Raiders to dump QB Russell if they can grab a QB?

The rumor mill has the Raiders with interest in Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, but word is the QB does not want to go there. If the Raiders can find a way to get a veteran QB, there are rumblings that the team may finally say they have had enough of former first overall pick JaMarcus Russell.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell weighed 290 pounds when he reported to Alameda earlier this month. Russell has already been paid most of the money guaranteed in his rookie deal and if Al Davis cuts him before this season, he will owe Russell only $3 million more, and won’t have to pay the $6.45 Million otherwise due Russell.

If the Raiders acquire Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, or any other high-profile QB, Tim Kawakami of The San Jose Mercury News thinks Russell would have to be willing to accept a major pay cut, or be released and Russell has said he wouldn’t accept a pay cut.

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10 Responses to “Raiders to dump QB Russell if they can grab a QB?”

  1. Bandito says:

    Bye Bye J-Walrus do not let the door hit you in the @$$. We the Raider Nation will not miss you and thank you for nothing. You are truely a QB traped in a Lineman’s body. Perhaps when you are cut and no one picks you up you can play in the CFL where you belong as an Offensive Tackle. You are the biggest bust in NFL history and have a place in the Hall of Shame, may you take Al Davis with you there, you two deserve each other for sure. You will conform to NFL norms’, just another former “player” out of the NFL and a broke has been by age 28. Go back to your home state and do try to learn to speak English, you will need a job someday after you blow it all on furs, gambling and bad hip-hop jewlery. You are a joke and the poster child of why the NFL ownere will all lock you out next year. The money has ruined you, the NFL and this game.

  2. randy says:

    MY name is J russ and i am Fat__ McDonalds is where i eat at __I spent my money on furs and gold now I’m broke at 23 years old. Now you’ve heard the J russ RAP don’t call me slim shady just call me FAT ASS

  3. Big Raid says:

    Speak for yourselves you panty wearing douche nozzles. at 6ft6 Russel could easily be 270 and be in shape. He could be 290 and be in great shape. No he wouldn’t look like a Spindly gangly whiteboy standing behind center, athletes more like The Rock, Batista one that weight between 270-290 but are fit, quick, and in shape. Russell is a big kid, his jr. year in college he was a lean 250, be hard for him to stay that size as he was still growing..
    Russell is going to surprise a lot of people. His LSU pedigree doesn’t lie, a mediocre O-lline, Receivers that stay healthy, work, and go for the ball. Russell will make it happen. This is the same Guy that looked so promising at the end of 2k8, Until the Coaching staff sabotaged any chances, by starting 2 rookies, didn’t work on running the ball in practice.. Lack of balance in the play calling. Then the try to blame it on Russel…
    You crackheads don’t speak for me. I support the Raiders best chance to win, Ole Mc Nabb will cost to much, and Gradkowski isn’t the answer as many know, if the went back and looked at his career stats..

  4. raidmann says:

    HaaaHaaa Big Raid, Its not about his weight<he sucked as a QB at 250<he has never been a good qb at LSU or NFL..He is a tall qb with an average arm and NO BRAINS!!!! You can"t play QB in the NFL if you are as DUMB as this fool is.. Nobody will come out and say it because its not PC to say a BLACKMAN IS dumb as hell.. And that 'STINDLY GANGLY WHITE BOY U REFER 2"..Would!!! Grow up and open your eyes..You are hanging your dreams on the BIGGEST BUST in NFL history..What does that say about you???

  5. Regarding JR… Even at 6’6″ 290 is too heavy. It affects his ability to move he is too slow and he is one dimentional. He has no leadership skills and is not close to the field general needed on the field in the NFL. Even with his youth, cannon and potential he is through in Oakland.

  6. Raider Ray says:

    Russell is a joke. Get real. It’s pathetic when you can be completely and in every possible way outplayed by a journeyman like Gradkowski. I’m not even sure Gradkowski is any good, but Russell made him look like the second coming of Ken Stabler. Let’s examine that since we’re blaming the offensive line for Russell sucking. Russell had the starting line to start the season. Gradkowski started with a broken patched up line. I’m not saying Grads is the answer. But it should be obvious to everyone by now that neither is the fat man we call Russell. 290 pounds for a 6’6″ QB? TOO FAT!!! TOO SLOW!!! Stop defending him, he’s done nothing but get as much money as he could and then sit on his fat ass when not playing in Vegas. He has no heart, no brain, and no talent. LSU is not the NFL. This isn’t college, it’s the pros. If Gradkowski can win with the same or worse OLine then there is no excuse for Russell being this bad. He’s had all the reps, all the chances in the world, and far more time than most people would have given him to figure it out. He’s a punk and has no heart. I’m sick to death of watching him suck every week. I love my Raiders, but Russell needs to go the way of Todd Marinovich. He’s gotta go. We don’t need a fat slow and dumb QB. We need someone with heart. Period…

  7. Nunya says:

    Draft Tebow. He can be had in the second round, and he carries his heart around in a wheelbarrow. Low risk, high reward.

  8. Raider Ray says:

    I couldn’t agree more Nunya

  9. kevin says:

    no matter how much money he spent on his #2neclace, and furs, there is one piece of jewelry jruss will never be able to buy.
    the one piece that is the adoration of all nfl players.

    you want one of those honkin rings your gonna have to first be lucky enough to have the physical atributes, also be lucky eonoyhg to not have a career ending injury, and have a team around you willing to play hard for you.
    i’m not saying the raiders a a sb team this year, but wiht the effort and skill russell has shown in 09 they won’t ever be as long as he is the starting qb
    long storey short: jruss you are gonna have to earn the only jewelry that will impress any of your piers with the old blood, sweat, and tears.
    so get busy boyyyyyy

  10. RaiderManiac says:

    Defending JRuss is pointless. He has not done anything to change his reputation of a huge freakn bust. His high points in the game are just too far apart and plagued by unbelievably horrible play in between. I like him as a player but I really think he is just an overweight idiot.