Someone that actually liked the Giants draft weekend

Well this is going on record right now. And I promise you (if you can remember three years from now) that I’ll pull this out and we can all say “here’s what you said you’re a genius!” Or more likely, hey idiot you didn’t get one thing right about this draft!”

WOW! Just stubmled on this:

I finally found someone who actually liked the Giants Draft

Pete Prisco of cbs nfl draft scout gave the Giants an A (he gave out three A’s and two A+….yuck one to the Eagles)

Let me preface it by saying a few things: I didn’t love the 2007 Draft when it happened (and it’s probably been the best one so far in terms of rookie year impact and best player Steve Smith)

I really liked two picks in the 2008 draft (Phillips and Manningham) and didn’t love the Terrell Thomas pick (looks good now).

I LOVED the 2009 draft. Seriously. The only picks I would have done different were probably the 6th and 7th round picks.

I’ll say my intial reaction for 2010 is closer to my intial reaction for the 2007 draft than it is last year’s draft (so maybe that’s eventually a good thing).

Also, I agree 100 percent with the way in with the Philosophy of the Giants in the draft.

I honestly believe that they had Jason Pierre Paul, Linval Joseph, Chad Jones, Phillip Dillard, Mitch Petrus, and Adrian Tracy, and Matt Dodge high on their boards when their pick came up

So Philosophy A!

Let’s Break it down.

DE Jason Pierre Paul

I’ll be coming out later in the week with a re-draft 2010 nfl version of players I would have taken, so I won’t talk about what the Giants didn’t do, but what they did do.

Positives: Amazing athlete. HUGE potential, built like a diety, comes with a nickname (JPP) already, can back handspring so if he busts he could join the cheerleading squad. NO durability concerns and no character/work ethic concerns (reported). Giants spent a lot of time with him pre-draft so they got a good feel for his passion.

Negatives: Agent is Drew Rosenhaus, unpolished, productive but only for a brief time at Division 1 level. It’s been reported (or rumored) that Jason Pierre Paul’s not very bright, he’s an underclassman (unpolished again). Boom or Bust prospect.

Let me say this though.

Jason Pierre Paul had 7 sacks this year these are the teams he had sacks against. His first one game in week 3 and he had 7 in the next 10 games.

Games he had sacks in: Florida State, Syracuse, Rutgers, Miami, Norther Illinois (Bowl game)

These are teams he didn’t have a sack against: Wooford, Western Kentucky, Charleston Southern, Cinncinnati, Pittsburgh, West Virigina, Louisville,  Connecticut.

All of the teams that he had sacks against are considered legetimate programs (although Syracuse is pretty awful).

Grade A for the philosophy: They obviously had Pierre Paul rated higher than Derrick Morgan and between Morgan, Pierre-Paul and Bryan Bulaga where the three highest players of value left as far as both the actual players and the positions they play.

Grade B for the player Players that are this talented usually bust becuase they lack motivation/work ethic,  or spotty motors, but he’s in a good situation (he doesn’t have to be counted on to be a star right away) and he has some good mentors with Justin Tuck and Osi Umeinyora (as far as the way they usually play on the field). He seems to have a good work ethic. And early on Todd McShay predicated he could go as high as #3 overall. I think on a lot of boards he was rated highly (and word is the Titans—who do fairly well in the draft department also liked Jason Pierre Paul more than Derrick Morgan).

(If I was actually paid anything to analyze this I’d probably say C because he’s Boom or Bust. I think it has to be in the middle of whatever your grading from. It’s either a great pick or a terrible pick. C, but I’m a optimist and a Giants fan so B-)

DT/NT Linval Joseph

I know some of you are saying…high drat pick with the last name of Joseph why does this scare me?  Well obviously becuase William Joseph was a first round bust and did nothing for the Giants.

on MY Board I thought this was a reach. But He was a late riser. Now generally I hate the term “late riser” but when a late riser comes from a small program you can say O.K. they really got into evaluating him AFTER he did well at the combine, so teams went back to his tape and said “oh jeez, this guy’s better than we thought”.

If you find a player from USC who becomes a late-riser that’s scary because there were probably a lot of scouts already at the games and then you say to yourself why didn’t I notice him in the games. That’s bad.

But Back to Joseph.

Here’s what has to say about him:

Pick Analysis: The Giants add a mammoth interior defender in Linval Joseph. The former East Carolina standout is a classic nose tackle with the strength and power to hold the point against single or double teams. Given the Giants’ defensive woes last season, Joseph’s presence in the middle should stop some of the leakage that plagued the unit

His size, athleticism are a unique and interesting blend.  There are questions about his football strenght, but that could be a factor of hand use and leverage (which is coachable) because his weight room strength is incredible. He had 39 reps at the combine and was a Florida Weightlifting champion.

Linval Joseph has BIG upside and there were a lot of 3-4 teams looking for Nose Tackles interstest in him.

When asked about Joseph compared to ILB Sean Lee (paraphrasing) Jerry Reese said that they weren’t that close on the big board. It was reported that the Giants liked Sean Lee so they must have REALLY liked Linval Joseph.

And if you were watching the draft live you should have seen how fast that Giants pick came in (it was fast).

They like him, I’m nervous about him. Although I must admit that after reading his press conference or whatever he said all the right things.

A- for philosophy: Giants needed to do something at DT where the defense was terrible last year

C+ for the player of the pick (scares me)

3rd Round pick S Chad Jones

Chad Jones is a big Safety who has GREAT hands and comes up and plays the run very well. Chad Jones is a second round talent, now but could have easily have been a first round grade with another strong season at LSU.

Chad Jones had his best season this year with 73 tackles and 3 INT. He also has Major League Talent as a LH relief pitcher. Jones is an excellent value and a pick I really liked.

Jones was National Football Posts #1 rated SS prospect in the entire draft, but unlike most SS he has the speed to match up with WR deep and the hands to pick some balls off. I’m excited to see what Perry Fewell can do with his talent (look at what he did in Buffalo with some obsecure talents).

Draft Grade: Philosophy A

Player A-. I like the pick a lot, there were very few other options I would have been happy with in the third round.

Round 4 Phillip Dillard

Dillard is a peculiar prospect. I’ve seen scouting reports where he is “slow in coverage” and others where he “excels in coverage”

This pick did NOT suprise me. Before day three began I wrote about Phillip Dillar: If the Giants are taking a LB today it’s probably dillard.

According to SN he’s not a reach

Bottom line: Dillard grabs your attention with his ability to shed blockers and make tackles on inside runs. He is a tough, hard-nosed inside linebacker who plays with the aggressiveness coaches love. He lacks the athleticism to be a top pick and likely will fall into the fourth or fifth round. He projects as a solid starter inside in a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme

Dillard is an interesting pick. He had a pretty uneven career being in the Nebraska’ coaches doghouse for awhile but this year he responded well, in large part becuase his mother died and he decided it was time for him to grow up, change his attitude and work hard. Even though he wasn’t a 100 percent and he missed the first two games he still racked up a lot of tackles and some sacks.

here’s what has to say about the pick:

Pick Analysis: The Giants finally address their middle linebacker need with the selection of Phillip Dillard. The highly productive linebacker from Nebraska has good instincts, and is a tough, downhill player in the middle. He should compete for the starting job as a rookie.

This could be one of these situations where the draftnik community doesn’t love a player but nfl scouts do.

Jerry Reese and Marc Ross have also talked about how they had Dillard ready to go in the third round before they chose to roll the dice hope he’d make it to the fourth and took Chad Jones in the third.

So Dillard sound hungry.

Philosophy A: I’m SUPER glad they passed on Dillard in the third, and I believe he’s high on their board.

Pick: B Solid, but unspectacular value. A lot of players I personally liked early in round four went before that. I know a lot of people like Jamar Chaney, but Dillard seems more like a Coughlin player to me and I’m not at all suprised he’s on the Giants now.

Round 5 pick Mitch Petrus


The Giants are all about potential in this year’s draft it seems.

Here’s what I LOVE about Petrus. He played Full back tight end and OL for the Razorbacks.

This guy JUST WANTS TO PLAY FOOTBALL! He’s super strong (in the weight room at least) putting up 45 reps at 225, which is super impressive-I would get tired putting up 45 reps of just the bar.

The Giants also have a highly regarded OL coach and if they can get a guy with this kind of desire (seemingly from what I’ve seen/read) and pure strength he could be a steal. He was great value and he does things well that you need to do now at the N.F.L. level. He’s mobile and he can pull well which is important.

Liked the pick very much.

Philosophy A: the Giants need some OL depth and getting a value like this in the 5th round is nice.

Pick: A- There were maybe a couple of players with higher upside in round 5, like DT Arthur Jones and the Giants might have been better served going with C Matt Tennant, but I’m not knocking the pick at all. Good pick.

Round 6 Adrian Tracy.

What Do I know about Adrian Tracy? Nothing.

Philosophy: B+ Giants grabbed a tweener (with the intention of playing some OLB) and seem to hope that he sticks on the team as the backup to Clint Sintim

Player: ??? C+ (tweener with motviation and good upside, but far from certain to even make the team) Well, I pushed hard for Donovan Warren or Nate Collins late in the draft. Nate Collins we signed, Donovan Warren went to the Jets. I also think the Giants should have really considered TE Anthony McCoy, Jonathan Dwyer, James Starks, Trindon Holliday (as an impact special teams return man) , or WR Antonio Brown.Round 7 Punter Matt Dodge

was’s #1 rated Punting Prospect (even over Zotlan Mesko) was one of two players the Giants said were draftable as punters (assuming the other one is Mesko).

Also can do kickoffs.

Dodge had an impressive 45.8 yards per punt last year and was pretty good at directional punts (from what I’ve read). He also played with Linval Joseph in college so if the Giants did their due diligence on Joseph they did enough scouting on Dodge too.

Philosoph: if Feagles retires this is fine B+ (although it’s very possible/likely he made it to free agent status)

Pick: B. A punter actually has a shot at making the team if Feagles retires which isn’t always certain for 7th round picks. so Good value.

Philosophy A/A-. I think the Giants actually stuck true to their Big Board and in the process really built up some talent on defense.

Picks: They got 5 very talented athletes! They also got a punter and Phillip Dillard who is a good athlete, but a better football player.

The Giants first three rounds where all underclassmen (I don’t know if any other team did that). Pierre Paul was a first round pick Joseph could have been one and I think Chad Jones would have been one next year. So the Talent and upside is HUGE.

These are not polished players though so they are riskier.

This is a risky draft and will either be spectacular or a flop.

The futher removed I get from the actual draft day the more I like the draft overall.

I’m excited to see what all this talent can do, but I’m nervous about what happens if the players are immature and don’t take to coaching well because all three of the first three picks need some coaching, but Since 2004 when Tom Coughlin started coaching the New York Giants how many players have truly been busts?

Sinorice Moss for sure.

Aaron Ross? I don’t think he’s been a bust. He hasn’t been a great 1st round pick, but he’s not a bust either.

Gerris Wilkison one could argue (but more to injuries than anything else)

Guy Whimper has been unspectacular

That’s really it for 4th round or higher. That’s impressive. So the coaching must be pretty good for young players.

B/B- for the players

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