Could Terrell Owens Be a Fit for the Colts?

I know this sounds crazy, but what if the Indianapolis Colts signed Terrell Owens? Yesterday, I was watching NFL Network and you see Owens on there, being interviewed by Rich Eisen. I truly felt sad for the guy. Owens said he knew he had character issues. He finally admitted it. He’s clearing himself up. So just stick with me on this one. Here’s some thoughts about Colts getting Owens.

I don’t think Owens will bother Peyton Manning. He was clean with the Buffalo Bills and was able to put up big numbers at the end of the season. I think T.O. will definitely fix up his image if he came to Indianapolis. I mean, why else will nobody sign him? The Colts have signed some guys with character issues in the past.

Owens would bring talent. Even at 36 years of age, Owens can still put up numbers. But I don’t think Owens will be a starter, and he could understand that if he came to the Colts. He probably would serve as a number three slot guy. Or, you never know, the Colts may start him. But Owens could be used as an important guy. He’s probably done being that starting guy now.

Owens will probably want to finish his career with a Super Bowl ring. The Colts are already ranked number one as Super Bowl winners for the 2010-11 NFL season, currently. Owens can probably be that guy that just wants a ring and doesn’t care about his stats. LaDainian Tomlinson is turning into that guy with the New York Jets. Jerome Bettis was that guy in 2005 with the Pittsburgh Steelers, as he allowed Willie Parker to take control. I bet Owens won’t care if he finishes the season with stats like 28-45 receptions and 320-660 yards and one-to-seven touchdowns.

Just think about it. I know Owens is changing his figure know. A team will sign him soon. And Owens knows that. But the only way he can be signed is if he is for sure to not be a annoying characteristic player who is a cancer to the locker room. Owens says he can fix that. So yeah, I could see the Colts signing T.O. It may seem unlikely, but think about it.

That’s all I’m saying.

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9 Responses to “Could Terrell Owens Be a Fit for the Colts?”

  1. Kenny says:

    Ok… Shouldn’t you at least have a solid grasp of the English language before being allowed to share you ideas as you pseudo-journalist. I know that the bar is not quite as high as it used to be, and I am not claiming to be perfect myself; typos often occur. Take a quote from this ‘sentence’ for instance: “…is if he is for sure to not be a annoying characteristic player…” Not exactly sure what this even means, or what AN annoying characteristic player is. Characteristic is a noun; you cannot use it as an adjective to describe another noun.

    How about this one: “Yesterday, I was watching NFL Network and you see Owens on there, being interviewed by Rich Eisen.” Your subjects do not agree. If you are to say “I was watching…” then you must say “and I see Owens.” If you were watching NFL network, you cannot be certain that I saw it.

    “I think T.O. will definitely fix up his image if he came to Indianapolis.” ‘T.O. will’ is speaking about the future, which is an uncertain thing, so how are you sure he “will definitely” do anything. Then you follow up your statement about the future with ‘if he came’ which is a hypothetical statement about the past. Do you have a time machine, because according to that statement the past in contigent upon something happening in the future.

    I’ll stop there, because it might take all day to correct the fragments, run-ons, and sentences you started using conjunctions. Also, you cannot just throw a comma in a sentence whenever you are unsure about punctuation.

    I appologize for being harsh. My gripe is not just with you, but with all the amateur “journalists” who feel the need to share every unsupported, fantastical opinion that pops into their minds. Unless there is a reliable source who has hinted at the possibility of such transactions, please keep these opinions to your self. I am a Baltimore fan and would love it if Atogwe joined the Ravens. However, there is no reason to think it is going to happen, so I surely am not going to write an article on it.

    The media has gone far downhill as it is. Unless you have a reliable source or have some level of expertise on the matter; and, especially if your use of the English language barely qualifies you to graduate high school, please refrain from embarrassing yourself and further degrating what used to be a respectable profession: journalism.

  2. duffy says:

    i think that would be great if T.O. went out as a colt. Oh and by the way i dont give a s**t on how you write, i read the story, im not grading school papers and looking for something to bi**h about!

  3. Kenny says:

    Haha. Well thank you for using the appropriate word, because it is just a story. A fantasy if you will. Pointing out the errors was just to show that lack of credibility the writer has. What is to like about this story? Please tell me.

    Anyone can go, well I think this. Oh, and I also think this. I think this too. Watch!

    T.O. would be a great fit on the Ravens. T.O. can still catch passes even though he is older. If he can accept having a lesser role behind Boldin he will be great. Ravens put people in line, and Ray Lewis wouldn’t take T.O.’s crap. The Ravens are a serious contender and T.O. wants a ring. Blah, blah, blah…. Read this article, because I can repeat a bunch of things that I heard on Sports Center and NFL network yesterday.

    Not only is this article simply just copying what everyone ALREADY KNOWS about T.O., it’s written improperly. I can take everything you said, and plug it into just about any team that has a decent quarterback and well-established front office. See, I did it with the Ravens. There’s nothing in this article you cannot read on any team’s blog from Joe Shmoe (plug in team here)’s fan.

    And to you, person who posted in response to my comment: it’s tough to take you seriously. You may disagree with my comment, and that’s fine. If you would like me to care, please tell me what I said wrong. I know you’re not grading elementary school papers, but you do sound like you are in elementary school with your obscene language and base-less insults.

    Do you really think it makes you cool to run off a bunch of insults in response to someone you don’t even know, or will ever even meet for that matter. Seems kind of silly.

    Before you come back with the “Don’t you have anything better to do than put people’s articles down….” No. If someone is going to post this garbage for people to read and call it “journalism” be prepared to have someone respond to it. I spoke truly and intelligently citing examples, and I corrected them. Not just examples of grammar, as in “grading a paper,” but I also provided examples of how this article is nothing new, and doesn’t provide any insight what-so-ever. In fact, he should be sued for plagiarism, because there are no new thoughts provided. It’s like the author took ever “TO to my team” article out there, deleted the team name, and plugged in the Colts. Anyone can do that.

    There is no analysis: If you are going to say T.O.’s numbers declined in Buffalo, provide those numbers. If you are going to make the claim that TO will not bother Manning, tell us why you think that. You make the claim that TO will want to finish his career with a Super Bowl ring. Has TO said that? If not, how can you speak for TO? If he has said that, you need to supply us with a source so we can check the validity of your claim. Until then you are just a fan providing a useless opinion. Your opinion is no better than mine, his, my little sister’s, or my dog’s for that matter.

    I truly hope you don’t take yourself or your article seriously. I also hope this person that replied to me is you, or is someone you know. If not, that person seriously needs help. If you find this article insightful, that means you cannot form your own opinions. You also have no common sense. You also are incapable of watching Sports Center, or are incapable of highlighting some article on the internet, righ clicking, copy, paste. I hope the author learns how to delete.

  4. duffy says:

    oh im sorry to offend you! im more concerned with other issues like troops still overseas,oil washing up on our beaches,massive drug problems in our citys to worry about some english errors on website

  5. duffy says:

    oh and go bengals!!

  6. Kenny says:

    Exactly Duffy, thank you for supporting my cause! Why do you think we still have troops overseas? Why do you think there’s oil washing up on the beaches?

    Here’s why! Nobody cares anymore! This is a nation of apathetic, illiterate dunces, who care more about T.O. landing on their football team than about the thousands of gallons of oil that just spilled. We have individuals who spend all of their time writing non-sense articles about unfounded nothingness, rather than reading and drawing conclusions or opinions about subjects that really do matter (like the one’s you’ve mentioned).

    Maybe by criticising this person’s article, they’ll realize they cannot write worth a darn and will give it up, decide to google something other than football, and maybe learn something in the process. Maybe this person will take my criticism to heart and try to discover what it takes to be a real journalist. And in doing so, maybe this person will read a real article, with research, sources, and conclusions about one of the topics you mentioned and become more informed about them. Maybe that conclusion will motivate him or her to make a change.

    Big maybes… but if I don’t try I am no better than those who do nothing. Knowing the problem and doing nothing is no better than causing the problem.

  7. Cody says:

    “You may disagree with my comment, and that’s fine. If you would like me to care, please tell me what I said wrong.”
    You said all these things wrong…
    1. “…share you ideas as you pseudo journalist…”
    2. “…and further degrating what used to be…”
    3. “…some article on the internet, righ clicking, copy, paste.”
    4. “…like the one’s you’ve mentioned.”
    5. “Big maybes… but if I don’t try I am no better…”
    1. *you’re
    2. *degrading
    3. *right
    4. *ones
    5. * “but if I don’t try, I am no better”
    I also saw “non-sense” but couldn’t decide if that was a purposeful page break or not, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt.

  8. manny says:

    “Not exactly sure what this even means, or what AN annoying characteristic player is”

    an annoying characteristic player is somebody like yourself who gets on here and goes on and on about absolutly nothing of interest to anybody else… so there’s couple of grammatical mistakes. You can understant english ca’t you kenny?

  9. To be honest reading the comment-bantering here had become more interesting than reading the actual article we commentators should be commenting about. Maybe for some people like Kenny here finds it amusing to ‘grammar-nazi’ articles (i amuse myself with that just for the fun of it) but word of advice, sometimes it comes back to you like what Cody had just done. 🙂
    So what if the author of this blog wants to write up an article about T.O.? It’s his blog. A great practice for wannabe journalists if you would agree. But it doesnt mean the author do not care about the other things happening around. If you ask me, it would be weird to see an Oil-spill write-up in a Sports related web blog.