFL material, something you need to accept. He’s a has been. He had his time but now it’s time to get a real job Colt, as you just can’t cut it with the big boys.

  2. lipservice says:

    Saw this link in twitter via a Redskin poster….

    So a poorly-built, side-armed QB who set records at Hawaii in the WAC, which = nothing, is going to the UFL. Big news, wow!

    Colt Brennan failed in Washington, humiliated himself in Oakland, and flopped trying out for the Texans. Yet he’s going the the UFL.

    Who cares!!! This is an NFL site that I used to enjoy.

    • Chris Bach says:

      He actually bulked up when he got to the NFL.

      How did he humiliate himself in Oakland? He only attempted (and completed) 1 throw in preseason. The main two guys in charge of evaluating him are someone who got fired after the season, Tom Cable, and someone who’s quarterbacking evaluative skills have got him 0 playoff appearances in the last eight seasons. Let’s forget about Jamarcus Russell for a moment. Al Davis wanted Jason Campbell over Colt Brennan. He got him for a 4th rounder. He gave him a $4.5m extension and Campbell wound up getting benched in his first year there.

      There are plenty of NFL stories that involve guys currently in the league. Keep scrolling.

    • ugotabkidnme says:

      Colt didn’t flop nor technically tried out for the Texans. He was invited to throw to receivers they were scouting. Texans were loaded with QBs. They invited Colt in case they were going to trade one of their QBs (His initials are ML, also from California). BTW, reports on Colt was positive. But, Texans weren’t shopping for a QB at the time.

    • mark says:

      get a life

  3. bLaNkEt says:

    Ummm…this buster was legendary until he played against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. This punk quit on his team and cried on the sidelines. Legendary? Maybe to UH fans who wouldn’t know a football from a coconut.

    • Chris Bach says:

      Where is the quote that he didn’t want to get back in?

      One game of no protection isn’t going to erase 14,193 yards and 131 touchdown passes. Those numbers are huge, even if mostly in the WAC.

      You could always teach the UH fans if they are all so uneducated on football.

    • mark says:

      unless you in ohio you dont know football either…..

  4. Baxter B. says:

    Dang, some of these posts are harsh! But honestly, Colt Brennan is so far off the NFL radar it isn’t even funny. I like the kid, but him joining the UFL has no place on gridirongab. You must be a Colt fanboy or something to post this. Colt is old news bro.

    On a side note, I hope he’s recovered from that nasty accident.

    • Chris Bach says:

      Until he’s retired, we have to agree to disagree.

      Tony Romo and Kurt Warner never started a game in their first three years out of college. Jon Kitna has been benched by three teams and still wound up playing well last year.

      Ryan Fitzpatrick is the best example of a guy’s persistence and hard work paying off.

  5. hate_on_it says:

    hey bLaNkEt wanna insults us? football and coconuts? how about you come to the island we teach you a little something

  6. alwaysarainbow says:

    Glad to hear Colt is back in the game. He has been through a lot of adversity in his football career and life, and never complains — just keeps battling back. We have not heard the last of him.

    • mark says:

      I hope not I just hope he can handle the hits I am surprised the docs. will let him play after his head injuries..

  7. ugotabkidnme says:

    Colt Brennan is still relevant, even though he’s 28, because people are fascinated by his ability and want to see what he’s made of in a real NFL game…not a pre-season scrimmage. Colt’s playing time has been hampered by injuries…so, he’s working his way upstream. NFL teams still have interest in him, but he’s still a project due to lack of playing the past two seasons. It is believed he would have been picked up by the Raiders if it weren’t for the auto accident. He didn’t make the squad earlier because he hadn’t played much ball while on the injured list and Kyle Boller had a great pre-season. He needs to keep playing. He won’t be able to do it on the bench, so UFL is better chance for him to develop and show what he’s made of. Everyone loves and needs an underdog/comeback kid. Think Kurt Warner. Sure it’s a long shot to make it back in the NFL. But, if you had a chance to keep playing ball, wouldn’t you do it?

  8. droidx says:

    Seriously? Colt Brennan? From UH, the WAC? Nobody outside of Hawaii cares about this washed up punk. He hasn’t done anything meaningful in the NFL. Keep in mind, he was drafted in 08′ in the 6th round. It’s 2011 and he’ll be 28. Safe to say it’s over for him as far as the NFL. As far as the UFL, who cares?

    Yes, we’ve heard the last bit of meaningful football news about Bust Brennan. Nobody took him serious coming out of college anyhow, I mean seriously, he played at Hawaii for crying out loud. Plus his brash attitude got put in check by the Dawgs, the REAL Colt Brennan was exposed. 🙂

    Back to REAL NFL news please…..

    • thisisasticup says:

      Davonne Bess came from Hawaii and is the #2 receiver in Miami… and its funny because what conference did Ben Roethlisberger come from? or what Division did Tony Romo play in? Or someone like matt cassel who never played a snap in college? Or can you tell me who has the highest passing Accuracy in NCAA history? Or how he put up 350 yards and 2 tds on an SEC alabama defense when he actually had protection???

      you’e just an ignorant troll, along with your buddies jonthebaptist, bLaNkEt, and lipservice

    • mark says:

      joe montana was drafted after colt he turned out pretty good so was tom brady. he is not bad so draft position dont mean s**t.

      • smiley4284 says:

        Wait….you’re comparing Colt’s demise to Joe Montana? Hold on…..hahahahahahahaha. Never, and I mean NEVER, disrespect Joe like that. lol

  9. longdistanceturnaround says:

    Huh, this guy is still trying to play football past the college level? There is a reason he fell off the face of the pro-football planet, his mechanics and attitude absolutely sucks. I hope he saved up his salary from the Redskins and has a degree to fall back on. He oozes suck and the NFL doesn’t give two $@#%#@%s about him or his fake records from “Hawaii”.

  10. Picked up says:

    Maybe Colt can play in the Lingerie Football League since he enjoys fondling and exposing himself to coeds?

  11. suchagoodstart says:

    LEGENDARY? hahahahahahaha He’s embarrassed us so bad in Hawaii by his sucking. He hasn’t had an offer from ANYONE. HE SUCKS.

    • Chris Bach says:

      “Sucks” is present tense. Somehow, I doubt you have attended his recent workouts.

      He’s legendary because I can’t count on one hand how many Division I records he’s broken.

      If you are embarrassed over his off-the-field issue, I can understand. But, the majority of quarterbacks who are start 3 or 4 years in college never get a chance on an NFL team. Just because NFL teams have not given Brennan a chance, doesn’t mean he’s no good. NFL teams didn’t think Andrew Hawkins or Cameron Wake would be any good, but they went to the CFL and proved themselves. Scouts get it wrong. Many thought Tebow would never win a playoff game.

  12. darealsmiley says:

    workouts? Like being drunk off his ass at Tiki’s last weekend at Davone Bess’s pro-bowl party trying (and failing) to get 50 dollars for his autograph or calling Beason Honda in Hartford for a job after the Colonials folded or getting dropped by Tolner Grp at Rep1 sports because they can’t get anyone to sign him? Those workouts? Brennan is pathetic.