2010 NFL Predictions

AFC East:

1. ***New England*** (13-3) Brady to Moss.  12 to 81.  Tom & Randy, just like Montana & Rice.  Look for a healthy, rejuvenated Jerod Mayo combined with sophomores and rookies to step up, especially defensively.  Don’t make Belichick mad, repeat of 2007?

2. Miami (8-8) Henne-Marshall, Ronnie-Ricky.  Ok, offense is fine.  Defense has two rock-solid corners that’ll only get better, add Karlos Dansby to the equation, two good 3-4 defenders via Draft…So, where do glaring weaknesses shine?  Lack of complementary pair(s) of hands, not enough pass rushers.

3. New York (7-9) Fan of Mark Sanchez, yet I don’t think he’s quite there.  Has “it” qualities but it’s going to take some time.  Defense won’t be nearly as good.  Kris Jenkins always hurt.  LB corps getting up there in age.  Safeties?  Shonn Greene, next Ron Dayne?

4. Buffalo (6-10) C.J. Spiller, mix of Thurman Thomas/Marcus Allen.  Hands down, best player in Draft.  Where’s the support in passing department?  Too much of a bend-but-don’t break defense when you need to make plays, get to QB, and get off field on 3rd down.  Don’t sleep on secondary.

AFC North:

1. ***Cincinnati*** (12-4) How do you want it?  Beat you with aerial display of fireworks?  Chew you with ground game?  Hold you to two scores?  31-17, 27-14, 24-10, 23-7, 20-6, 17-3.  Dominance.  Really good road club.  Other than safety, where’s the big complaint?  If they score first, watch out, it’s going to be that kind of year!

2. **Pittsburgh** (11-5) Troy Polamalu’s back.  Best defense in NFL.  Abundance of go-getters on that unit.  Mike Wallace, next DeSean Jackson. Will lead AFC in receiving yards.  Big Ben buys times to overcome OL.  Rashard Mendenhall is super-talented.

3. Baltimore (9-7) Joe Flacco doesn’t impress me much.  Secondary is in utter shambles, despite Wilson acquisition.  Ed Reed: Will he ever be the same?  Terrell Suggs isn’t getting to QB like he used to, Sergio Kindle injury hurts.  Ray Lewis still there.  Compared to years past, not enough firepower on D.

4. Cleveland (3-13) Where do I even begin?  They shouldn’t be playing a 3-4.  Who’s catching the ball?  Jerome Harrison needs to be there Maurice Jones-Drew, and seems to look that way.  Can you rely on him?

AFC South:

1. **Indianapolis** (13-3) Streak is alive.  Pierre Garcon is going to make this offense scary.  Can’t defend their 5-WR sets, especially when Dallas Clark creates mismatches.  Dwight Freeney-Robert Mathis getting Jerry Hughes will help them out a lot.  Rich get richer.

2. *Tennessee* (10-6) Chris Johnson.  Vince Young can LEAD.  Knows how to WIN.  Hopefully receivers give him a hand.  Defense isn’t good enough to challenge Indy yet.

3. Jacksonville (5-11) Quietly below-average except for MJD.

4. Houston (5-11) Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson…

AFC West:

1. *San Diego* (8-8) Offense still dynamic.  Ryan Matthews is as advertised, and then some.  Defense lacking.

2. Kansas City (7-9) Best Draft in 2010.  Loaded with young playmakers.  McCluster-Charles: Don’t Blink!!!

3. Denver (5-11) Offense is always banged up.  Secondary can flat out do work, other than that?  Dumervill out…

4. Oakland (5-11) Steak is alive.  No down field threats whatsoever.  Most boring pass game?

AFC Final Four: New England, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh.

NFC East:

1. ***Dallas*** (12-4) Romo-Jones-Austin-Witten.  DeMarcus Ware-Anthony Spencer.  Terrence Newman-Mike Jenkins.  Jay Ratliff-Igor Ohslansky.  Stacked.  Big plays on both sides of ball.

2. *New York* (11-5) Hakeem Nicks, next Brandon Marshall.  Front four is vicious.  Secondary is really, really skilled.  Defense just needs MLB to emerge.  Don’t ruin it Eli…

3. Washington (8-8) Donovan-Shanahan.  Offense will do wonders, I have no doubts.  Defense good, but not good enough —too much of a bend-but-don’t-break mentality.  Orakpo and Carter should thrive in 3-4.  Still waiting for LaRon Landry to excel.

4. Philadelphia (7-9) At times, Kolb will struggle mightily, succumb under immense pressure because Reid doesn’t believe in running the football.  However, I do like the young defense just as much as I like the young weapons on offense.  First two Draft picks were gold, stellar rooks will contribute right away.

NFC North:

1. ***Minnesota*** (13-3) Offense, front four, Favre, Adrian, Percy.  Adrian Peterson is going to tear it up.  He breaks Eric Dickerson’s record.  E.J. Henderson returning to action is big, yet secondary still banged up.

2. Green Bay (9-7) Offense plays the part.  Defense looks the part.  Only beat two “full” teams that finished with winning records in ’09.  In all of their losses, gave up 30 or more points.  Past Charles Woodson, secondary issues.

3. Detroit (9-7) Stafford-Johnson will put with best of ’em.  Defense upgraded, however, still too many holes in secondary, especially with Louis Delmas nicked up a bit.  Jahvid Best is going to fly.

4. Chicago (6-10) OL, health concerns on D, especially in secondary plague team all year long.  Hit or miss.  Boom or bust.

NFC South:

1. **New Orleans** (11-5) No way they can duplicate 2009 success?  Drew Brees is out of his mind.  Meachem is just starting to realize potential.  I believe they’ll go out 34-31 OT, something like that, down-to-wire, this time on the other side.

2. *Carolina* (10-6) Stewart-Williams.  By far, Jimmy Clausen best QB in Draft.  Either him or Moore can lead ’em to above .500.  Jon Beason is right on par with Patrick Willis as #1 MLB.  Always good unit at covering pass.  “Clicked” towards at end of last season.  Steve Smith, one of best players in game.

3. Atlanta (6-10) Turner is burned out.  Ryan is just Ryan —very average.  Defense leaves much to be desired.

4. Tampa Bay (6-10) Loving their young talent.  Team on rise.  Playoffs next season?

NFC West:

1. **San Francisco** (12-4) Alex Smith can do more than enough, and he will.  Vernon Davis is unstoppable.  Add Gore, when healthy he’s Top-3 back, and Crabtree…you got makings of really good offense.  Defense is tough, quick to pursuit.  Singletary.  Willis.  This feels like a team of destiny, just not this year.

2. Arizona (4-12) Come back Kurt Warner!  Wells should be getting more touches.

3. Seattle (4-12) Justin Forsett will keep them in games, really like this kid from Cal.

4. St.Louis (1-15) Not even close.  Bradford, franchise QB?

NFC Final Four: Minnesota, Dallas, San Francisco, New Orleans.

Super Bowl XLV: New England Patriots over Minnesota Vikings.

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19 Responses to “2010 NFL Predictions”

  1. thenflblogz says:

    Like the predictions. Dallas is the most talented team in the NFL, if they stay healthy, could be the first team to play in superbowl at home… read the rest.. thenflblogz.blogspot.com

  2. The Guru says:

    Outside of missing nearly every division, let me see….Hmmmmmm….32 teams. I think Loede got about 4 right. Flacco doesn’t impress him much. Carolina and Atlanta’s records are EXACTLY opposite. San Diego a .500 team.

    I thought this was supposed to be an expert site? Take a Loede off, Annie.

  3. Ryan says:

    This is an awful analysis.

  4. e train says:

    dallas looks terrible…

  5. R says:

    Wow, your an idiot. Joe Flacco does not impress you. Look at his stats. Stats dont lie. “Fan of Mark Sanchez, yet I don’t think he’s quite there. Has “it” qualities but it’s going to take some time.” Go look at his stats. Read before you write.

  6. The Guru says:


    C.J.Spiller…hands down, best player in Draft (he meant to say best player Buffalo drafted)

    New England – repeat of 2007? (not when your defense can’t stop South Boston High School)

    Houston(5-11), Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson…(he meant to include a healthy Jacoby Jones, Arian Foster running like a banshee, Owen Daniels back, and predicting 5-11 is something a 3rd grader would find laughable)

  7. I wouldn’t sell the Packers short either. I think this year, that division goes through Green Bay. The offensive line is looking a lot better. Aaron with that much time is just plain scary.

  8. Russ Loede says:

    Spiller: He IS the BEST player from the 2010 NFL Draft. SO talented, SO skilled. R.O.Y.
    Jahvid Best and Ryan Matthews will contend with him, 1st round rookie RB class is KILLER.

    New England: They have depth, enough playmakers, and a good system to thrive in the 3-4. Watch the rooks and ‘mores.

    Houston: Jacoby Jones? Wait, the KR guy? He’s unproven as a WR. How many make the smooth transition over from KR to WR? Ask the Windy City Flyer Devin Hester or Dante Hall or Josh Cribbs.

    Owen Daniels? Wait, the same guy returning from a torn ACL? He’s a TE, at 6-3, 250, he’s so sure to coming back swiftly, right?

    Arian Foster- like him, really impressed me first sight at Tennessee, yet he’s still very raw and everyone and their mother is overhyping him this preseason.

    My point is, where’s the D? Mario is up and down. Cushing may never be the same after cheating (ie: Shawne Merriman) and you know when he returns he’s bound to get hurt, that just seems to be the pattern set by prior examples. Anyways, that’s a bad situation, and they REALLY NEED him. Tough break, even tougher recovery. Pollard has been a pleasant surprise. Dunta’s gone. Ryans is decent. Not enough D.

    I really believe Texans will buy into their own hype WAY TOO MUCH and drink the kool-aid. This team isn’t that good outside Andre, Mario, and Matt.

    Flacco: Solid. Borderline Top 10 QB. Just doesn’t impress me much. Ray Rice and the OL are more impressive. Ray Lewis and Haloti Ngata are more impressive. Ed Reed, when healthy, more impressive.

    Sanchez: It’s going to take some time. Why do I need to look at the stats? I obviously rather have Flacco over Sanchez right now. For the future? Toss-up. Why don’t you re-read and take into “context” what I write before you comment back.

    I like Sanchez and his “mental make-up” toughness, and bravado. He’s got that attitude that you need to possess as a QB in the NFL to stick it out and win games when it gets rough and isn’t going as expected. However, nonetheless, his raw physical ability and skills just don’t match up with his physchological and mental traits and characteristics as a QB.

    Has “it” but just isn’t “all” quite there yet. Will take some time. When will he reach his full potential? Interesting question. His situation intrigues me. Love how he handles Big Apple and spotlight but he’s gotta carry over postseason performance. Reminiscent of Shaun King with Tampa back in 1999, when they gave Warner’s Rams a run for their money. Jets need patience with this kid during development.

    Green Bay Packers: Along with Baltimore, everyone’s “sexy” pick this Summer. Throw in the New York Jets to complete the overhyped Tantalizing Trio. Add Atlanta and Houston to make it a “Fatal Five”

    How does the division go through Green Bay when Minnesota WAXED ’em twice quite easily and rather thoroughly. Vikings still the team atop North. No question, no doubt.

    OL: Has to be a lot better…because it was PATHETIC last season. Ok, GB can sling it, but can they pound when need be? Win the close, ugly game on the road? How about that defense that’s looking very shaky in the defensive backfield? They are in disarray if they think can ride Rodgers and the offense every Sunday to victory by outgunning the opposition. Rodgers is going to get hurt if he continues at the pace of ’09. More balance.

    San Diego: How are they better than .500? Defense is lackluster at best! This team is steadily on the decline. Why should I believe ’em to be any better when the D is so vastly vulnerable. Phillip Rivers and the offense will be counted on to do wonders once again. Good enough to win AFC West? But is it good enough to advance in Playoffs? Will they win a game? K.C. Chiefs will CONTEND in 2010 and WIN that division in 2011.

    Atlanta/Carolina: Give me the team with the better defense, better leader, better run game, offensive line, secondary, and #1 WR. Panthers are going to turn some heads. Falcons are so average. Carolina will BEAT Atlanta BOTH times this season.

  9. J says:


  10. Russ Loede says:

    J who you got? Let’s see your stuff?

    Come to me at the end of the year you fool.

    You got nothing to back you up!

  11. Ben says:

    your retarded. You aren’t impressed by Joe Flacco, and you don’t think the Jets will go far just because of Mark Sanchez? Do you even consider any of the other traits these teams have? And why the fuck did you put Cincinatti at the top of AFC north?

    I have news for you. You precious faggy ass patsies and your bengals are going to suck as much ass as this piece of shit prediction. You can go fuck yourself.

  12. Russ Loede says:

    What has Flacco done in the Playoffs?

    The team has win in spite of him. Especially that N.E. game. What did he have, less than 10 attempts? Caretaker.


    Yes, I know how good the Jets D is. I know that Baltimore’s supporting cast surrounding Flacco has been upgraded and is solid.

    But I also know just as well that NY’s front seven is getting old and is always banged up. Shonne Greene is the next Ron Dayne. And Mark Sanchez is not ready yet to be counted upon.

    As for the Ravens, the secondary is TOAST! Ed Reed will he ever be the same again? Josh Wilson last time I checked is still 5-9, he will help ’em, but not enough. Ladarius Webb, whom I like a lot, has been injury-prone and just got into the league. Who’s Baltimore’s best DB? Landry? Injury-prone. CB? Seriously.

    Cincy is LOADED! Name me a weakness other than Carson not being Carson since the knee injury in the Playoffs against Pittsburgh in ’05…

  13. Steve says:

    I started laughing when you had Baltimore 3rd in their division behind Cincinnati and Pittsburg. Sorry hard to add more as I’m still laughing..

    very insightful review…yea right……

  14. Russ Loede says:

    Tell me how good Baltimore’s secondary will be without Ed Reed, and who knows when he will return, and how he will return.

    Baltimore is going to have to score a lot points on offense to make up for their defense.

    Never though I would say this.

    I just believe Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are MORE well-balanced.

    Both have better defenses.

    Give me Bengals/Steelers offenses over Ravens defense.

    Baltimore/Green Bay: will give up too many points this season.

    New York Jets: offense is lacking, leaving much to be desired.

    Why is this trio getting so much love?

  15. JAke says:

    Damn dude. I will take Baltimore’s offense and defense over everyone in their division. I have to give special teams to the Browns for having Cribbs

  16. JAke says:

    Oh, and the Bengals weakness is the fact that not one player on their team is elite. I wouldn’t pick T.O. Carson or Benson in fantasy unless they were available in the seventh round

  17. Russ Loede says:

    Pittsburgh’s D is a unit that will be tops not only in the AFC North, and it doesn’t stop just in the AFC, but in the entire National Football League. Troy Polamalu and Aaron Smith return. Nice mix of youngsters, budding stars, and vets in their prime. They should be better than the past two Super Bowl defenses. They are that good. Dominance.

    Will Cribbs get the ball much this season? Teams are kicking away from him. He won’t be as effective, and his impact will drop. His returns will suffer. Nonetheless, I have to agree with you.

    I’ll take Baltimore’s offense, yet, however, as much as I admire Ray Lewis, the defense isn’t the same without Ed Reed. Secondary in too much of a bad spot to overcome. This is the year the D falls, to some extent.

    Bengals get the job done with balance. What’s wrong with that? Forget about fantasy, that plays with your mind. Truly look at it from only a football perspective. I must admit Carson looks shaky. Has to get it together quick. New England/Baltimore first two games. Open up with three of first four away from home. This is a team built to win on the road.

  18. blah says:

    Lions 9-7? are you kidding me
    Lions still suck

  19. Russ Loede says:

    Name me five better offenses? Name trios ahead Matthew-Jahvid-Calvin?

    Front seven looks solid. Vastly improved, upgraded.

    Secondary will progress. That’s their major weakness.

    O-Line, fine unit. Coaching staff is ready.

    Offense will make defense better than you think.

    Young club that’s playing with nothing to lose.

    Serious contention for Wild Card berth.