Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth Declares He Wants Out of D.C.

Yes that’s right.  It turns out is is that simple — after all the speculation about trades, turmoil from not attending OTAs, and finally reports that Albert Haynesworth was scheduled to attend the first mandatory Redskins Mini Camp tomorrow after his physical, Haynesworth’s agent has apparently released the most obvious statement about the situation imaginable after months of silence on the matter:

“The Redskins are trying to establish a new regime with new schemes at Redskins Park, and it is not an organization that Albert would have ever been attracted to just a short year ago – regardless of the money,” agent Chad Speck said in a phone interview. “He has made it clear to me that he does not want to play for the Washington Redskins.

“This situation will be a distraction to the Redskins and to Albert and his teammates. I am certain [head coach] Mike [Shanahan] and [General Manager] Bruce [Allen] want to get the most out of their first year and it’s probably in everyone’s best interests for the Redskins to make a deal and trade Albert.”

[full story via The Post]

This much I can guarantee, no one in their heart is a bit surprised by this.

But why this statement now?  Why not make this clear before the draft?  Why waste all this time and then at the 11th hour go on the air and cause this big stir right before the first full team mini camp of the off season?  This just stinks — and now the real question becomes ‘who could possibly want this train wreck?’

Any takers?

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12 Responses to “Redskins DT Albert Haynesworth Declares He Wants Out of D.C.”

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