With Chlidress Gone; Will Favre be Next for the Vikings?

He’s frustrated ! He’s not used to so many things going so wrong so consistently. He’s getting the stuffing knocked out of him every Sunday. He’s 41 years old !!!

It’s NOT the way it was suppose to go. The Vikings were suppose to be a top 4 team talent wise……..and they may well be ! But Geez !

Up until Sunday, Brett Favre was still into it. He still seemed to be on board. But the look in his eyes against the Packers was one I just haven’t seen before. A kind of mutation between a late night Zombie marathon and the Ren and Stimpy show. He didn’t quite look angry. Not quite sad. Definitely not happy !!! But did you see his face as he walked off the field. Now I’m trying NOT to read into this, but I swear as I watched him, I turned to my son and said “ He looks like he’s ready to quit !”

Next thing I hear is Favre saying when asked if the team has quit “The score could indicate that, but again without watching the film I don’t know,”

Favre then insisted he’s committed to the team despite failing to directly answer questions about whether he wants to finish the season. “I’m here, and we’re in this thing together,” Favre said.

I have to re-evaluate”………

OK, like I said “He’s frustrated”. Who could blame the guy if he is having thoughts of abandoning ship. ……He needs to digest the reality. Maybe a hot tub of Epson salts and a cold lager will put it all into perspective.

But here is what I really DON’T like to hear:

Let me preference this statement by saying that I am NO fan of the Brett Favre admiration society. I have said many times that I feel that he is the most over-hyped players of all-time. I don’t feel he’s as good as Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway or Fran Tarkenton for that matter. But this need to scapegoat the guy for everything thats wrong is way out of line. Has he played well….NO ?

Is time catching him ? Probably. But come on…..have you seen the offensive line give this guy more then 2-3 seconds on any pass play all season ? Has he been off target ? Yes…..the guy has two broken bones in his ankle !!! He has a shoulder separation, elbow tendinitis and probably Piles for spending so much time sitting on the ground. Is there any other QB in this league who would STILL be fighting to stay in the line-up. Like him or not, Brett Favre is one tough S.O.B.

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5 Responses to “With Chlidress Gone; Will Favre be Next for the Vikings?”

  1. don says:

    Are you kidding me? Not better than Fran Tarkenton? Now I’ve heard it all.

  2. Erik says:

    Hmmmm….a grandfather at the age of 41 passing for 446 yards to win a game(2 weeks ago)…..someone who has over 500 touchdowns (next guy in line having 420 Marino), and has over 70,000 yards of passing, 3-time MVP…ok only one super bowl, but the teams he’s had to work with were not at the same callaber as those Cowboys or 9ers had….green bay never had that much money to throw at players……I don’t understand what folks have against one of the top players of all time…anyhoot, I hope Favre gets through the season he was talked into playing and enjoys the rest of his life as one of the greatest players in the NFL……Maybe see u in Dallas at the superbowl watching Green bay and…..?

    Have an excellent Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  3. John Barrett says:

    Dude, Brett Favre has more talent than Joe Montana and Fran Tarkenton ever did. Elway is arguable, but he never threw more than 30 tds in season. Being Clutch in the playoffs means nothing compared to carrying your team for 16 years with running game, weak defenses,and nor great receivers.

  4. Kim says:

    It’s funny how most Packer fans love to hate brett favre. It must be a sad and lonely life to devote so much time and energy into something so pointless. Favre is a first ballot hof’er and is also the qb this season to take the most hits….but its still all Brett’s fault that the Vikings are losing???

    Get a life and be happy with the packers success instead of dwelling on the past.

  5. Kim says:

    @johnbarrett….my point exactly!! Brett made the Packers the team they are now!