Favre Chatter Continues as Speculation About McNabb Heats Up

Think the Vikings front office didn’t realize the importance of having an elite Quarterback on the team ?

Rosenfel ‘s ? Jackson ? – See any drop-off here ?

I think Rick Speilman sees a difference.

Don’t think the latest rumors are simply the imagination of various writers musing through the off-season. There is some actual momentum building in this direction.

There is little doubt that Viking coach Brad Childress is enamored with the Eagle veteral signal caller. True, the team will give Brett Favre the right of first refusal. But make no mistake, the window of opportunity is realistically open for another year or so, then who knows. Don’t look for the franchise to be led by Tavarus Jackson any time soon.

And don’t think the team is going to allow the Favre circus to derail their opportunity to add an Elite field general. Don’t be surprised if the Vikings find themselves in a situation where they HAVE to give Favre a “Take-it-or-leave-it” ultimatum prior to the start of mini camp as their window to make a McNabb deal may be very narrow. Let’s hope Favre doesn’t try to hold the franchise hostage, lest he find himself on the outside looking in.

“First off, let me make it clear that there is a reason covering the Vikings is so much fun. That’s because there is an endless supply of speculation to keep a beat writer busy 12 months a year. Want evidence? Well, here it is.

Three days after the Vikings’ heart-breaking loss to New Orleans in the NFC Championship Game, there already is conjecture about what the franchise might do at quarterback. Yes, Brett Favre is signed for 2010 and all indications are the Vikings want him back, but what fun is actually waiting on a decision from him?

Instead, the name being thrown out there as a possibility to replace Favre is longtime Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. The reality is that just when you want to dismiss such talk you give it some thought and, well, you start to put together the pieces and …

McNabb’s situation is that he has a year left on his contract with the Eagles and speculation is the team might be willing to move him. McNabb is from Chicago, so being in Minneapolis would put him close to home, and, of course, Brad Childress worked closely with McNabb when the Vikings coach was first the quarterback’s coach and then offensive coordinator with the Eagles. “

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15 Responses to “Favre Chatter Continues as Speculation About McNabb Heats Up”

  1. K. Berger says:

    As a Packer fan and by extension a Vikings hater, I love seeing this article. They wanted Favre so bad, they got him. As much as I loved having him as my QB for 16 years, I do not miss the entire off-season Favre watch we had to endure for his last 5 seasons.

  2. taylor says:

    Maybe if your going to write this article you should learn how to spell TARVARIS JACKSON’s name right.

  3. steve fisher says:

    Funny being Brett Favre. He just had his best season as a pro and Minnesota is thinking of getting rid of him anyway. Now there’s loyalty.

  4. Sonny Crockett says:

    “I do not miss the entire off-season Favre watch we had to endure for his last 5 seasons.”

    Stop whining. The guy lost his: father, father in law, brother in law and had his wife diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. All of those tragedies (and we all have stuff, I know, but that is ALOT to deal with)happened over a relatively short period of time. As a Packers fan (not anymore) since the early 60’s, I TOTALLY understood Brett’s dilema about whether to play or not. He gives his all and played when most would not, without missing a game over 19 years. So stop whining (BOO HOO!) about how you were SO put out by Favre not making a decision according to your time table. Be satisfied that you got (still get?) to see not only one of the greatest quarterbacks, but one of the greatest, most fun to watch football players of all time.
    Sonny Crockett

  5. Lnda Gygax says:

    Brett Favre will be back for his 20th year and want a year it will be. Any true Packer fan (which I am) only wants the best for Brett.

  6. packerbakr says:

    Brett is best with the vikings and he will return. This is the best team he has ever played on, the best players he has ever played with and he can stick it to the packer players and fans twice again. Brett has made it clear he does not like the Packers and wants only to stick it to them each and every year. Brett will return but it will hurt the Vikings. As much of an idiot childress is brett will save him again and again.

  7. Andy says:

    To anyone who says this is Favres best year, the best team he has ever played on, and best players he ever played with, YOU ARE WRONG! He did not win the superbowl with his statistics this year, his team this year, or the players this year. He did WIN a superbowl with the PACKERS. So if you want to look at his best year, team, and players, look at that year. Enjoy your statistics Vikes fans, I’ll enjoy the Packs trophies!

  8. Edina Ed says:

    I just hope Favre comes back to Minnesota in 2010 so the Vikings will be more attractive to the LA market. LA loves superstars and divas. Brett fulfills both roles. The Vikings are destined to follow the North Stars and Lakers out of town. Lets face it this franchise has had a pretty disturbing history with the love boat, blackouts, low merchandise sales (prior to Favre), Randy Moss, choking and the “Roller Dome.” For a brief period in the 1970s the franchise had some respectability under Bud Grant. For those of you that don’t remember Bud Grant was 1970s version of Dan Reeves. Couldn’t win the big one. The move to LA will help the Vikings erase their past and will help the NFL by bringing football back to Los Angeles.

  9. Tony says:

    All Viking Fans Check out the 4 Million Viking Fans for Brett Favre Face-Book Page !!!

    Very Cool !!!


  10. Edina Ed says:

    All Viking Fans Check out the new football stadium !!!

    Very Cool !!!


  11. Larry says:

    Vikes should just move on without Farve. He is nothing more than an egotistical attention seeker. His circus is old, bring in a new circus like McNabb.

  12. Sonny Crockett says:

    “…..And the winner of the LEAST Educated And Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Post ANYTHING Till He Is Old Enough Award, goes to………LARRY!
    I would personally like to accept this award on behalf Larry who’s comment on the Favre and the “Vikes” was a real eye-opener and obviously took AGES to put together. He couldn’t be here today as he and his 4th grade class are on a field trip……thank you.”

    Sonny Crockett

  13. Just Lisa says:

    Tarvaris Jackson kelihatan ganteng di lapangan, I love him,

  14. NFL Fan says:

    I always thought the Packer fans were good, level headed, polite people, but I know realize that they are mean, bitter, nasty people. They are no better that Philly fans. As a matter of fact I think they are even worse (if that is possible) than Philly fans.

  15. Sonny Crcokett says:

    Packers fans were the class of the NFL a short time ago, but something happened along the way. Wolf and Harlan left. Thompson came and so did McCarthy. Divided Packsers nation of the Favre dismissal and anyone remember the groundskeeper who worked part time for the Packers for 20 years getting fired because McCarthy misunderstood a shout at practice? Favre returns and the Lambeau faithful boo him?! Now, you pay your money and you can do what you want, BUT…the classy thing to do was giove Favre a standing ovation at the begining and ending of the game and cheer for the Packers during. But what did this breed of Packers fans do? They booed the guy who win or lose left EVERYTHING on the field game after game.
    NFL fan, man you should’ve been there back in the day…
    Sonny Crockett