Sports Gab Network Columnist Russ Loede’s Week Twelve NFL Power Rankings

Brady Proved Once Again, Against Manning, Why He’s Still The Best QB

Wouldn’t it have been a waste of time bothering with rankings when the pecking order got shaken up like a snow globe every weekend?

-ESPN’s Bill Simmons, concerning NFL Power Rankings in his “Power Poll” article, earlier this month on November 5

I’m Back: My last issue of Power Rankings was November 4.  I admire sports personalities like the “Sports Guy”, Colin Cowherd, and Skip Bayless.  I don’t admire these Power Rankings so much, anymore.

Note: My insight for each team will be a duplicate of Week Nine’s Power Rankings.  Therefore, if I’m correct, I will keep it the same.  However, I will italicize in bold print what was incorrect.  Let’s see how I do.

Upon Mass Request:

1. New England Patriots (1) – Brady-Belichick: the best QB/head coach combo in the NFL.  Familiar territory for this duo.  BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead make the run game worthwhile.  Defenses based on quickness, schemes, and system players are always underrated.  However, how long will they stay atop the rankings with the team that beat them in Super Bowl XX right behind them.  Secondary covers a lot of ground, as range and athleticism usually makes up for inexperience.  Win.  It’s no longer the Giants behind them, it’s the Bears.  Brady has that fiery desire in his eyes.  Club’s playing with a chip on their shoulders.

2. Chicago Bears (21) – Will a Bye week alter the offensive line’s sluggishness, Jay Cutler’s woes, and Mike Martz’s madness not running the football?  Lost in the shuffle, a healthy and productive defense.  Answer to the first question: Yes, Yes, and Yes. Win.  Best defense in the NFL?  Jay Cutler is not only making plays his rocket-arm, but with his nimble legs, too.  The Bears Are Serious Super Bowl Contenders.

3. New York Jets (6) – Mark Sanchez isn’t ready to take the team to Dallas after all? LaDainian Tomlinson will slow down sooner rather than later. Defense is more of a bend but don’t break cast than a group of playmakers.  Game against the Lions on Sunday will tell me a lot about Rex Ryan’s crew.  How can they rebound from a miserable display of football against Green Bay?  50/50, I’ll count it as a loss. Some see their last three games as a sign of weakness, I on the other hand, see it as a sign of strength.  The scrambling Mark Sanchez looks like Fran Tarkenton, as he eludes oncoming pass rushers.  Clutch.  He’s ready.  Be sure to tune in Monday Night (at New England) on December 6.  Keep in mind, they are the only team not to lose yet away from home.

4. New Orleans Saints (4) – Drew Brees is the Steve Nash of QB’s.  A defense looks so much better when the QB is controlling the tempo at his pace while completing passes at an alarming rate.  When do Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas return?  One of the best secondaries held Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger to under 200 yards passing and no touchdowns.  More on the often forgotten Saints defense: First QB rating under 100 for Big Ben this season, only the fourth time a defense has held the Steelers to less than 13 points since 2007, and they held Mike Wallace out of the end zone.  Wallace-Roethlisberger previous five games, five touchdowns.  As long as the Saints produce turnovers, they are nearly unstoppable.  Sean Payton’s rhythmic offense and opportunistic defense possess the only legitimate threat in the NFC to take down the Giants. Win, although anyone can take down the Giants now without Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith.  As long as Chris Ivory is playing like the way he is, both Bush and Thomas can remain on the sidelines.  Ivory is a better back than Thomas.  Reminds me of Ronnie Brown, with his ability to run around and through people.  Speed-strength combination is scary good.

5. Baltimore Ravens (8) – Flacco is getting better and better but it may be at the expense of Ray Rice and the run game.  Pounding rush attack not as powerful and effective as it used to be.  Ed Reed picked off two passes in his return; I bet he matches that number against Henne and the Dolphins this Sunday. His impact is immeasurable.  Win.  Reed only had one interception against Henne’s Dolphins.  His return has been a much-needed, big boost to the not-so dominant, yet still championship-caliber defense.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (14) – Michael Vick returns to face Peyton Manning.  LeSean McCoy needs 25+ touches this game. Trent Cole, time to show them why you are worth defensive player of the year consideration.  Loss.  Vick is more instrumental to the team’s success than McCoy.  With that said, it was McCoy, not Vick, who came up with the biggest play of the game against the Giants on Sunday night.  McCoy needs around 20 touches, not 25+.  Since that Eagles-Colts game in Week 10, Vick has replaced Manning as the top MVP candidate behind Brady.  A lot has changed, as Philly looks more and more like a serious Super Bowl contender, while Indy looks more and more likely a team who has no shot at Dallas come February.  Defensively, Asante Samuel looks more of a defensive player of the year than Trent Cole.  Samuel has four picks the past three games.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (5) – The offense lacks a consistent big play threat next to Mike Wallace.  You can’t run on this defense, but you can certainly pass on them.  Their greatest strength is their greatest weakness, as quick slinging QB’s who attack the short to intermediate area in the aerial attack trouble them.  Honestly, Tomlin’s troops haven’t played a good game since Week 3 in Tampa. “Best team in the AFC talk” was a bit too premature.  Talk is cheap, hype is unwarranted, but I have a hunch the Steelers will shut me, and the critics up.  Win.  They shut both myself and the critics up with their masterful performance against Oakland.  Before that game, they haven’t really played a good game since Week 3 in Tampa.  They played as good as you could versus the Raiders.  As of late, Emmanuel Sanders has complimented Mike Wallace, registering a touchdown in his last two games.

8. Green Bay Packers (10) – Can’t put this team any higher because of their inept offense. Defense showed it can carry the team, but now the offense is lacking firepower. When will it ever click together? Already without a run game; just made the shutout in the Big Apple even more eye-opening than it already was.  This team is “rated”.  Not overrated or underrated.  The team is so close to representing the NFC in the Longhorn State come February, and Rodgers will get his opportunity to be the difference maker.  Despite their win against the Jets, no one made a big deal of it because of their massive amount of key injuries.  If Rodgers gets this team to win one game in the postseason, he will have rightfully earned top-5 QB status.  Loss.  They are moving up, and have the chance to move even higher with a win in the Georgia Dome this Sunday.  Both the offense and defense are clicking on all cylinders right now; especially after a convincing win in Minnesota.  Offense is lacking nothing.  Grand Finale: Keep your calendars clear for the Week 17 showdown against Chicago in Lambeau.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (9) – Thomas Jones said it best: “We hung in there. The way we won actually says a lot more than the win itself”.  Big game away from Arrowhead against the hated Raiders.  Jamaal Charles nickname should be: “Easy real estate”.  Whether it be via ground or air, Charles picks up yardage with the greatest of ease.  Defense picked up their play just in time for Oakland. Is the run defense ready to pick it up a notch to play to the level of McFadden?  Cassel needs to make smart decisions, and wise choices to keep it and run if they want to win.  Win, despite bad showing in Denver, where the defense allowed 49 points.  Cassel is putting up Tom Brady-like numbers: 18 touchdowns, four interceptions.  Dwayne Bowe leads all WR’s with 11 TD’s.

10. Atlanta Falcons (13) – Dirty Birds have the division leading Bucs and the Baltimore Ravens in the Georgia Dome the next two weeks.  Flacco and Freeman must be licking their chops against this secondary.  Better get to the QB, front seven.  Aquib Talib vs. Roddy White will determine Sunday’s winner. Loss.  Matt Ryan is determining whether the Falcons win or not -he’s been that good.  Flacco and Freeman both had solid outings against Atlanta’s shaky secondary.  Front seven got to Flacco; and it showed, affecting the outcome of that game.  LeGarrette Blount’s run (bad play call) and Roddy White’s GW TD reception (offensive pass interference) aided them to two wins they should have lost at home.  Big test against Rodgers’ Packers this Sunday.  To whom it may concern (you know who you are): Have at it.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12) – Time to back your words up Raheem in Atlanta this Sunday.  LeGarrette Blount’s big-time performance in Arizona has the Bucs offense thinking “Big 3? with Josh Freeman and Mike Williams.  Arrelious Benn made a big play to set-up Blount’s game-winning TD.  Rookies are shining, drafting in the NFL goes a long way.  Win.  Defense produced a gem in the Bay Area.  Who said Josh Freeman was not a franchise QB?  Raheem Morris is my coach of the year.

12. New York Giants (2) – Lobbying for: A serious MVP candidate named Eli, best defense and offense in the NFC, and the most underappreciated shot caller on the sidelines.  This club is more talented than the Super Bowl XLII winning squad.  Tough game in Seattle this Sunday, that is, for Charlie Whitehurst and the Seahawks.  Name me a team that offers more balance than what the Giants offer. Loss.  Eli is no longer in the MVP discussion.  Way too many boneheaded turnovers.  Defense made too many mistakes against Dallas and Philly.  Ahmad Bradshaw just got benched for Brandon Jacobs because of his fumbling follies.  I can now name you at least four or five teams that offer more balance than what the Giants offer.

13. Indianapolis Colts (3) – Peyton made Jacob Tamme and Mike Hart look like John Mackey and Lydell Mitchell on Monday night against division rival Houston.  Defense gets significantly overlooked despite its super pursuit to the QB and ball carrier.  Manning is the best offensive coordinator I know of.  Whatever this team lacks I can’t see, because #18 makes everyone and everything look good.  He makes weaknesses disappear and become irrelevant.  The best defense is a good offense, or a great QB – a.k.a. “The Great Equalizer”.  Colts “been there, done that mentality” will play in their favor immensely. Loss.  Team isn’t the same without Dallas Clark.  Defense got lit up by Philly and New England, granted, it was against the two hottest QB’s in the NFL.  When was the last time you thought about asking yourself this following question: Are the Colts going to make the Playoffs?

14. San Diego Chargers (18) – Antonio Gates is Canton-bound.  Rivers is going to shatter Dan Marino’s passing yards record from ‘84.  Still not buying their turnaround until Ryan Matthews and Mike Tolbert provide more of a punch in the ground game.  Defense got burned during more than one occasion against Tennessee.  Needed Vince Young to get hurt in order to win.  Push.  Mike Tolbert has provided a big lift, but Matthews (injured, again) hasn’t been needed.  When is Gates coming back?  Does it matter?  Vincent Jackson is returning against the Colts, and Rivers is playing out of his mind.  Shaun Phillips cannot be stopped.  Darren Sproles is back to being relevant.  Still don’t believe they will win the AFC West; I’ll take my chances with the Chiefs.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars (25) – David Garrard and Maurice Jones-Drew can make the offense look razor sharp every two or three weeks.  Win.  Who would have thought after that Monday night debacle in Week six against Tennessee, the Jaguars would have a better record than the Titans?  I mean, they are in first place ahead of the Colts!  Garrard and Jones-Drew look razor sharp just about every week.  Mike Thomas, too.

16. Dallas Cowboys (30) – I’m at a loss for words on how a team this talented is this bad. Loss.  I’m at a loss for words on how a team in turmoil like this could all of a sudden be playing this good.  Dez Bryant looks like Michael Irvin.  Jon Kitna looked like Steve Young on the 4th & 1 naked bootleg resulting in a 29-yard touchdown.

17. Washington Redskins (20) – Rex Grossman and JaMarcus Russell are in the news around the Nation’s Capital.  Mike Shanahan and his son are making way too many unnecessary front-page headlines.  It seemed like they lost two or three games in the standings after losing in Detroit last Sunday.  Understatement of the year: Donovan McNabb needs to be treated better.  I don’t how the ‘Skins can recover from this crazy situation that’s turning into a fiasco like Lupe. Loss.  You recover by playing a team led by Vince Young and Jeff Fisher, a team who’s in an even crazier situation.  The team is still in awe and shock that they beat the Titans.  Who would have though that the Redskins would still be in the hunt for a postseason berth?     

18. Tennessee Titans (7) – Randy Moss replaces an injured Kenny Britt.  Vince Young is buying time with his feet, completing the deep ball, and leading the NFL in passer rating (Peyton is 2nd). Now, he just has to stay healthy.  Chris Johnson is a happy man because he doesn’t have to do all the heavy lifting anymore.  Defense had a bump in the road in San Diego, but they have a bye week to get return to its normal, intimidating, aggressive form.  Moss is going to love coach Fisher, I guarantee it. Loss.  Vince Young is out buying a cast for his broken thumb.  He bought himself out of  Tennessee.  Who knew Randy Moss was on this squad?

19. Oakland Raiders (15) – Darren McFadden is on a tear reaching the century mark on a weekly basis, the defense sacked Seattle eight times, and everyone is hyping the Silver & Black’s comeback to the spotlight.  The Chiefs stand in their way to the AFC West crown.  QB play is the final piece to seeing if this team is truly for “real”.  Win, despite Darren McFadden running into the vaunted “Steel Curtain” run defense in Pittsburgh last Sunday.  QB play is the final piece; it’s a big piece they don’t have, so they are not truly for “real”.  Not only do the Chiefs stand in their way, but the Chargers, too.  Hype has settled down.

20. Miami Dolphins (11) – If they win in Baltimore they have the inside track on a wild card spot.  Imagine if they would’ve gotten that goal-line fumble call against Pittsburgh.  Nothing impresses me or stands out about this team, yet, they are a tough and resilient bunch.  Good enough for the Playoffs in a loaded AFC?  That remains to seen.  Win.  Tough, however, just not there yet -as simple as that.

21. Houston Texans (16) – I thought Matt Schaub was supposed to be the next elite QB in the NFL?  Arian Foster is doing his thing, Andre Johnson is playing like a warrior, but Schaub has disappointed so far.  Defensive backfield will be presented with a big challenge this Sunday against Philip Rivers’ Chargers.  Win.  Pass defense is ranked dead last.  Schaub has been overvalued by fantasy junkies.  I love how everyone anointed this season (just like every season) as their year to finally get over the hump and make it past the Regular Season.

22. Seattle Seahawks (23) – 33-3 in Oakland.  Enough said.  Well I’ll also say this: I feel bad for Charlie Whitehurst going up against a vaunted Giants defensive front line, fresh off of a Bye week.  Win.  If they continue to beat the teams they are supposed to, it doesn’t matter if they lose to the team they are supposed to, being in a weak NFC West.  Intriguing match-up hosting the AFC West-leading Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday.  Can the defensive guru, Pete Carroll, put together a plan to stop the league’s #1 rushing unit?

23. St. Louis Rams (19) – Can Sam Bradford continue to outdo encore performance after encore performance?  He’s something else.  The defense is steady and coach Spags is making me a believer for the future.  With that said, I want to see them win the NFC West now, not Arizona or Seattle -and I think they will.  Win.  Tricky game in the Mile High City awaits Bradford’s boys.  Hung with Falcons for most of the game.

24. Buffalo Bills (32) – Embrace for a third consecutive heartbreaking, three point loss; this time to Chicago in OT. Win.  Was a three-point loss in regulation, 22-19 to Chicago.  Ryan Fitzpatrick-Steve Johnson connection making Bills fans reminisce back to the glory days of Jim Kelly to Andre Reed.  Fred Jackson is doing work, now, only if Spiller was healthy.  “No one circles the wagons, like the Buffalo Bills!”

25. Cleveland Browns (28) – Let’s see if Colt McCoy can make Browns Backers forget Bernie Kosar, for just a moment anyways.  Mangini vs. Belichick is a funny match-up, even more funny, the post-game “no-look” hand shake; which is so good, I wonder if they both have post-coach callings as point guards in the NBA.  Win.  McCoy has been better than advertised; too bad he’s hurt with a high ankle sprain.  Team loves to lose games late in stunning fashion.

26. San Francisco 49ers (27) – Troy Smith looked the part of a pro QB. He will start for the rest of the season and will lead this offense to a 20+ PPG average.  Frank Gore is playing like an MVP, too bad he’s on a 2-6 club.  Loss.  They were shutout at home against Tampa.  Troy Smith didn’t look the part of a pro QB in that game, like he did the past two games.

27. Minnesota Vikings (22) – Back to the drawing board.  The worst coach in the NFL, a battered and bruised old QB, and the most underachieving defense in the NFL is not a good formula.  Win.  Exit Childress, enter Leslie Fraizer.  Jason Garrett effect?  How about some more Adrian Peterson?

28. Detroit Lions (17) – Stafford is back and that means they are the second best team in the NFC North. Calvin Johnson is the best WR in the game when Staff is under center.  Ndamukong Suh is as every bit as advertised and then some, and Alphonso Smith (4 picks) was a flat-out steal for the secondary.  More Stafford to Johnson has Lions fans envisioning a division crown in the near future.  Also, don’t forget, Kyle Vanden Bosch is playing like a man possessed.  KVB and Suh better clear their plans for Hawaii at the end of January.  I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving Day against the Patriots. Loss.  Stafford hurt, Packers are the second best team in the NFC North.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving Day; only because Brady’s playing.

29. Denver Broncos (29) – I want to see more Tim Tebow.  Prepare for the future McDaniels, if you don’t now, then you are letting your fans down; the few that remain.  Win.  As well as Orton has looked, give me some Tim Tebow.

30. Arizona Cardinals (26) – They should’ve kept Matt Leinart.  I’m convinced and sure Leinart would have this team two wins better and in sole possession of first place in the NFC West.  Push.  Go USC!

31. Cincinnati Bengals (24) – Still have hope they can upset the Steelers at home on Monday Night.  In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say they will beat Pittsburgh.  If they do, that means they’ve gotten back to what made them successful last season, winning the AFC North: running the football and playing stellar defense. Time to trash the pass and play tough in the trenches.  Loss. Impressive comeback effort against Pittsburgh came up just short.  Defense is anything but stellar.  They gave up 49 points to the powerhouse Buffalo Bills.  They forgot what won them the AFC North last year.

32. Carolina Panthers (31) – I’m at a loss for words on how a team this talented is this bad.  Win.  Mike Goodson’s a keeper at RB.  This team is my super-early super darkhorse to make the Playoffs in 2011-12.

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35 Responses to “Sports Gab Network Columnist Russ Loede’s Week Twelve NFL Power Rankings”

  1. Willis says:

    lol calling bs on falcons wins what about the calvin johnson catch against the bears week 1?

  2. PIO says:

    And the hate continues. You get a kick out of trashing the falcons don’t you? I cant believe you still have this job. And all that PI on roddy mess (which it wasn’t) can go out the window. Do you understand that we were already in the redzone and we also could have won the game by kicking a FG? I don’t understand why you see we should have loss that game

    • Russ Loede says:

      1st and 10 at BAL 33 (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass deep left to R.White for 33 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

      I thought the red zone was the 20?

      From the 33 -it’s a 50-yard FG.

  3. PIO says:

    To come to think of it, what you said didn’t even make sense. First you write ” Dirty Birds have the division leading Bucs and the Baltimore Ravens in the Georgia Dome the next two weeks.” then you go on to talk about the outcome of the games and how we should have loss. It seems to me that you were just typing to take up space. You said nothing new. Anybody can state what already happened. You dont have the balls to talk about the rest of our schedule and what our final record should be.

  4. dirtydealin says:

    I’m at a loss for words. First your pre-season power rankings are a complete and utter failure, Molly homemaker whom knows nothing about sports in general would have a created a better list. Secondly, your intentionally piling on every win Atlanta has had to justify your HORRID prediction of them finishing with only 6 wins. lastly, your obviously a Bears homer(you have them at 2nd,lol) and are still fuming at the ’08 loss to Atlanta. All these things tell me your not a professional, your just another fan who has access to a lame website. If you were a professional you would have been fired with your Prue-season predictions alone.

    Atlanta has 8 wins and counting and with three very winnable games(Car x2 and Sea) and games against 2 teams we have already defeated.

    In a nutshell, your power rankings= FAIL!

  5. Paulitik says:

    Bears #2? Oh yeah, you’re from Chicago. Great journalism. Matt Ryan is undefeated against the NFC North. I really look forward to smacking down the Bears in the dome again come playoff time.

    This guy. Hilarious. Anyone can be a “journalist’ these days.

  6. Don't Worry About It says:

    Do you get paid for this rubbish?

  7. LoedeOfCrap says:

    How much cocaine did you snort before writing this?

  8. Russ Loede says:

    I’ll be looking forward to watching the “One & Done” Falcons this upcoming January.

    Come the new year, it’s unchartered ground for these “Dirty Birds”. How will they respond to the pressure, unfamiliar territory?

    When’s the last time they actually won a Playoff game?

    Look in the archives, NFL Films -Michael Vick era.

  9. John says:

    When’s the last time the bears have even been to the playoffs? The Rex Grossman era? You guys aren’t even the best team in your own division, putting you at #2 is laughably pathetic. Do you even understand how the game of football works?

  10. dirtydealin says:

    Are you even familiar with the term “unbiased journalism”?

    I’ll be looking forward to watching the “One & Done” Falcons this upcoming January.

    Come the new year, it’s unchartered ground for these “Dirty Birds”. How will they respond to the pressure, unfamiliar territory?

    When’s the last time they actually won a Playoff game?

    Look in the archives, NFL Films -Michael Vick era.

  11. falken says:

    Do you actually watch football?

    Seriously man…..power rankings….they may not be your thing.

    ……..but I’m sure you’re good at something.

  12. BKJ says:


    I really don’t think this is the appropriate forum to discuss who your latest love interest is.

    “Jay Cutler is not only making plays his rocket-arm, but with his nimble legs, too.”

    It’s clear that your talents would be better suited for blogging about the “NFL Week 12 Hottie Rankings”

  13. CheeseHeadPackers! says:


    The 2 best teams in the NFC are the Packers and Falcons. I am geared up for this weekends game to determine where the NFC Championship game will be come January. How in the world do you rank the Bears at #2… then place my Packers at 8 and the Falcons at 10.

    You are an idiot. Please respond with whomever allowed you to access the internet and actually provide us with any of your thougths/opinions.

    We should all thank you for being a little bit dumber for actually wasting our time reading and responding to your crap.

  14. Scrub says:

    I don’t know why I ventured on this site, but you sir have made the world a little bit dumber with this article — thoughtless, lazy, and parts just plain absurd. Were you drunk when you updated your power rankings or is this your normal train of thought?

  15. Russ Loede says:

    All the clubs ahead of the Packers and Falcons offer more balanced units, as a whole. Can you tell me otherwise? These rankings are spot-on, unlike my ones back in July. What don’t you agree with in my write-ups, insight on each squad? Other than putting the Bears a little higher than some, and the Falcons a little lower than most; I have put together a solid issue of Power Rankings. My next edition, like everyone who does these rankings on a weekly basis, will more than likely change dramatically. It’s fair to say, because of the way the NFL is. It’s a week-to-week league, a “bottom line” business, where teams rise and fall, go up and down because of the parity. No dominant teams. Lots of evenly-matched teams, who are solid, yet nothing special or spectacular. This is a hard thing to do. Where are your rankings? Sometimes you have a hunch, a vibe, and I believe my rankings list the teams from top to bottom, best to worst, as accurate and precise as it could be. This is how the NFL will play out.

  16. caddieman says:

    Dear Russ,

    It is very obvious that all the crap you have taken from the Falcons fans this year has made you rank them low in your power rankings. I thought true media type are suppose to check their ego at the door. It has turned out that you have been dead wrong about the Falcons from day one. Be a man and fess up. Ranking the the Falcons at #10 just because you hate the Falcon Fans just makes you look even more of a Joke. How do you expect to be taken seriously when your ranking is effected by your hatred of all things Falcons. You just hated to put them in the top 10 didn’t you? When the Falcons beat Green Bay you going to rank them……………what……….nine? lol.

  17. caddieman says:

    Oh Yea!(P.S Kansas City ahead of The Falcons, Tampa Bay, Giants, Colts, and San Diego just makes me LMFAO!!!!!)

  18. Russ Loede says:

    You are all just jealous of my Bears. Falcons suck!

  19. Russ = Angry Bears Fan says:

    The number 10 team has beaten both the number 4 and 5 teams in your power rankings. Step back and think about that logically for a minute. How old are you?

  20. Russ Loede says:

    No, Garrett Hartley (#4) and the refs (#5) had more to do with the final outcome of those games games, than the Falcons did winning them. I would take the Saints and Ravens over the Falcons, still. Atlanta looks like a good regular season team, however, I’ll take the more accomplished New Orleans and Baltimore clubs when it matters the most.

  21. Russ Loede says:

    The Chiefs beat the Chargers. Chiefs are more balanced than the Bucs. Giants, as much as I’m still a believer in them, unfortunately, are falling apart. Colts, when’s the last time they actually played a good game?

  22. caddieman says:

    your a joke! all you can come up with is we are jealous of your Bears and Falcons suck? OMG! Really how much money do you get each week for saying stupid crap like that? Why don’t you just rank the Falcons last and just say I hate them and their fans and just be done with it! I would have a lot more respect for ya! You are no journalist my friend! Bears #2(LMFAO)

  23. Russ hates the Falcons says:

    “Atlanta looks like a good regular season team”

    Stop saying “looks like”….or “might be” and just say it. They have the best record in the NFL you genius! The Saints got beat by the Browns and The Cardinals. Falcons have beaten both those teams AND THE SAINTS IN NEW ORLEANS. That game was decided long before the missed kick. The Falcons owned on time of possession and pretty much every statistical category in that game. That and the fact that they’ve beaten two elite teams in the Ravens and Packers has to put them in your top 5. Check every major sports column in America’s power rankings and you’ll notice you’re the only one who has them outside of your top 5. Now what does that say? That screams BIAS-BEARS Fan to me!

  24. dirtydealin says:

    Yet another Falcons win and another Russ Loede fail! I wonder if Atlanta is going to drop this week because McArthy didn’t challenge the gonzo catch.

  25. Russ Loede says:

    They will jump Green Bay, but that’s the only team I see them jumping. Philly, the other Top 10 team that lost, beat them without Vick and DeSean Jackson.

  26. caddieman says:

    When we win the Superbowl what you going to rank them?(Falcons)……….5th!!!!!!!! lol.

  27. Russ Loede says:

    Atlanta isn’t even going to win a Playoff game.

  28. caddieman says:

    Come on Russ I am waiting on another power rankings where you got Atlanta NOT in the top ten! lol!

  29. dirtydealin says:

    Come on Russ, where’s your new pwer ranking at? I’m in need of a good hard laugh.

  30. dirtydealin says:

    What Russ no end of the regular season power rankings?

    I guess someone took away your keys to the car. lol

  31. Chris Bach says:

    The Falcons have the dumbest head coach, the most overrated QB, the most overrated wide receiver and…the second best offensive line. They COULD get to the Super Bowl but there’s no way they’d win it when their opponent is going to be superior in both overall talent and coaching with two weeks to prepare. Not going to happen.

    • dirtydealin says:

      Russ, is that you? lol

      13-3 and the #1 seed in the play-offs

      I’ll be back after we make it ot the NFCCG