Should the Giants even show up to play Sunday night?

That’s the attitude I’m seeing all over the place. Why should the Giants show up?

DeSean Jackson ran a 2.2 40 yard dash and has never missed a catchable ball. And that’s before he takes a reverse 95 yards for a TD and after he returns three punts for touchdowns.

LeSean McCoy is the second coming of Brian Westbrook, but faster, and stronger, and better looking.

Maclin is better than Hakeem Nicks and is slightly slower than DeSean Jackson, but still the third fastest player in the league.

And then there is Michael Vick.

He Throws the ball 95 yards with precision…and that’s what he can do right handed. He’s the fastest player in the league. He breaks down every scheme and he averaged 4 touchdowns a game. He’s Steve Young plus Joe Montana plus Barry Sanders. Michael Vick hasnt’ thrown an INT since 2006. He’s the N.F.L. M.V.P and the most dangerous player to ever play in the N.F.L.

And that’s just on offense.

On Defense Trent Cole is unblockable for the Giants, Asante Samuel will have four pick sixes and the Eagles should route the Giants 45-17 (with 17 points coming for the Giants in the fourth Quarter).

That’s what I’ve heard this week from all of the pundits around the league. This is terrible news for the Giants fans who are going to lose twice more to the Eagles, at least once to Washingon and also to the packers. Meaning at best the Giants can finish the season 9-7 if they can squeak out a win in Minnesota.

Chicken Little has given up because the sky has already collapsed on the Giants season this year.

Oh, Boy.  I dont’ think I should watch this weekend.


Well, maybe not. I think the Giants can win this game, despite the fact that they haven’t beaten the Eagles in four games (originally I wrote years on accident, but it kind of seems that way too doesn’t it?) and here are some keys to victory.

The Giants Offense

Don’t turn the ball over and show up somewhat healthy to the game.

The Giants will be without all of their linemen and are down to two viable Wide Receivers (even though both are very talented they are still young and prone to mistakes that cost the Giants, but then they make a play that makes you forget that they are both still young pups).

The key is to run precise routes, don’t drop the ball, avoid stupid penalties and for the love of god don’t throw any Interceptions.

Asante Samuel does have Eli Manning’s number picking him off two of the last three games, but Samuel has never had to cover Hakeem Nicks with the Giants. Eli has to be aware of Samuels ability to jump routes and take the ball away.

But this doesn’t take a rocket sceintist to figure out so I’m not breaking any ground with my “avoid penalties and don’t turn the ball over” Spiel.

#2 Play Keep Away

The Eagles are a very fast-quick strike team, but they are also a smaller weaker team. They are smallish at all positions across the board. Trent Cole and Brandon Graham are smaller defensive ends. Ernie Sims is smaller. Mike Patterson isn’t the biggest guy. This team can be beaten up.

Right now the Eagles are giving up 104 yards rushing per game, but what is more telling is the 4.1 yards per rush per game which is tied for 17th in the league, which is not great.

Part of Playing Keep Away is Brandon Jacobs. I think of all the games the Giants have played this year, this game is the most important to get Brandon Jacobs invovled early and often.
Last year when Jacobs wasn’t that good he rushed for 146 yards between the two games on 35 carries which is over 4.1 yards per carry (season avearge was 3.7 YPC), in 2008 Jacobs ran for 5.5 yards per carry with two touchdowns over two games (a total of 32 carries for 178 yards: that season he avearged 5 yards per carry).

The last two season Jacobs best efforts have come against Eagles teams. He’s bigger then most of their linebackers and some of their defensive linemen. He’s a tone setter. Bradshaw is better than Jacobs, but in this game I’m not sure that Jacobs isn’t the better running back to establish a tone.

A mix of short and long passing plays

The Eagles this season on defense have been susceptible to big games by opposing Wide Receivers, even if they didn’t have great Quarterbacks. Vs the Titans (Kerry Collins, I think in that game) Kenny Britt had 225 yards receiving.

Vs the 49ers (their QB’s suck) Michael Crabtree had 105 yards receiving, Jahvid Best had 154 yards receiving vs the Eagles, and Gregg Jennings had 85 yards.

What does this show?

Well Crabtree, Jennings, Best are all players that are on teams that deploy a lot of short passes with yards after the catch potential. Jennings goes deep sometimes, but generally it’s a lot of slants and quick routes.

Kenny Britt had deep pass plays open all day.

Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham EXCEL at Yards after the catch and deep patterns. And Bradshaw has been very effective the last couple of weeks playing the Jahvid Best role.

Their are passing plays to be made against the Eagles, a combination that wears down the defense is the best.

Max Protect

Nate Allen is a young player who can get picked on from time to time (even though he has shown a penchant for getting at the ball). And the Eagles love to blitz.

Their cornerbacks can be beaten by double moves and the Giants offensive line has had injury problems.

I think the Giants should run a lot of big formations with their blocking tight end or just using Bear Pascoe a lot. I know they like to spread it out a lot, but they don’t have the weapons for that this week. They are limited and I think Nicks, Manningham, and Boss can be used effeciently even if they keep 7 into block often. (11-QB and 3 WR=7!)

Boss and Beckum!

I think the Giants drafted Beckum for games in the winter and for games vs the Eagles. He is a good pass catcher underneath and I think, again to play the time of possession game the Giants need to use a lot of Boss and Beckum underneath. The Eagles, like the Giants, have traditionally struggled against tight ends the Giants have two that can catch the ball…let them!

On Defense

Pray for Swine Flu and or terrible weather

The Eagles do have good weapons on offense and fast ones. The Giants aren’t a fast defense, perse.

Communicate and force turnovers

The Eagles have been proficient at avoiding turnovers this year. I think Vick is due for a two INT game eventually, so let’s hope that happens vs the Giants.

I don’t care if they luck into them or whatever. Just DON”T DROP ANY POTENTIAL INTERCEPTIONS. This is not a team you want to give second chances too.

Use Antrel Rolle as the “Spy” and Cover McCoy’s short routes.

I would NOT recommend this for many teams because you can become very vulnerable if you bring up your safety to spy on Vick and/or McCoy.

However, the Giants have a HUGE luxury in that Deon Grant can play the safety role. Grant is not as fast as Rolle and I think Grant is less likely to cheat up which Rolle does at times (even though he’s great in run support).

Vick will out run every linebacker ever. Rolle at least stands a chance on some plays, plus he can be up there to support the run and play the screen pass.

Essentially I want to swap what Deon Grant and Rolle have been doing all season.

Use Linval Joseph or just regain that interior push

I’m a little worried about Osi’ gap integrity, but I’m more worried about a lack of collapsing the pocket. I know people don’t want Vick outside the box, but I’m not sure that’s really the best way to contain him. If he can step up in the pocket in the middle of the field and choose to run whatever way he pleases that could be real troulbe.

If the Giants can collapse the pocket and force Vick to one side of the field (the side with the “spy”) there’s possibly a better chance to stop him.

Get Chippy

To be honest early in the game I would not mind the Giants laying some seriously low blow hard hits…whether or not they are late. This Eagles offense is soft and finese. Vick has sore Ribs and quick feet. If the Giants have to cheap shot him to make sure his feet start to feel a little heavier and is ribs start aching more I’d be for it. Now, obviously Couhlin won’t really pursue that, but as a fan I say I won’t mind if it happens.

I think the Giants need to beat the speed out of the Eagles.

Knock around the WR

Avant has some size, DeSean Jackson and Maclin don’t. They are speed players. The Giants need to beat them down early to make sure they don’t feel like playing anymore. Press coverage, make sure you hit them before they get out of bounds.

Trip DeSean Jackson if you get beat deep and make him eat some dirt. I don’t care. I dont’ want to see him doing that stupid backward dance into the endzone with no one near him.

Exotic Schemes?

Wish I had more tape on Vick. But he’s never been considered the “brightest bulb” or whatever cliche you would like to use to mean intelligent Quarterback. Maybe the key is to give him exotic schemes and hope to confuse him into running. I don’t want to see big pass plays down the field I’d prefer to see long sustaining drives.

Bring the Intensity


On Special Teams.



That’s it.


Anyone else have suggestions because quite honestly I’m just hoping to enjoy a good close game (of course with a Giants win). Because the Giants were struggling to beat the Eagles before Vick…Now….we’ll have to wait and see.

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One Response to “Should the Giants even show up to play Sunday night?”

  1. Michele C says:

    Are you kidding, Vick, Jackson, and McCoy on offense (not even mentioning the Eagles defense) theres not enough prayers that could help the Giants.