Come on Dawgs, Let’s Finally Give Michael Vick Some Love!

Special to NFL Gridiron Gab by Bear Heiser

Aren’t people getting tired of dogging Michael Vick yet? I just don’t understand why football fans and dog lovers all over haven’t forgiven him. It’s rather mind boggling to me. If he wants a dog, let the guy have a dog! Why don’t we all take a step back and acknowledge that we as human beings aren’t perfect. The guy just wants some love from man’s best friend.

Let me go back and address Vick’s dog fighting ring for a moment. Please bare with me.

Michael Vick grew up in a world where dog fighting was acceptable. Dogs weren’t companions to him, he was never woken up by way of dog licks. It wasn’t the culture. The culture involved pitting two pit bulls against each other to the death. As bad as it sounds, he didn’t really know any better. Some may think that’s a cop-out, but I don’t. Traits, desires, and beliefs are passed down from family, friends, and some that probably shouldn’t be friends.

We’re all going to make mistakes from time to time, the severity of some mistakes may be greater than others, but it’s what we learn from our mistakes that defines our future.

My two doggies

If you want to know why my opinion matters, it’s because I am the proud owner of two wonderful pit-bulls. They are two of the greatest things that’ve ever happened to me, and the thought of them fighting to the death makes me sick, but I’ve forgiven Michael Vick. I understand that dog fighting is a product of the culture he came from. He served close to two years in prison, and not some country club prison, a really bad prison. Since his release he’s done everything humanly possible to speak out against dog fighting. He’s donated millions of dollars to charity organizations that fight against animal cruelty. What else is he supposed to do? Do you really believe he would fight dogs again if he had one? I can guarantee you that there would be no way possible for him to fight dogs again with how closely he’s watched on a day-to-day basis.

Dog fighting isn’t like pedophilia. It’s not a disorder that one battles throughout their life. His house isn’t a dot on a map on some website you check to see if you have any child molesters living near you. It’s not like he’s going to find your house and fight your dogs while you’re not home. Let’s be real here people.

Are you really that surprised he wants a dog? Don’t you think that you would see the little critters differently if you spent the better part of two years speaking on their behalf? He’s surrounded by a culture that’s against cruelty toward dogs and he’s totally happy about it. Shouldn’t that tell you something?

So let me ask you again, are you really that surprised he wants a dog?

Let me do you one better, why do you care if he has a dog! Four million dogs were euthanized just last year in animal shelters across the country according to the Humane Society. Why all of the sudden care if one guy has a dog? Why don’t the people who think he shouldn’t have a dog step up and rescue one of the four million from being murdered from a shelter?

I don’t need an answer, I know why. It’s because we’re a fat and lazy nation who’d rather hold people back from personal growth because we’re too scared of what might happen. It’s funny how were’re not scared to put our kids in his Eagles jersey, or to cheer for him like crazy when the game is on the line. It’s a matter of convenience.

Michael Vick just wants a companion for himself and his children. Nothing more, nothing less. Learn to let go, people change, please start getting used to it.

Bear Heiser is a St. Louis Rams Featured Columnist. You can find him on Twitter @ramsreport and @bearconsults. He can also be found covering the Rams at His personal blog is You can find him covering, Lakers, entertainment and music for ALL CBS Radio websites in Los Angeles.

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44 Responses to “Come on Dawgs, Let’s Finally Give Michael Vick Some Love!”

  1. jennifer stella says:

    the main tortured, maimed and killed scores of dogs. the man is a psychopath. just because he can throw a football doesn’t exempt him from that status.

    • Deidre says:

      Psychopathology is relative to cultural and historical context. Unless you know what Michael Vick experienced as a child and adolescent then I do not think you can classify him as a “psychopath.”

      If he grew up in a home where dogs were pets and he still tortured them, then I would completely support your statement of “he is a psychopath.” However, I know the culture of dog fighting is passed down through families–while this may be the case with Vick I am not positive, because I wasn’t there. Seeing as you were also not there, it is a very harsh and unfounded statement to call him a psychopath.

    • BearConsults says:


      First off, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

      Michael Vick did do the awful things you spoke of above. Nobody is saying he didn’t. What I’m saying is that people can change. No matter how bad things can get. Certain happenings can serve as an awakening for some. Are you bothered by the fact that he didn’t come to the conclusion on his own? But more so because he was caught?

      I agree with you that he shouldn’t get special treatment because he’s a football player. If you go back and read I think I only said the word football one time and the context it was used has nothing to do with receiving special treatment.

      I think we as a society are hypocritical because we are so quick to put him down yet we are willing to put our kids in his jersey.

      People can change. At some point in your life you will see someone change for the better and then you will probably be able to relate to this on a different level.

      • JJ says:

        Taking pleasure in the agonizing death of another living creature is not a learned behavior. And it can’t be unlearned. Yes, his culture supported dog fighting, but the man admits to killing dogs with his bare-hands, hanging them, electrocuting them and drowning them. You can not fix the soul of a person who enjoys the death of another living being.

        • BearConsults says:

          Do you know 100 percent that Vick took pleasure in killing the dogs? Do you think he laughed and high-fived his buddies afterward? If you weren’t there to see his frame of mind then please don’t say anything at all because you have no clue as to what really happend when the dogs were killed. He may not have like it at all but it was part of the job.

          Sometimes people do things they don’t like. I think what he did is totally wrong but unless you were there you have no right to say he enjoyed killing dogs.

          • JJ says:

            You don’t take part in an activity like dog fighting if you don’t enjoy it. Get serious.

          • BearConsults says:

            You are making an assumption. To him dogfighting was a job. Since it was an acceptable form of entertainment where he came from the ends (killing the dogs) are part of the job.

            Same goes for horse racing. If a horse can’t run anymore they are put down. Horse owners don’t enjoy it but it’s part of the job.

  2. Freddy says:

    People can keep on hating him but God has forgiven him.

    • BearConsults says:

      Well said Freddy. Thanks for the support.

    • Cris Mooney says:

      Glad to hear you have a mainline to God. Please submit a request that God give me a buzz so we can discuss some things.

      Oh, that’s right, you know God so well, and everything about Vick so well, and you are so deductively brilliant, you did not need to have a direct conversation – you just know it.

      Need I be so condescending? I simply respond in kind.

  3. Chris says:

    “Dog fighting isn’t like pedophilia. It’s not a disorder that one battles throughout their life….Let’s be real here people.”

    No, dog fighting is not pedophilia, but cruelty to animals is a documented mental disorder (according to the DSM-IV guide to mental health, look it up…) and is an indicator of severe mental problems without doubt – the literature backs up this assertion. A few terms that might be applicable to his mental condition are Personality Disorders, Bi-polar disorders, and manic behavior.

    While I agree with you that people should be forgiven if they are truly remorseful and pay a penalty for their actions (in his case jail time), the NFL has been turning into the National Felons League, and one more felon doesn’t make a difference. However, when I was a kid we used to look up to professional atheletes and aspire to be like them when we grew up. Nowadays, there are very very few positive role models in most sports, and Michael Vick surely isn’t one of them.

    • Deidre says:

      Cruelty to animals is NOT a mental disorder. It is a behavior associated with certain disorders. As I said to Jennifer, psychology and pathology are relative to cultural and historical context. There was a time when dog fighting was accepted as a sport, it was legal in the UK where it began. Now before you get up in arms let me say yes times have changed–and thank God for that. For a vast majority of society dog fighting is frowned upon, but there is a percentage of people in society that still accept it as entertainment. They are outliers, but they do exist–doesn’t make it right, but it is something that can be corrected and learned from.

      Also, even if it were a mental disorder–which it’s not–it could still be corrected.

      • Melissa D says:

        Animal abuse may not be a mental disorder, but it CERTAINLY is a root to more severe forms of abuse. Quite frequently individuals who abuse animals become dissatisfied from the power they receive from killing or abusing animals, and move on to HUMANS! This is a proven psycological fact, (as I am a Psychology major at the University of Waterloo in Canada)! Animal abuse is a way for humans to find joy and fulfillment by means of torturing subjects that can’t defend themself! What’s to say a person like this couldn’t easily move on to children!

        I feel that Michael Vick should be forced to live with his decisions, by not owning another dog in his liftime. Why should we allow a man who did such terrible crimes own a dog. That would be like allowing a child molester to open a babysitting service. Would we trust our children with this human! Had he only been betting on the dogs, yes I would say it is cultural, but to HANG, DROWN, and ELECTROCUTE dogs to DEATH, there is/was something wrong with this man. He can change, yes, but he should face reality, and realise that a human who could do such terrible acts (such as himself) should never be trusted with a living creature (pet) ever again!

        • BearConsults says:

          You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I think your schooling may be a little off because animal abuse as a kid is what supposedly leads to the abuse of adults. Abusing animals as an adult doesn’t necessarily lead to violence against humans as an adult.

          Your refusal to consider allowing him to have an animal is short-sided. It tells me you’re not willing to forgive and move on.

          Do you think he’d do it again? Yes or no. In your response I’d like you to answer this question.


          • JJ says:

            The day the Vick dogs at BFAS stop flinching at every loud noise, the day they can trust humans totally once again, the day they are all healed of their emotional scars is the day Michael Vick should be allowed to adopt another dog. You look in the eyes of Handsome Dan, or Georgia, or Lucas…..and then tell me that he deserves another chance.

  4. Lynne says:

    The prohibition against owning a dog is part of his sentence. I keep hearing people say he’s served his sentence, and it’s time to move on. But this IS his sentence. The fact that he thinks this part of the sentence should be lifted tells me he still does not understand that there are consequences to his actions. His sentence was that he spend time in prison AND that he never own another dog. This seems fair to me, but that’s not the point. This is a court ruling. He should stop whining about it, and actually do what people keep insisting he’s done–accept his sentence. A judge imposed sentence. Time for Michael Vick to grow up and take responsibility. For a change

    • BearConsults says:


      Last time I checked, sentences are amended all the time. People get off for good behavior every single day. He has taken responsibility for what he’s done and is ready to move on to a better place. Who are we to stop him from getting there.

      Dogs are used for therapy purposed quite often. He’s trying to turn the page and if having a dog is important to him than I have no problem it.

      I can tell you that when I’m having a shitty day, there’s nothing better than coming home to my two pups. The love of a pet cannot be replaced.

      Donte Stallworth killed someone with his car, he only had to serve 30 days in prison and he will be allowed to drive again. You have a problem with that?

  5. angie says:

    The person who wrote this article is a complete ass!!! Mike Vick is a monster and if he can do this to dogs he can do it to a person.. Most serial killers start out harming animals…

    • BearConsults says:


      Thank you for the kind words. Very much appreciated.

      By turning around and attacking me by calling me an ass immediately diminished everything you said.

      You are completely wrong about serial killers. You are making a blanket statement which is extremely judgmental. But I’m not surprised considering you called me an ass before saying anything of value.

      So to you I say. Nobody cares about your opinion because your arrogance is overwhelming.

      If you decide you have something worthwhile and accurate to say, I don’t want to hear it because I know you haven’t changed. Verbal abuse leads to physical abuse. No?

      Since you’ve displayed poor behavior I don’t think you should be given a platform to speak because of what you did in the past.

      Now how absurd does all that sound? Similar to your comment right?

      I’m sorry you haven’t learned how to forgive.

      • Melissa D says:

        Although that was an unjust statement from Angie, I believe she was speaking from her heart. Is saying you are an ass really verbal abuse, because last time I checked it meant “Jackass” which implies you are a foolish or obnoxious person.

        You obviously have the opinion that Michael Vick should own a dog if that is what he wants, and I personally feel he should not. I shall agree to disagree with you, as there isn’t really a point in arguing about it! The court will decide!

        My reason for commenting, is that Angie did pose a valid point. Although not “most” serial killers have previously tortured animals, a good majority have! (Taught to me in my 4th year Psychology class at the University of Waterloo). Michael Vick was not just a part of the dog-fighting culture, he physically with his own hands drowned inadequate dogs, hung them, and electrocuted them! Not only did he watch dogs shred eachother to pieces in a ring, he physically by his own choice MURDERED them.

        A man with this ability, and struggle for power could easily turn this power to humans that are less powerful than him. I am not saying he will, or that he cannot change, but I feel that Michael Vick should have to live with his decisions, and not own another dog, as punishment!

        • BearConsults says:


          I’m not disputing what happened in the past. I’m not dwelling on the past like the rest of you folks. How does anyone attain personal growth if they only dwell on the past? It won’t happen. People make mistakes, they learn from them, they take what they learned and turn that into personal growth, isn’t that what we want? We want him to ackowledge his mistakes and learn from them.

          He’s done everything we’ve asked and more. He deserves some credit. He shed everything negative from his life. And what sucks is the negative things he’s gotten rid of have been around him his entire life. Imagine what it’s like to have an awakening to reality.

          what’s the harm in letting him have a dog? you think he’ll do it again?

        • BearConsults says:


          For some reason it would allow me to respond to any of the other comments so I’m going to address your latest here.

          I’m glad we can find a place to meet in the middle. I do agree with you on the types of things Vick should have to do in terms of animal rescue in the future. He should have to be involved in those types of activities. And yes, the best way for him to end dog fighting is to speak out against it. I think you’ll see him step up his level of commitment to the cause this offseason.

          I also agree that putting a dog down humanely is a better solution than dog fighting. I think there will be a day he is allowed to have a dog, but I hope he sees what we see in our dogs. I hope he’s able to see dogs as friends and snugglers instead as ruthless killers.

          The point of this piece was to bring awareness and to spark discussion about a topic that is largely ignored in the culture we live in today. Based on that, I think I did a good job getting people to explore their feelings on the issue.

          • BearConsults says:

            On a side note, I appreciate your input and hope you’ll keep reading in the future. I have some cool stuff over on my blog…

            happy holidays to you and your pups

  6. Cris Mooney says:

    In the news: the fellow that killed his QB “Vick” when he threw an interception, would like another QB today. His friends told him it was OK to kill a QB when they disappoint, but now he realizes that was wrong. And, he really would LIKE another QB now. It would make him feel oh-so-good. And, after the bad things he has done, he really does deserve to have some good-feel.

    Oh yes, that’s right, they were just dogs, not humans.

    I watched a recent interview with Vick, and I do not agree he has changed significantly (subtle aspects vanity and entitlement, not much altered). He has, however, learned what to say. So, most folks (you) will not notice. But, even if he had discovered humility, compassion, morals, it is my opinion he has given up most rights. I could care less what he WANTS. I care far less than he cared about what a dog might really DESERVE.

    You are entitle to your opinion, and others to theirs.

    Contrary to the simplistic interpretation that “you are compassionate with forgiveness”, I claim you lack compassion. How quickly you forget where the compassion due in this case (dead – out of sight, out of mind). Go ahead, set right up for the next failure. Give Vick all he wants so he feels good, and soon he will once again trigger your “compassion” (unlikely by killing dogs THIS TIME, but you will offer plenty of other sacrifices to his ego in your “compassion”).

    I forgive when you step on my toe by mistake, and perhaps when you steal from me and then show yourself reformed over many years of actions. I am hard pressed to forgive what Vick KNEW was wrong, even if he was surrounded by those who encouraged him to do what he (and they) KNEW was wrong, especially considering how seriously wrong what he did was.

    It is also my firm opinion that your plea to forgive Vick is only an attempt to cover your own. This is a goal that would be better served by actually earning respect through your own actions, rather than trying to encourage others into a mindset so that they will ignore and accept your failures.

    Certainly, I have no intention of rewarding him. Ever.

    I invite you to reconsider tightening your ethical expectations, and perhaps even your own morals.

    • BearConsults says:

      This is all I have to say to you.

      Why bother letting him out of jail if we are going to sit and nit pick him at every corner? Is that fair? He made a mistake. We’ve forgiven people who’ve done worse than him.

      This country already kills 4 million dogs a year without anyone caring, what’s one more?

      Nobody cared before, why care now? Convenience?

      If he wants a dog then let him have one.

      Would you rather?

      Let Vick have a dog knowing there’s a small chance of him reverting to old form or sealing a dogs fate by not giving it a home and throwing it in a furnace instead?

      I’ll take Vick. I feel sorry for you my friend. The world you live in must be a scary place seeing as you can’t forgive and move on.

      • Cris Mooney says:

        Wow. That is was weak.

        Catch-22: I guess if there was significant intelligence here, then there would have been nothing to prompt my comment.

        • BearConsults says:

          Agree to disagree. I’m giving you an opportunity to make a choice, one that Vick doesn’t have at the moment.

          Way to prove my point. This country is full of people who want to play arm chair quarterbacks instead of actually doing some good. Congrats on the achievement.

      • Melissa D says:

        “Without anyone caring,” sir, I beg to differ. Animal protection is one of the top types of charities that people donate to, along with cancer research, aids and supporting troops! I cannot find a statistic as to how much is donated to animal organizations yearly, but I would guess that it would be in the 100 millions, if not a billion! Myself, along with millions of other animal advocates donate yearly to rescue animals from highkill shelters, to show them a fresh start. I fostered 15 dogs this year, and 23 cats. I work tirelessly with a group of Facebook individuals, whom I have never met, to “crosspost” dogs and cats from albums with terrible resolution pictures, hoping that someone will fall in love, and see the potential in these animals. I also work 30-40 hours a week at a petstore making minimum wage, and struggling through my last year of University. Because of people like myself many of these dogs survive, and are spayed and neutered, to stop the overpopulation of pets! They are given great lives, lives that Michael Vick has never given a pet in his life! Now sir, before you spout out anymore verbal diarrhea about the lack of caring in regards to the millions of euthanized dogs, know your facts! I’m pretty sure that there wouldn’t be a rescue organization in almost every single town in North America, “without anyone caring.”

        Why bother letting him out of jail if we are going to sit and nit pick him at every corner? Is that fair? He made a mistake. We’ve forgiven people who’ve done worse than him.

        This country already kills 4 million dogs a year without anyone caring, what’s one more?

        Nobody cared before, why care now? Convenience?

        If he wants a dog then let him have one.

        Would you rather?

        Let Vick have a dog knowing there’s a small chance of him reverting to old form or sealing a dogs fate by not giving it a home and throwing it in a furnace instead?

        I’ll take Vick. I feel sorry for you my friend. The world you live in must be a scary place seeing as you can’t forgive and move on.

        • BearConsults says:


          If you champion the cause of animals like you say you do, I’d think you’d be more understanding of my reasoning.

          How many people BUY dogs every year? People that buy dogs are issuing a death ticked to a dog at a shelter. That is ignoring an issue. I guarentee you that 99 percent of people in the US and in Canada don’t actually know how many dogs are put down a year.

          My point is what’s the harm in letting him have a dog because if you don’t give it to him there’s a good chance it’ll be put down anyway.

          So let me ask you again, what’s the harm?

          • Melissa D says:

            I guess after reading your 3 comments, I question myself whether I think he would do it again… I do see the validity in your points, but from a rescuer standpoint, I would never allow this man to have a dog. I suppose the question that haunts me is would he do it again, and I’ll be honest, I don’t think so.

            But… as a passionate animal advocate, I TRUELY believe that a dog would be better off being euthanized humanely than tortured in a dogfighting atmosphere. I don’t think you could find many people to disagree. What Michael Vick did was wrong, and maybe we should forgive him, but I don’t think owning a dog is forgiveness. I would love to see him work the next 5 years at an animal control facility, receiving therapy from working with dogs first hand, and helping them daily. I feel that it is too soon, and almost ignorant for him to say that he would like to own another dog. I realise that he did not put a time stamp on this statement, and that he may mean in 5-10 years, but I feel that he should show some first hand experience helping animals before he should be allowed any leeway.

            To sum up my comments, I don’t think advocating and money are enough, I feel that this man should have to work with animals first-hand (in an animal control facility, or rescue), because words and money aren’t a whole lot to me, when they aren’t backed up by compassion and dedication. Although I don’t think he would do it again, I don’t think he should be priveledged to own another dog until he can truely show a tireless attempt at making the lives of the thousands of dogs who die annualy, have a better life. He has showed us how he can make dogs suffer, I want to see how he can make their lives better, first hand.

            This man is not a psychopath, and i’m sure he has indeed changed, but forgiveness doesn’t mean he deserves to have another dog. I would never allow one of my foster dogs to end in the hands of Michael Vick.

            On a completely different note, individuals who buy dogs are generally uneducated, and you’re right, 99% of individuals likely don’t have a CLUE how many dogs and cats are put down annually. There are a lot of stereotypes regarding “pound dogs” and “stray cats,” and this makes it difficult for people to rescue these sorts of animals. Fortunately there are rescues who bring these animals back to perfect health, and “sell” them to individuals, making rescue a lot easier. The true problem with pet overpopulation is the lack of spaying and neutering, and the lack of education.

        • BearConsults says:

          This is what your comment says to me.

          It tells me that instead of giving a rescue dog to Vick and his kids, you’d rather have it tossed in the furnace to die.

          Maybe he’d surprise us all.

          • Melissa D says:

            Is this comment to me? Because, I feel as though it is a VERY ignorant statement if so. I don’t think any animal should be “tossed in a furnace” unless already humanely euthanized…. (I am hoping that is what you are referring to). What is to say that Michael Vick would even want a “rescue” dog. What is to say that he wouldn’t add to the dogs that get euthanized every day, buy PURCHASING a dog. Nowhere in any of the articles i’ve read has he been quoted saying, “I would love to rescue a dog in the future!” I think you are a very ignorant human being if this was directed at me, and that you need to work first hand in an animal control facility too. I would love for you to see death in a dogs eyes, day after day after day. This man did, as he thoughtlessly murdered them, and was okay with it. This makes me strongly against allowing him to own another dog. End of story.

          • Melissa D says:

            May I also point out that you are a VERY bias source, as it appears that all of your other articles are about Football. Go figure.

    • Deidre says:

      Cris, you make NO coherent sense. Please proof read before you post, I honestly have no clue what the hell you are trying to get at.

      God just called, he has no clue what you are getting at either.

  7. Jordon says:

    I’m sorry, no dogs for Vick, yes people make mistakes, but we’re not talking about leaving your dogs out in bad weather or not feeding, he systematically tortured, mutilated, and killed these dogs! This was a well thought out little business venture, that was hidden out of site for a number of years, they knew it was wrong, both against the law and yeah so morally wrong. When these animals were screeching out in terror and pain being tortured and then killed, you can’t tell me, you don’t know this is wrong. If this had been a child, maybe this would be no discussion, in most people’s view and people who see this kind of thing, its not much of a leap from torturing an innocent child to an animal. He’s paid his debt in prison, and working with the Humane Society, and that’s great, but how do you teach compassion, and you either have a moral compass or you don’t. No dogs, I’m sorry, your getting your life back, and your back on the playing field, but NO DOGS!! We treat pets and children like property sometimes, and with this comes along not harsh enough punishment, and if you don’t get this, maybe you better check your own moral compass.

    • BearConsults says:

      I do get it. I just think that there’s not much risk in allowing him to have one dog. Make it the property of his daughters. Make him have to pay for someone to check on the well being of the dog from time to time. There are ways to get around the fears of so many. People can surprise you sometimes, you just have to give them the chance.

      Thanks for the comment.

  8. Jen G says:

    If Michael Vick actually felt bad, and truly wanted to make ammends, instead of just talking and donating to random charities, he would single handedly be paying all of the expenses that the Best Friends Society has incurred on his behalf. The Best Friends society (a charity I’ve donated to for years) stepped up to take the dogs that could be saved, rehabilitate them and adopt out the ones who were still adoptable after all the trauma they’ve suffered. The ones that are not adoptable are lucky enough to be able to spend the rest of their lives in the Best Friends animal sanctuary. These dogs who were fortunate enough to not just be euthanized because an entitled jackass tortured them will now cost a non-profit charity quite a bit of money over a long period of time for their care. If Michael Vick actually felt remorse he would man up and personally pay every single cent of their care. It’s his fault they’re there, and now other people have to pay for them to live, he couldn’t care less, he’ll just get a new dog. I wonder who will have to pay for that one in a few years?

    • BearConsults says:

      Maybe you didn’t hear. Vick was asked by the court to put one million dollars in a trust for the care of the dogs that were rescued from Bad Newz Kennels. It’s a documented fact.

      • Jen G says:

        Oh okay then, if he was COURT ORDERED to do the right thing, then he must’ve learned his lesson and turned his life around. If he’s allowed a new dog, I just pray for that dog’s sake that the court orders him not to torture it, since it seems that he’s incapable of doing the right thing of his own volition. (The only positive steps he’s made have been either by court order or for the sake of PR).

        • BearConsults says:

          Just because it’s good PR doesn’t mean it’s disingenuous, it’s part of the recovery process. He has done everything asked of him, I think he’s done a marvelous job turning his life around and some credit is due.

          • jj says:

            So, by your logic, a physician that abuses prescription drugs, but does his time, should be allowed to practice medicine once again.

            An accountant that embezzles money, but does his time, should be allowed to be a CFO again.

            Or a better analogy- a day care worker who abuses children, but does his/her time, should be allowed free access to children again, because he’s sorry and has turned his life around. Small children and animals have a lot in common. Both innocent, easy to take advantage of, and can’t vocalize the issue when they’ve been abused.

          • BearConsults says:


            The only analogy that is correct is a child abuser. Prescription drugs is an addiction and an embezzler is likely a compulsion.

            Abusive fathers still get to see their kids, no? There are ways to ease a dog into Vick’s life. Many ways. A controlled environment.

  9. Pat Costello says:

    Personally I’m astonished you’d like us to forget his past. What other behavior do we have to use ? Letting him own a dog after beating them, drowning them, and electrocution them, is the height of arrogance, by humans. Read the vick story and Shindlers list and learn to realize that humans can be monsters. Finally, if the dog breaks a leg and nobody is home but vick………….Not worth that risk to anyone/puppy.