Forget Revis, Nnamdi Asomugha is the Best Corner in Football

So you’ve heard that Darrelle Revis is holding out right?  What, you haven’t  been on ESPN, Yahoo, watched HBO’s “Hard Knocks”, been on a conference call with Rex Ryan, or have you been living under a rock?  Anyway, he is asking for a contract that meets or exceeds Nnamdi’s 3 year $45 million extension.  I’m all for any player getting their money, any of us are doing that on a daily basis, but Revis is not better than Nnamdi.

*Did you know that Revis was thrown at 111 times last year…and Nnamdi only 28???!!!  That is less than 2 times a game that he saw a ball.

*Did you know that until this year, Nnamdi hasn’t had the chance to cover just the best player on the other team?  The Raiders philosophy has been to cover a side of the field, so opposing teams send their best WR to the other side of the field.  This year, they are going to let him move around the field, which means more INT’s and TD’s this year.

*Did you know that Nnamdi plays in the Oakland market and Revis plays in the NY market?  Last time you remember a Nu Yorker not claiming that one of their own wasn’t the best?  Or ESPN?

*Did you know that the coach for Jets is just a bit louder than the coach for the Raiders?  What, you couldn’t hear me…ask Rex to be quiet for a second.

Revis a great CB, and deserves his money.  Just be noted, Nnamdi is better.

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7 Responses to “Forget Revis, Nnamdi Asomugha is the Best Corner in Football”

  1. Wallace says:

    How soon we forget!! Revis is the best corner for the simple fact that he covers the best WR’s all over the field! I’m amazed at the anti-Revis media blitz! I can’t wait until the Jets fall flat on their faces. In Rex’s D scheme the QB has 3sec to throw the football because Rex is sending the house! Which means you must have shutdown corners because they will be matched up with the WR’s in single coverage. Their rookie draft pick is gonna get schooled. Nnamdi is one of the best , no question but Revis is the best as the Jets will soon find out!!

  2. Snido says:

    So Asomugha is the best corner because he was only thrown at 28 times last year? That just means he was stuck on one side and they sent their best WR to the other side to get the easy catches. Why throw at asomugha when you can walk all over the other CB? Revis got thrown at so much because he IS THE BEST and because of that he ONLY COVERS THE BEST, I don’t care what team you are on you have to throw to your WR1, they are your playmakers, which easily explains why asomugha has fewer targets because he is never gaurding their WR1.

    And the rest of your argument is he is only considered the best because NY says he is…awesome…He is the best because people throw at him and he shuts them down, look at the stats he shut down Moss, AJ, and Marshall. That’s ridiculous.

    Sorry bub but your wrong, I have a lot of respect for asomugha but Revis is better.

  3. Asomugha > Revis says:

    Wallace: So, you can’t believe the media is so anti-Revis? The media is the reason why people like you try to say he’s the best without knowing what the hell you’re talking about. So Revis plays in a blitz-heavy D where he has to single-cover a WR for 3 seconds? What about the safety help that usually rolls his way after those 3 seconds? Asomugha has played almost exclusively in a 4-3 man defense, where there is virtually no blitz and he must cover the WR with no help for the entire play. And didn’t Rex Ryan already say that Revis is the best? So why would they just now be finding that out?

  4. SSSS says:

    Nnamdi has been begging to cover the number one receiver this season he finally gets his chance. The fact that nnamdi was only thrown at 28 times means much more than some think. He shuts down the entire right side of the field. In one game last season Brandon Marshall had 0 catches when he lined up across asomugha, only because they sent him to the other side did he end catching the ball. Considering the ny jets defense is better than the raiders and with all those blitz packages ryan sends, it only makes it easier for revis to make plays because QB’s are rushing throws. No one can deny that Revis is a great CB but Nnamdi is the best.

  5. Isiah says:

    2006, who’s better, Nnamdi or champ?
    2007, who’s better, Nnamdi or champ?
    2008, Who’s better, Nnamdi or champ?
    2009 and continued, who’s better Nnamdi or revis???!!!!
    Please, Nnamdi is the most FEARED corner in the NFL, hence the differences in passes thrown his way.
    Nnamdi doesnt cover the WR1 because thats how the defence is run,, why would a QB throw towards “THE BEST” CB?, that doesnt make any sence, plus revis only cover the best because he is capable of positioning him self no matter where the WR1 goes because of Rex’s defence.

    Nnamdi is hands down the best corner, wich is why he gets paid 45 mil and revis is being stubborn, i understand wanting more money w.e , but to say more then someone is selfish and self-centered, making Nnamdi better for more reasons…shall i go on?? #21 all day

  6. Moe says:

    All I have to say is that the BEST QB in the game had this to say about Nnamdi Asomugha…

    Peyton Manning introduced his dad, Archie, to Asomugha. “He’s the best corner in the game,” Peyton said.

    • Aso=Future Jet says:

      yea nd did u read the rest of that convo? nnamdi recalled their game against eachother in 2007 wen nnamdi locked down reggie wayne to one catch…well revis locked up wayne to one catch as well in the wild card game at indy…one catch for one meaningless yard…They both great nd they both gunna be jets but for the record Revis is bettr than Aso