Is the NFL Out to Get Steelers LB James Harrison?

After surviving yesterday’s 19-16 game over the Bills, there has to be a question posted this morning, and that is the one that seems to be popping up week after week – are the officials out for the Steelers – and more so James Harrison?

Sunday there was yet another 15-yard flag on Harrison, that being in the third quarter with the Steelers up 13-0 and totally outplaying the Bills.

Harrison was flagged for roughing the passer, and more so for “leading with the crown of his helmet” on Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.

“It’s not going to change the way I play,” Harrison told The Associated Press. “There was nothing wrong about the play.”

Harrison was flagged last week for roughing the quarterback against Raiders QB Jason Campbell, but the NFL didn’t fine him. A few weeks back he was flagged and fined for a hit on Drew Brees.

The flag on Harrison Sunday totally changed the tempo and feel of the game. The Bills went on to score a few plays later to cut it to 13-7, and once again, the refs seemed to take the aggressive nature a bit out of the Steelers defense.

So it needs to be asked, are the officials at this point out to get Harrison and the Steelers? Last week it was a team record in penalties, and Sunday the team was hit with 10 flags for 107 yards.

It’s getting out of hand, but it seems like it’s just going to continue. So is it time for Mike Tomlin and Dan Rooney to address the situation? Or does it matter what those two say – as the league seems to have it out for Harrison, the new “Mr.Bad Boy” of the NFL.

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11 Responses to “Is the NFL Out to Get Steelers LB James Harrison?”

  1. Don Millrt says:

    It obvious to everyone that the league is out for the Steelers. You could see so many calls yesterday it wasn’t funny. Dan Rooney should say something immediately. I don’t care if the call every pentality against the Steelers but they should do the same for the opposing teams too. It sometimes looks if they refs are actually getting paid off. Even when obvious turn overs occur, the press doesn’t push it either.

    Why don’t the networks push against more fair pentality, calls. They should be screaming like the fans.

  2. Don Millrt says:

    Forgot the comment:

    The press said the game was close yesterday. That is such a joke it is not funny. The Bills had only a few big play; thats it. The time of possension was 2/3 for the Steelers offense.

    The penalties were the only thing keeping the Bills in the Game. Now does that tell you something?????

  3. doug says:

    Here’s what get’s me.

    The play happens, the flag is thrown, and huge momentum changing penalty is assessed. Usually in these situations you will get sveral replays from all angles as the announcers discuss if they call was correct. In this instance, one quick replay, no real discussion from the announcers and they they quickly cut to the footage of Harrison’s hits in the Browns game.

    Also, the ref has the flag in his hand before the hit is even made and starts to throw it before the tackle is even completed.
    All while standing in a position where there is no way he had a clear view of what is going on.

    These are total judgemental game changing 15 yard penalites being made under the order of the NFL office. Pretty soon they are going to be using replay to determine the legality of every single hit.
    Hopefully they will hold running backs and quarterbacks to the same guidelines when the lower their heads and plow into the line trying to pick up a first down.

    Let them play ball.

    It’s one thing to want to cut out overly vicious or blindside hits on defenseless players….

    But this was a face to face clean hit…the penalty call was bullshit.

  4. Doug D says:

    The NFL and their rules suck. We may as well have the cheerleaders playing! First priority is to fire Goodell.

  5. John Coleman says:

    Fire Goodell is the best response. He needs to be held accountable for spoiling the enjoyment of NFL football for every Steelers fan in the world. Before you bad mouth Steeler fans, remember your team could be next!

  6. Mark Speer says:

    They are taking the excitement out of the game, people are going to stop watching football because it’s becoming two hand tap sport. James Harrison is my favorite player in the NFL, he is exciting to watch. If he quits because of the NFL I will never watch football again. Just go what Jack Lambert says quarterbacks should be wearing dresses.

  7. Seth says:

    Goodell needs to be fire. I agree, I also agree that for some reason the Steelers are being the “Scape Goat” as you may call it of the NFL. I am all for player saftey I just want to make it clear that I dont want anything bad to happen while they are in this league, but these players know the risk of injury, they get paid a lot of money for these risks. I also think Goodell is the reason why so many players are getting hurt now. Before this year started every single player knew how to play the game of football. Everyone goes 100% If everyone goes 100% there is less likely of injury, that is what we were taught when we all played in youth, middle school, high school and for some college. We were also taught that if you have one player go 100% and the other player goes 50% the player going 50% will be the one who gets hurt. It’s that simple. That is what Goodell has done to these players and that is why I think James Harrison being the hung out to dry. Goodell is saying think before you hit. If you are thinking while playing you’re not playing 100% You cant think about stuff like that, Only thing you need to think about is the play at hand. That is what James is doing, he is playing the game to his mind set and he has been doing that since hes been in the NFL with no problem… till now. He’s playing 100% everyone else is playing 50% That is why they are getting hurt. When this season is over I’m going to look at last years pentilies and injuries compared to this year. I bet you all that is year is going to a lot more. Goodell thinks he’s helping these players. In reality he’s the one who’s injuring these players. He should be fined and fired. Not the players who are doing what they have been taught for 20 something years. James i just want to say that dont let these rules contain you. Play the way you play. I’ll be cheering you on this sunday. Good luck.

  8. 2BigSteelersFans says:

    Every comment up there is a good one and exact. Goodell is making a mochery of the great game of football, not to metion the Steelers. These guys are far from sissies, let them play like the game was meant to be played. James Harrison has played football that way forever, and he is not the only linebacker to do so. Thats why they get paid the big bucks. Lets put the NFL bigwigs in pads, send them out on the turf and see what they can and cannot do.

  9. Don Miller says:

    I am glad everyone agrees with my thoughts. Someone has to get the Rooney’s to bitch to the league and the coverage.

  10. RCK says:

    Whatever happened to Seymour slapping Big Ben? I saw a pass inter on Ward late in the game but no flag. Big Ben threw his hands up on that one. One time the refs were standing waiting for the ball to be snapped, then a Bills defensive lineman pointed to the steelers and then the flag came out. Obviously the Bills needed to assist on that false start.

  11. poop says:

    Stop buying NFL goods till Goodell is sent packing and the rules get changed back. Is that rule even applied to other teams