Buffalo Trading for Another Quarterback?

After being let go by the St. Louis Rams earlier in the year, quarterback Marc Bulger has been signed by the Baltimore Ravens to a one-year $3.8 million dollar deal to backup franchise quarterback Joe Flacco. The signing of Bulger makes the 2006 Heisman Trophy winner, Troy Smith, expendable.

While Smith’s career numbers in the NFL are anything but impressive, one can argue that the QB just hasn’t found the right system to show off his skill set. So now that the backfield in Baltimore is all but set in stone, Peter Schmuck of ‘The Baltimore Sun’ believes that it could help all parties involved if Troy Smith was traded to the Bills for a chance to win the starting job.

With Chan Gailey remaining quiet on the current quarterback situation in Buffalo, why not add this mobile Heisman Trophy winner to the roster? If Chan Gailey plans on running the spread offense as many believe, wouldn’t it be a good idea to add a QB that doesn’t need to rely on an unproven offensive line to throw the ball down the field?

We’ve all seen what Trent Edwards, and Ryan Fitzpatrick can do on the field, and with Brian Brohm and Levi Brown looking more and more like practice squad material, will the Bills pull the trigger and add another quarterback to their roster before training camp? At this point with all the uncertainly in the Bills future, I say why not?

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14 Responses to “Buffalo Trading for Another Quarterback?”

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  2. jay says:

    What about the Arizona Cardinals. They would be a great fit for Troy Smith. They run the same offense with a little different terminolgy.

  3. Paul Miller says:

    Good point Jay. But if I were Troy Smith, I would view the QB situation in Buffalo as a better chance to actually get on the field during a game.

    Arizona Cardinals already have Derek Anderson, Matt Leinart, and rookie John Skelton from Fordham competing for that starting job. Might be a better situation though if Troy Smith is looking to play for a winner.

  4. John F says:

    Horrible article, More nonsense. Levi Brown has not even played a game in the NFL and you call him practice squad material because he was drafted in the 7th round. Brady was drafted in the sixth. Not say Brohm is the answer but what if Dallas cut Aikmen after the first season, Bills cut Kelly and the steelers cutting Unitis oh ya that happened?

    No idea what he’s talking about, No trade value, Smith will be released and then maybe someone picks him up.

  5. Paul Miller says:

    John F, Love the feedback. But it was my opinion to make a trade for Troy Smith, because who wouldn’t want a mobile QB behind the Bills offensive line situation?

    Also, Levi Brown’s limited reps during OTA has slowed his progress down considerably, so he will be practice squad/3rd string at best.

    Finally, if your going to come at someone, please FACT CHECK. Jim Kelly was never cut by the Bills. After being drafted, Jim Kelly decided to sign with the Houston Gamblers in the USFL league. But, when that league folded in 1986, the Bills retained the rights to him!!

  6. Matt from Ravens Gab.

    I’m all the Ravens making a trade but I’m not sure what the Bills would be willing to part with to get the rights to Smith.

    I do know that Troy needs to be moved at this point. He’s been vocal through his agent that he wants a chance to play and the signing of Bulger has cemented how the organization feels about him.

  7. Josh Dwyer says:

    Troy Smith was a decent to good college quarterback. He is struggling to stay on the team in Baltimore. I think we would be reaching to hope he could be good or better than what we already have.

    Why throw him into the mix now? He would be way behind in the playbook and reps. He is someone who is already struggling with a system he has been in for years. Why would he all of a sudden get it by coming to Buffalo and being exposed to a brand new system that he would have to learn from scratch.

    At this point it doesn’t make sense. Maybe if he was brought in at the beginning of the off season but not this far along into it. It would seem to be too much of a loss of focus and waste of energy right now.

  8. Brendan says:

    Not going to happen. It didn’t happen 2 or 3 months ago when this was first speculated and it’s not going to happen now. The Bills already have a mess at the QB position. Troy Smith doesn’t help with that, he just complicates it even more. I’d rather take my chances with Edwards or Brohm anyways.

  9. ken says:

    if bills make a trade with baltimore id rather have it be for jared gaither than troy smith.ill stick with our qbs 1 more year, and hopefully bills can pick up locker or mallett next years draft!

  10. Phil says:

    Brohm looking like practice squad material? I guess you don’t pay much, if any attention to what’s going on in Buffalo. Gailey’s been singing Brohm’s praises most of the offseason…got a good shot to realize the potential that Green Bay expected out of him when they drafted him and start for the Bills this year.

  11. Paul Miller says:

    “I thought he practiced well. We’ll have to see how he progresses once we get pads on and all that. But I thought he made a good jump.” – Chan Gailey on Brian Brohm..

    Not exactly “singing praises” about Brian Brohm, but okay maybe he’ll end up showing enough to stay off of the practice squad this year. We’ll find out starting on July 29th when training camp opens for the Bills.

  12. Bob Johnson says:

    I’m a Bills fan and that sounds great to me. Problem is, I haven’t seen Gailey once do what everyone in the media says he sould do. During his interview he said, “the proof is in the pudding.” Well, I guess we’ll see. Frankly though, I fear the current situation with QBs in Buffalo. I live near Louisville… Love Brian Brohm but he’s not NFL material–too slow. Edwards and Fitz are too content to “just play football” for pay.

  13. Jason says:

    Ur an idiot Miller…If the trade is gonna happen it would’ve happened before OTA’s…and even before Manditory. You don’t bring in a guy that’s unproven to ur be starting QB half way thru the off-season. Just makes no sense. And to defend John F:
    The only person he was saying that was cut was Unitas as a joke…Kelly & Aikman were hypothetical examples. He doesn’t need to fact check…YOU NEED TO LEARN TO READ.

    Maybe that’s why you have no clue about what’s going on w/ the Bills. You should learn how to do some real research instead of reading what’s on ESPN all the time.

    I’ll finish how I started….YOUR AN IDIOT!!

  14. Greg says:

    I don’t know Jason, I might have to go with Paul on this one, John F post does sound a little on the serious side. Because if he was hypothetical then he should have paired Aikman and Kelly together (since they weren’t cut) and not Kelly with Unitas (who was cut). So I’m pretty sure even if you think using caps helps your point, your argument doesn’t really go over well.

    Also, I think the webmaster might want to look into raising the age limit for “kids” who can post comments to articles. I mean is name calling really the best sports comeback you have? Does anyone else on here really care for that?

    I’m pretty sure Sports Illustrated for Kids has a forum, maybe you can call one of their writers a poopoo head! Seriously dude, get a grip.