New England shopping Mankins targeting Branch, Jackson to replace Moss

“Sorry Gisele”

If the Patriots couldn’t be in the news more that they have already been; think again, they’re back to business

The Boston Globe has recently reported that Tom Brady has been exchanging words with former Patriots WR Deion Branch.  A potential return to New England may not be all that far-fetched, actually, it could happen relatively soon from what I’m reading.  As for the Jackson-Mankins rumors, not as much:

From the sources of  The Patriots have had formal introductory sessions with the San Diego Chargers about a move that would ship WR Vincent Jackson to the team for disgruntled OG Logan Mankins, according to  Mankins is currently sitting out for a big-time long-term deal that would make him one of the highest paid offensive linemen in the game.  New England is dangling around with proposals that could move the guard because it obviously doesn’t look like he’s going to sign anytime soon, if at all.

Jackson, if acquired, would have to sit out three games.  Despite the small talk and chatter, Mankins’ agent shot down the possibility because of the neither player has yet to ink a new deal.  The San Diego Union-Tribune is also announcing that in all likelihood, the trade is still “highly unlikely”.  San Diego is searching and seeking for a package that would involve both a 1st and a 2nd round draft choice for Vincent.

Preposterous.  Maybe the accompanying club could include a All-Pro caliber LB to replace Shawne Merriman, who is being shopped on the block for next to nothing.  This is getting beyond ridiculous.  In all seriousness, who does the Chargers GM A.J. Smith think he is?  Honestly, there could not be a worse general manager in pro sports at this moment, could there be?  I could name a few, but that’s it.

As for the Patriots situation, Deion Branch would be a perfect fit, a welcomed acquisition.  You better believe the former Super Bowl XXXIX MVP has some game left.  We may find soon enough in New England the way Deion is speaking:

“That’d be interesting to see,” Branch said. “You know what, I talk to guys all the time. I never wanted to leave, nor did coach [Bill] Belichick and his staff and the organization want me to leave, either. We just couldn’t get the contractual part down. We just couldn’t come to an agreement. And that stuff happens.

“I still love Coach Belichick and if the opportunity presents itself to come back, I would love to be there.”

How is this not going to take place?  As I type, Brady to Branch “the Remix” seems closer and closer.

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15 Responses to “New England shopping Mankins targeting Branch, Jackson to replace Moss”

  1. Blah says:

    A Mankins for Branch deal is unlikely unless Seattle sent something else to New England to sweeten the deal. After dumping to future picks to the Bills for Marshawn Lynch, I highly doubt that’s going to happen.

    One of the biggest advantages Seattle has in Pete Carroll is that he is a top notch evaluator of talent. Tossing away draft picks limits his impact on the future of Seattle.

    However, a Branch deal would potentially replace one of the picks that Seattle lost in the process of obtaining Lynch.

    Personally, as a Seattle fan, I’d rather see them land Logan Mankins who would make an immediate impact on their offensive line. He can play tackle, making it possible for him to replace Locklear, Gibson or Hamilton, giving Seattle a LOT of options to protect Hasselbeck and clear running lanes for their latest investment.

  2. Eric S says:

    Stupid article. AJ Smith has the right to ask for whatever compensation he wants. Why would he send Vincent Jackson to the Pats — a bitter AFC rival, and SB contender, mind you — for next to nothing? Do you have a substantial and reasonable response to that?

    The fact is, Vincent Jackson has become gassed by his idiot agents, who have convinced him he deserves $30 million guaranteed/$50 million over five years. Never mind that he has 2 DUIs! Where does he get off sitting-out and demanding a HUGE contract with his off-field issues???

    AJ Smith is doing the right thing in demanding a king’s ransom from Minnesota and New England. Supply and demand. They need a quality WR, and the Chargers have the (disgruntled) goods, so to speak. So it’s AJ that can pick his price. And if so, why not ask for the best compensation he could? The ball is in his court.

    I think AJ should just do what I think he is doing: Continue to ice V. Jackson and force him to sit out an entire season. That’ll teach him and his greedy reps a lesson. The Chargers only hurt themselves by giving away Vincent Jackson to the Pats, so they will never do it. Unless it is for a couple HIGH draft picks, but you say it’s preposterous. Why? I have a feeling you would call AJ a moron if he sent Jackson to the Pats for a 4th round pick, yet, to you, he’s one of the “worse managers in sports” for asking for high draft picks. So he’s damned if he does, damned if he don’t.

    To answer your question, AJ is the same guy that has drafted brilliantly, building great teams along the way. More recently, he’s the same guy that got Crayton for a 7th round pick, and the same guy who got exceptional value for Charlie Whitehurst. He sells high, and buys low. But you don’t get that. If it were a piece on Belichick, you’d be bowing down and hand-washing his ballsack. But when AJ does the same things, you call him the worst. Bull-sh!t.

    Stop being a sheep, blaming and targeting AJ has become TOO easy.

  3. “who does the Chargers GM A.J. Smith think he is?”
    — God.

    “Honestly, there could not be a worse general manager in pro sports at this moment, could there be?”
    — Let’s see. He let Michael Turner go for nothing, two years later he let’s LT walk for nothing. He let Drew Brees walk away for nothing (well they got a late round TE who they later cut and actually went and got a Super Bowl ring with the Saint’s last year too). Now he’s about to let an All Pro left tackle go free for no known reason and, because of a personal vendetta, let an All Pro WR who they don’t want to sign long term anyway walk away with nothing even with several teams interested in him.

    He hired one of the leagues worst head coaches passing on the likes of Rex Ryan and Mike Singletary so that Norv Turner could be his “Yes Man”.

    Oh, by the way, he’s paid Darren Sproles over THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLARS over the past TWO seasons making him the most highly paid running back in the NFL.

    “I could name a few, but that’s it.”
    — Really? Who??? Maybe the guy that runs the Clippers?

    Click on my link to see why AJ is earning his nickname of “Lord of No Rings”.

  4. to the above comment:

    Bitter Rival??? New England is a Super Bowl contender. The Vikings want to give Favre one last chance. How are the 2-2 Chargers (against the likes of KC/Oak/Jax/AZ “bitter rivals” of anyone except the other teams in their pathetic division???

    As for “have the goods” REALLY? Moss just got traded for a THIRD ROUND pick. You think Jackson is better than Moss? At least Moss can play his first three games after the trade. Jackson is an unrestricted free agent (provided he signs his tender and reports) who is going to give up a 1st and a 2nd to rent a player for 8 or 9 games??? If he’s “that great” then why didn’t the Chargers give him market value to stay instead of offering him $3M in a “take it or play for the minimum” offer???

    Also AJs draft picks? Wow really smart there to “draft” Rivers where he did. Too bad two different quarterbacks from that draft already own THREE Super Bowl rings (not counting Brees who AJ let walk away for financial reasons). Merriman was an AJ draft pick. Bravo! How about trading up for Weddle? How about trading up for Mathews who is being outplayed by a mediocre fullback at this point?

    Bolt Dolts are THE STUPIDEST fans in the entire league!!!

  5. Russ Loede says:

    Eric, how many Super Bowl titles does A.J. have? Bill?

    Enough said.

    Smith needs to get something out of Vincent period. Point clear.

    Jackson for a 3rd round pick. Done deal.

    If you get nothing for Vincent…

  6. Eric S says:

    I’ll address all your points one by one.

    1) The Pats ARE bitter rivals to the Chargers. And I did say the Pats are SB contenders. Re-read my sentence. Twice again, if you must. So, with those two points, why should the Chargers want to help them?

    2) The Chargers, in this case, DO have the goods. They have a WR that wants to be moved, and two teams(Pats and Vikings) who are in need of a WR. WHich is why they both inquired about Vincent Jackson. In short, the Chargers have what the Vikings and Pats want. How the hell did you extract that I think V. Jackson is better than R. Moss? I never said that. My point is, Jackson is not worth extending because of his off-field issues. BUT, if AJ wants to ask for the world in a trade, why can’t he? The Chargers don’t gain from giving Jackson away to the Pats and Vikings for nothing. Might as well ask for HIGH compensation.

    3) The two QBs you mentioned have won superbowls. And? That doesn’t take away from Rivers’ stellar play. If AJ draft ROethlisberger or managed to keep Eli, it would be the same story: probably no championships. DIfferent circumstances, incomparable.

    4) Merriman – injury. A lot of great players, or players who were supposed to be great, have had career-changing injuries. Can’t knock them for that. Certainly can’t knock the manager for that.

    5) What’s wrong with Weddle? He’s above-average at every capacity.

    6) Mathews is being outplayed because he’s only played about half the time in this young season. It’s only week 5, man. The jury’s still out. Come back with a case on Mathews in 3-5 years.

    I’ll conceded to your above point about Sproles. He hasn’t impressed me for 30 games. Can’t believe we’re paying him… Either way, you can;’t knock AJ. For a guy who builds primarily through the draft, he has done really well in building these teams.

    In closing, you insult me and call me a stupid fan, yet you’ve barely been able to grasp what i wrote in my original response. Re-read it, jagoff.

  7. Eric S says:

    Russ, if AJ does nothing he gets a comp pick in 2012 anyway. Likely in the 3rd round. We already have four picks in the first three rounds next year, and another 2nd or 3rd coming from the Jets. Not exactly a bounty of draft choices compared to the Pats, but decent.

    My main point is, if the Chargers do trade Jackson for one 3rd round pick in 2011, it really wouldn’t be worth making the Patriots that much stronger as we might see them in the playoffs.

    I think AJ will be more satisfied giving V Jackson and his stupid agents jackshit this season and teaching them a lesson.

  8. Russ Loede says:

    Eric, but what if San Diego receives all-world guard Logan Mankins in return for Vincent?

  9. Eric S says:

    ^I don’t think it happens. No disrespect to Mankins, and I am in no way even beginning to compare Vasquez and Dielman’s talents to his, but we have no pressing need for his services at guard. And I don’t think AJ wants another guard on payroll, especially one who [rightfully] would require a huge paycheck as Mankins does.

    If we could get a DE or LB, perhaps a safety, then that may be another story. We could certainly use some help in that area. Then again, they don’t have anyone to offer in those departments that would make for a good trade to us, or even be interested in moving in the first place. Maybe we get Mankins, and trade Mankins elsewhere?

    Who knows…Bottom line, I wouldn’t want to trade VJ to the Pats. Lets face it, Brady is one of the QBs that can do a lot with a little, sending the Pats VJ just makes them and Brady all the more dangerous.

  10. Shane C says:

    your absolutely correct AJ has the ability to shop whatever is his in the best interest of his team. Trading Jackson to the pats would not be in the best interest of his team, hence the asking price, but if i were the pats (and i am a diehard pats fan)…i would never pay that price for Jackson. The only trade i would consider is VJ for a third rounder…maybe a second if there were a DIRE need…however i remember when Brady used to spread the ball around the field to whoever was open, and feel like it will just happen again now, and I am excited about it as well. Besides Jackson for a third rounder which wont happen because San Diego wont let it, and possibly Branch from Seattle (which would be interesting as well)…how about BOTH NE’s 1st rounders…yes both (a high asking price i know…but the only way to pry a player like this)…sent to Arizona for Larry Fitz. Now there’s a sweet deal both ways, the pats get their missing piece, AZ gets some sweet draft picks to help speed the process of rebuilding that team, possibly in a different direction. And its not as if the pats still dont have six more draft picks in the next three rounds anyway…

  11. Russ Loede says:

    Very insightful discussions. I like the thinking going on. NE is one of the best ran franchises in sports. So smart.

  12. Matty N says:

    Branch is more of a slot/possession receiver than Moss. NE has that covered in spades these days (Welker, Edleman). Plus, Branch is way overpaid. The Pats hate that. Why do you think they gave him the heave in the first? I don’t see it happening unless Branch somehow agrees to play in NE for less $$.

  13. Eric S says:

    Very true, Shane. I doubt a lot of Pats fans would be thrilled about landing VJ for anything more than middle round compensation. Even when they took on Corey Dillon and Moss, Jackson has too many off-field issues(in danger of a year long suspension, I believe), AND he’s asking for a big salary.

    The Pats still have Welker, Tate is showing promise, Aaron Hernandez is blossoming, Green-Ellis seems to be getting better. So as it stands, the offense may be on the rise, even post-Moss. To me, this is a very serviceable bunch, and there’s no doubt Belichick and Brady can make things happen with this group.

    And, if I read it correctly, I disagree with giving two first round picks for Fitzgerald. He’s a great player, no problems off-field, etc. But that’s just too much. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pats did get Branch back, or maybe even a stop-gap like Chris Chambers from KC since McCluster looks to be earning more targets. if they give up a 3rd or 4th for either of those players, or similar players, they still have a boatload of picks — including their two number 1s — to play with next year.

  14. Russ Loede says:

    More interesting options. Either way, the Patriots are going to do something to surprise us. Once again, they are the “king of blockbuster moves”

  15. paul D says:

    Ok , ok , ok … let’s settle one thing, AJ Smith has no rings. The only reason some one plays football is to win. now of course you could argue that u don’t have to have a ring to be great , but everyone knows u do . ok but I dont think its his fault, I think its norv turners fault..