Why The Bears Are Serious Super Bowl Contenders

A Revived Defense Makes The Bears Super

Two years ago, a 9-7 Arizona Cardinals team limped into the playoffs, only to make a Cinderella run through the NFC bracket to earn the franchise’s first-ever trip to the Super Bowl.

In 2007, a 9-7 wildcard NY Giants team won 3 consecutive road playoff games, then beat the 18-0 Patriots, at the time considered the greatest team of all time, in the Super Bowl to cap a season for the ages.

Why can’t the 7-3, 1st place Chicago Bears – equipped with a top-3 caliber defense and special teams – achieve similar heights? If you do any gambling, I wouldn’t bet against them.

After Thursday night’s 16-0 white-washing of the Miami Dolphins, it’s okay to use the words “Bears” and “Super Bowl” in the same sentence…without laughing.

Thanks to a stifling performance by their defense, the Bears win in South Beach moved them within a half-game of the best record in the NFC. More importantly, they won their third straight tilt with a familiar recipe of great defense and a running game.

It doesn’t take a long look across the NFL landscape to make a case for the Bears playing in Dallas in early February. Besides the Monsters of the Midway, the wide-open NFC is stacked with contenders that will draw more national attention because of their offensive prowess…which suits the Bears defense just fine.

Eagles: Sure, Mike Vick is playing out of his mind right now – his 6 TD performance vs. the Redskins as evidence. But he’s 0-3 against the boys in blue and orange during his career. Should the Bears manage to beat America’s team-of-the-moment in Soldier Field next week, nobody will be laughing at the prospects of Chicago making its 3rd Super Bowl appearance in 25 years.

Packers: Like the Bears, the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers are playing their best ball of the season. But the Bears have already beaten GB…and that was before Chicago established its more balanced offensive identity. The season finale vs. the Bears could decide the North, not to mention home field advantage in the NFC playoffs.

Falcons: Atlanta has a stud QB (Matt Ryan), a Pro Bowl receiver (Roddy White) and a bruising running game. But quick: can you name one starter on their defense? John Abraham is the only guy I can think of without Googling “Falcons defense.”

Giants: The team that manhandled the Bears in week 4 was just beaten down by the previously 1-7 Dallas Cowboys. The Giants started strong last year, only to fall face first into mediocrity by the time December rolled around. Could history be repeating itself in NY this year?

This balance at the top of the conference should make for a competitive, wide-open NFC playoff tourney. And with a defense and special teams that rank among the best in the league, why can’t the Bears be Super this year?

Suddenly, Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears doesn’t sound so funny anymore, does it?

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8 Responses to “Why The Bears Are Serious Super Bowl Contenders”

  1. StapleJBozz says:

    Wow – there’s so much flawed in that post it’s not even funny…

    1. Let’s start with the fact that the Bears are “the 7-3, 1st place Chicago Bears” – the only correct fact there is that they are 7-3 and they are still called the Bears…(and in Chicago). I believe that the Falcons’ 8-2 record trumps the 8-3 record for the Bears in the NFC. IF the author is referring to the NFC North then say so…

    2. Let’s talk about that win against the Dolphins… Let’s be honest, I don’t mean any disrespect to the Dolphins but with a record of 5-5 and starting Tyler Thigpen for the first time…Let’s get real and not talk about such wins as if they are “ground breaking.” To be fair – shutting out a team is always an accomplishment.

    3. Now, that game against the Packers…Yes it was a win, a division win, a tie-breaking (record-wise) win, but the Packers were just as crippled as any other team during that game. Let’s add to the fact that the game was played in Chicago and I think it’s fair to say that the Bears could have been favored and that the win was not much of a surprise (Packers fans were not happy in the least, but probably not completely surprised…). IF the Bears can beat the Packers at home with the same flourish then the previous win matters but if the two teams end up tied in the NFC North with overall record and tied head-to-head then other tie breakers come into place – and we don’t know where those will shake out yet…

    4. The Falcons – don’t write them off because they don’t have enough “stars” on D or because you only named three of their offensive starters. When teams come together and play as a team in November and December they win – that’s all there is to it. Look at the teams with laundry lists of big names – you probably can find as many with a loosing record as a winning record right now.

    5. The Cowboys win against the Giants was inevitable…with the firing of Wade Philips the ‘Boys finally got what they all wanted. I admit that I haven’t read it yet but you will never convince me that they were not throwing games to get Philips fired. To be so horrible before a coaching change and then to turn it around so remarkably is either a verifiable miracle or the result of a conspiracy…I vote the latter.

    I want to give the Bears their due – are they contenders, yes, absolutely. Would I have expected them to be contending for the NFC North, not to mention the NFC itself, no. But they are there – I’m still not much of a believer yet…

    • StapleJBozz says:

      sorry – I got one fact wrong – the Bear’s current record is 7-3, not 8-3…Just because I can’t type doesn’t mean I’m wrong…

    • Kamala says:

      Have a little faith….I am so sick and tired of people like you who think you are an actual coach. Just enjoy the game on Sunday and if Lovie’s job become available, why don’t you apply for it.

      • StapleJBozz says:

        Hey Kamala – by analyzing what I see and commenting on an article that is clearly not taking into account all the facts I’m coaching huh? Wow – didn’t know “people like you” thought that the job was that easy. I’m neither a Bears fan nor a Bears hater – same with the Falcons, Eagles, etc… I just get tired of reading articles for any team (my own included) that give fans false hopes or unrealistic criticisms. There’s no argument that the Bears are where they should be – a record of 7-3 is a good thing – but the article is overly dismissive of other teams that have accomplished as much or done better – point out where I’m coaching or being overly critical…or just keep living in your perfect world where the Bears again reign supreme and keep ignoring all the things that they do have to fix to achieve the ultimate goal of winning another Super Bowl…

        Ultimately – be realistic – that’s all I’m trying to say!

    • jeff says:

      Staple, For a story as ‘flawed’ as you say it is, you sure seemed to agree w/ a lot of the points made: shutout of any team = accomplishment, the Bears are ‘contenders’ (your own word), Bears win over Packer – a team many experts consider NFC Super Bowl favorites ‘was not much of a surprise,’ the Bears are in 1st place (w/ the Packers)…

      • StapleJBozz says:

        Jeff – just because something is flawed doesn’t mean that there are not points that are correct…wow – do they even teach logic any more.

        Go through the points – am I wrong? I’m not willing to write off the Bears, but I think that they have things that need to be fixed before they get to Dallas in February.

        The point is that you can’t talk about the Bears as if they had won a chance at the Super Bowl already. Be realistic – really people…

  2. heather says:

    thank you for finally saying this about the bears. yes, they had a crappy start and won a few games they could have just as easily lost, but they are one of those teams who actually are getting better. while i want to see my team in the playoffs, the super bowl is definitely a prospect i hadn’t yet considered. i try not to get my hopes up each game but i seem to be one of the few football fans who has noticed the change in the bears after they came back from their bye week. yeah they beat the bills and many may laugh at that- have you watched a bills game? the bills do not play like a 2-8 team. they play tough every game, look at new york jets and how many games they’ve barely won. those could have all easily been losses. but the bye week helped the bears become a better team, by far, and nobody has considered this: a bye week is 2 weeks, thursday to next sunday is 10 days. the bears will have had 10 days to prepare for the eagles game, and they have julius peppers on the team who had sacked vick several times when he was a panther. i don’t know if they will win or not, but i know it won’t be a 59-28 beat down like the redskins faced, not with the bears defense. while our offense needs a lot of work still it is improving, and people need to respect and acknowledge the fact our defense is one of the best in the nfl. i have been a football fan since jr high but never have i loved a team’s defense like i do the bears, i know as many players on the defense as i do the offense if not more. i’m proud of them and whatever the outcome this year is, i know we have a defense that works, and with our new rookie johnny knox making great catches and the always great devin hester on the offense scaring teams into kicking the ball away from him… it won’t be long until we have an offense that stands up as well as the defense. or at least isn’t rated 29th. thank you for taking the bears seriously. i wish more people would. even if they lose to the eagles (due to mistakes on the offense), i know it’ll be a good game.

  3. Russ Loede says:

    The Bears are serious Super Bowl contenders…are they not?