Steelers LB Harrison to face suspension over hits Sunday vs Cleveland?

The talk of the NFL today is about the hits that LB James Harrison laid on a couple Browns players in the teams 28-10 win over Cleveland Sunday. The question now comes down to if a fine will be levied on Harrison, or even a suspension?

Jason LaCanfora tweeted the following about the helmet to helmet hits from Sunday not only about Harrison, but about the hit to the helmet on DeSean Jackson Sunday in Philly.

“Ray Anderson, VP of football ops, tells me suspensions could be coming immediately for helmet-to-helmet hits, even for 1st time offenders.”

Now Harrison has been known for knockout blows, but to face a suspension? I can see a fine for the hit on Josh Cribbs, a player Harrison knows well from Kent State and considers a friend, but the second hit on wide out Mohamed Massaquoi wasn’t leading with his helmet, and it makes no sense for the league to lay down a suspension or fine for the hit.

Mike Tomlin said in his postgame that he believes both shots were clean, and Harrison himself doesn’t think he should be fined. If LaCanfora’s words turn true from Anderson, the league has a real firestorm on its hands on what players can and cannot do.

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13 Responses to “Steelers LB Harrison to face suspension over hits Sunday vs Cleveland?”

  1. Rob says:

    If there is no flag or penalty at the time of the hit or even questioned by the other coach, there should be no fine or suspension! This is football, let the guys play and do what there paid to do!

  2. reginald james says:


    The big problem with your suggestion is that two players may do the exact same thing, but one gets flagged and the other doesn’t.

    It’s easy to ram someone with your helmet, anyone can do it. You could, I could. It’s easy. But if you happen to be on a team that gets flagged for it, you’re taking a big penalty and paying a hefty fine. Meanwhile, the team that doesnt get flagged for it gets to be known as the “tough team”.

  3. lj says:

    If a flag is not thrown and a fine is issued a couple of days later, I beleive that the ref who missed throwing the flag should also receive a fine for not doing their job right the first time. Maybe that would stop only select teams with getting flagged for hard hits while other teams clearly get a way with it.

  4. Joe says:

    Nobody seems to make mention of the super hard stick that Ward laid on Mendenhall. It was vicious and helmet to helmet as well. Mendenhall sat for a few plays, but nobody made a stink about it. Helmet to helmet/shoulder hits happen all game long. Just because one guy gets KO’ed and another is able to shake it off shouldn’t determine why one guy gets punished and another doesn’t.

  5. Joe says:

    Review the Cribbs hit again. Cribbs turned into Harrison and was running very low to the earth. Harrison drove around the blocker and nailed him as Cribbs angled his way. The hit was clean, however brutal, and even the Browns players admitted such. The Massaquoi hit was unfortunate, but Harrison did lead with his shoulder. Massaquoi was juggling for possession of the football and was separated from the ball and his soul for a minute. My biggest problem on that play was Colt McCoy passing it at him on that route. He led Massaquoi into the jaws of death by throwing a casket-catch at him while one of the leagues most physical and scary players is barreling at him full speed.

  6. rpk says:

    I am troubled about neither of the hits Harrison delivered being flagged. I watched the whole game and couldn’t believe neither was flagged. How did this happen?

  7. Greg says:

    I watched the whole game too…. and thought they were clean hits.

    I hear they play shuffleboard down the street… go watch that if your troubled.

  8. lj says:

    You must now watch any other games to see other players flagged for the same hits…………hard hitting is one thing………overlooking some of them is another. The refs needs to be consistant and that is not happening.

  9. john says:

    Um lj and rpk did you clearly pay attention to the game? If you actually follow the replays you will see that in the second hit Harrison did not hit with his helmet. The concussion occured after the player’s head hit the ground-hard. Harrison hit the guy with his shoulder on his shoulder. His head rose up just as the other guys head leaned back-there was no helmet contact even after the fact. The sound you hear is pads crunching. Not helmets.

    In the first instance, yes there was helmet helmet contact but harrison did not hit a defenseless player. Indeed, as a result its ok. These guys play football-footballs entertainment is in its violence. Seriously, would you watch it were it not for the crazy hits? defense wouldnt be defense without them. receivers dont go across the middle in short routes against the steelers in case you didnt notice because of the hits. Thats how you offset the offensive advantage (in rules and penalties)

    • says:

      You should pay attention to the rules of the league, it seems.

      It doesn’t matter if the player he hit is “defenseless” or not. People bring that up when they don’t understand what the rulebooks say.

      Use of the helmet as a battering ram, which Harrison rather clearly did in the Cribb’s hit, is an unnecessary roughness penalty.

  10. Smitty says:

    TJ Ward was flagged and fined $15k for a shoulder to helmet hit on Jordan Shipley 2 weeks ago. Even though he led with his shoulder, not his head, it was considered a dirty hit b/c the WR was defenseless. The hit on MoMass was almost the exact same scenario, minus the penalty. The hit against Cribbs probably wasn’t intentional, but the hit on MoMass was blatantly dirty.

    Players don’t go across the middle vs the Steelers b/c the Steelers get away with playing dirty, therefore, they can dish out vicious hits other teams would and do get penalized for on a weekly basis. It was sad seeing the refs look the other way, scared to throw a flag on the darlings of the NFL, while actually flagging the Browns with a penalty on one of the two plays. Ward is victimized for leading with his shoulder, while Harrison goes helmet to helmet twice with no penalty. He should definitely be fined. A suspension would be fair punishment as well.

  11. I heart Greg says:

    Internet tough guy Greg,

    Its a rule and should be enforced uniformly.

    The Cribbs hit was actually bad timing. I could see no flag for that. The other was a hit to the head against a defenseless receiver which , regardless of what Harrison used to hit the WR head with, is a penalty.

  12. Jimbo says:

    When the Steelers are the ones dishing out the hit its called hard-nosed defense. When its anyone else its called dirty. The refs not throwing flags, especially on the Mo Massquoi hit, is inexcusable. If Harrison is not fined then the NFL has an integrity issue on its hands. All everyone wants is it to be called the same for everyone. The Steelers get away with murder. (just ask the Browns, Seahawks, Cardinals etc.)