Take the Racist Hate Somewhere Else

Although, I hate to link to a lot of the various hate across the internet, this one involves the potential new Rams owner, Shahid Khan.  “Conservative Commentator” Debbie Schlussel writes a blog post on her blog today about Khan. First and foremost, Debbie seems to be still upset and bitter that Rush Limbaugh was quickly shot down as a potential owner.

Not so with Khan, even though he’s had a number of questionable dealings with the IRS and tax problems.  Normally those would be a problem with the NFL ownership committee.  But maybe the NFL makes exceptions in the interest of Muslim affirmative action.  Hey, it’s a good thing the football is no longer made of real pigskin, right?

So, lets see, Debbie first brings up the case of Khan’s issues with the IRS, which Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has explained as a disagreement between Khan and his tax accountant.  Since we are in America and everyone is innocent until proven guilty, the Khan’s have said that they were under the impression that where they placed their money was legal.  They paid the full amount to the IRS anyway and Miklasz says that the taxes will be no problem for the pending sale.  So, “normally” these would not be a problem for the NFL owners, who haven’t even voted on Khan’s ability to join their ownership fraternity yet.

The fact that Debbie even insinuates that the Rams primary ownership group of Rosenbloom and Rodriquez chose Shahid Khan because he would be the first minority owner is ridiculous.  Khan was chosen because he had enough money to purchase the full 100% of the Rams if necessary, is a Rams fan and is more than happy to keep the Rams in St. Louis.

More take down of Debbie Schlussel’s racist article after the jump.

And how does Debbie know that Shahid Khan is Muslim?  Just because he lived in Pakistan until he was 16 years old?  He could be Muslim, what does that have to do with anything about him owning the Rams franchise?  It had nothing to do with him building a extremely successful international car parts company.  Schlussel obviously has a personal vendetta against any person with any shade of brown skin who can say that they (or their ancestors) came from somewhere in the Middle East.

Like I said, conservative minority owners in the NFL–verboten; but Muslim tax cheats … YAY! Gee, I wonder if Mr. Khan will denounce HAMAS and Hezbollah. Actually, I don’t wonder because I know the answer: don’t bet on it.  And the spineless NFL and its owners won’t have the guts to ask him, either.

What does Hamas and Hezbollah have to do with a business owner that lives in Champaign, Illinois and NFL football?  Nothing. So, I’m sorry, Debbie Schlussel that your personal hero, Rush Limbaugh was quickly dropped from a possible ownership group, but Khan will be a great owner for the St. Louis Rams.  Take your hate somewhere else, we don’t want it here.

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4 Responses to “Take the Racist Hate Somewhere Else”

  1. brewers_rule says:

    While I agree w/your overall premise of what she said being wrong, you have to admit, the fact that Rush caused so much hoop-la while being a MINORITY owner in the bid for the team while a guy currently in mid-lawsuit regarding the IRS is given little scrutiny to be the LEAD owner in the situation is laughable at best. The NFL prides itself on diversity so the fact they chose a wealthy minority to own the team is not some conspiracy theory that’s far out there, it’s a reality that’s just being exposed here (poorly, I admit). The prob a lot of the Rush backers have is the consistency of the scrutiny of it. If Rush’s too controversial as a minority owner, shouldn’t the measuring sticks for the head owner be FAR greater?

  2. Jeff Roman says:

    Ok, I understand what you are saying brewers, but these are two totally different situations and the fact that you are saying that the NFL chose this owner just because he is a minority is ridiculous. He was picked by the current owners of the Rams with the assistance of Goldman Sachs.

    Also, Khan has been vetted by Goldman Sachs as a part of the ownership bidding process, so odds are that his IRS trouble is minor if anything. And the NFL owners have to vote on whether to ratify Khan’s bid for the Rams, so the NFL has not done or said anything about Khan yet.
    The media storm surrounding when Rush Limbaugh outed himself as a member of a group bidding on the Rams forced the NFL to respond.

  3. Wade says:

    What does Hamas or Hezbolah have to do with Khan? That’s like associating a Mongolion with Pearl Harbor lol!

  4. Yousef says:

    Debbie being a Jew ought to reflect on how her people were treated by Nazis and she copies their false justification for their hatred of Jews. Debbie also refuses to give credit to Muslims who saved many tens of thousands of Jews when Muslim-ruled Spain (711-1492) fell back to the Catholics who then instituted the infamous Inquisitions during which untold Jews and Muslims were tortured and slaughtered. Muslims sent ships to rescue both peoples and gave Jews safe haven in their countries. Their forebears are the Sephardic Arab Jews. Hey! We Muslims know such stories. Shame on you, Deb.