Should Steelers LB James Harrison be fined for hits on two Browns Players?

Two Browns playmakers were knocked out of today’s 18-point loss to the Steelers, WR Josh Cribbs and WR Mohamed Massaquoi. Both hits came from Steelers LB James Harrison, and already there’s chatter about a fine coming his way for the two hits.

“I don’t know his inside thoughts, but I thought the one deserved a penalty,” Peyton Hillis said of the hits.

Neither hit drew a penalty, and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin felt that Harrison’s actions were just fine. “Legal hits. Not fineable hits. He played good football,” Tomlin said.

So the question is – what do you think of the hits? Should Harrison be fined, or even looked at for a possible suspension?

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17 Responses to “Should Steelers LB James Harrison be fined for hits on two Browns Players?”

  1. Larry says:

    I think he should be suspended because this is not the first time this season Harrison has been fined. He suplexed Vince Young and got fined. I know people will say that you cant deliver a helmet to helmet hit to a QB or a defenseless receiver, but Cribbs was running the Flash package therefor he was the QB for that play.

  2. Jon says:

    He should not be fined – this is football!!! I didn’t see Cribbs slide feet first!

  3. hp says:

    Even Harrison’s own team mates are a little afraid of him.
    Gonna fine him for that too?
    What B.S.
    You know all the old players like Lambert, Blount, Joe Green, Ditka, Butkus, Lott, etc., etc., etc. love the way Harrison plays football.

  4. mf says:

    Absolutely helmet to helmet hits can seriously injure someone even permanently.I know its football i played football but hits like that to the question

  5. JE says:

    I CANNOT believe there were no flags on both plays. Do the steelers have a separate set of rules. He should be fined 15-25K and suspended 1-2 games.

    As another poster pointed out, this is not his first run in with being dirty. Remember he punched a player in the superbowl….

  6. bobO says:

    both hits should have been flagged. last week, the browns were flagged against the bengals under the new “defenseless receiver” rule. Masaquoi was a defenseless receiver. Harrison lead with his head against Cribbs.

    There is a double standard in the nfl for elite dirtbag teams like the jets ravens and steelers. the fact that they called delay of game on the browns after an illegal hit left their best player unconscious is a joke.

    • flojo says:

      You have to be crazy they called the delay of game because the guy kicked the ball out of bounds….not because they didn’t get a play off in time know you rules and quit crying like a baby, the Harrison knocked a couple of players out… it’s football…

  7. tbronder says:

    Okay first of all if you read the rules of the NFL… When carrying the Football the ball carrier is a completely different set of rules… Why?? Because most ball carriers will lower there helmets and shoulders in order to gain more yards… Also the defenders will lower them selves to make the tackle… The hits were no way illegal!!!

  8. Jersey Mike says:

    So if Harrison gets fined the fine Everyone who lowers a helmet to hit someone. And while we’re at it why don’t we make skirts a part of the uniform. That would fit a league of pansy’s that want to play without hitting.
    And before anyone starts saying anything, I don’t want to see anyone get hurt but its football not ballet.

  9. Tony says:

    Mike, if you watch the first hit on Cribbs, Harrison LEADS with his head and does not even attempt to wrap up on it. He spears Cribbs, which is illegal. The hit on Massaquoi was the epitome of the new defenseless receiver rule and was not flagged for it. He should be fined at least the same $15k Ward was for the hit on Shipley.

  10. Tim says:

    The first hit was on a RUNNER. End of story. Second hit was questionable, but this is the NFl where things go ar the speed of light. And he will get a fine for the second. Like someone said up top, “this is not ballet.” Most people should know by now that when they see Harrison coming, they should just lay down.

  11. Tikihat says:

    That some folks would defend Harrison’s actions a day after a college player is paralized from the neck down because of a helmet-to-helmet shot just shows an incredible amount of ignorance. Harrison should have been ejected after the second incident, and he should be suspended for at least one game

  12. nine says:

    lol, I agree with you guys on the vince young suplex…was absolutely unnecessary but it wasn’t just James Harrison in on that it was Woodley and Timmons. But yea it wasn’t needed, but I’d hate to break it to you both of those hits Cribbs + Masso = purely legal hits. They were ballcarriers not defenseless receivers, and it was a shoulder to Cribbs head that did him in, as well as Masso….incidental helmet contact does happen. Its not James Harrison’s fault the Browns players are soft.

  13. nine says:

    You forget the fact that Cribbs also leaned down and forward leading with his head, so there was no doubt that he was going to get hit in the head. Masso had split second possession of the ball turned, looked at James Harrison then got smashed. Also not a defenseless receiver, they were BALL CARRIERS, they are not protected from the same rules as receivers get your NFL rules right.

  14. John says:

    James Harrison is an alien, a beast, a Martian. Something not of this world. He runs through pussies like Cribbs and Masso-who?. As a Steeler fan it makes me proud to see such an incredible athlete knock the shit out of people week in week out. Then you got those jealous Steeler haters. Just bein haters, always trying to be buzzkills because their team either A. Sucks B. Have never won a Super Bowl or C. Doesn’t have 6 titles under their belt. Those hits were completely legal you haters. And to whoever said something about Silverback punching someone in the Superbowl(which we won) that’s because that player deserved it! He kneed harrison in the balls deliberately. But they don’t show that on the replay you asshole. Oh by the way, Silverback also suplexed a retarded Browns fan who ran onto the field…and made his way into Harrisons vicinity. Dumbass.

  15. John says:

    I was going to say I can’t believe he got fined 75,000 but I can believe it. I don’t put anything past that bitch Goodell. He’s turning the NFL into a pee wee league. They may as well keep wearing pink beyond October. It’s pussies like Tom Brady that started this trend of feminism. Everytime a defender so much as flicks Brady on the helmet after the pass he’s asking for the flag. I think hockey is my new fav sport. At least they let them be men.