The Buzz of Bringing Mike Vick to the Rams

Yep, just as I guessed a couple of weeks ago when he ran the poll on his blog, here’s Bernie Miklasz in a column this morning campaigning for Michael Vick as the next Rams QB, declaring the move safe from a PR standpoint because of that poll, which came in 62% pro-Vick.

Personally I think Bernie should be ashamed. “Vick would bring buzz to the Rams,” says the columnist who apparently doesn’t think the Rams have enough issues to deal with this coming offseason. Yeah, so would sticking your ass in a bucketful of hornets; I don’t hear you recommending that. There’s nothing about having a felon who’s barely played for three years, isn’t a remotely-accurate QB, isn’t suited for the Ram offense, doesn’t have that great a head for the game, doesn’t remotely fit the team’s commitment to building a roster of men with good character, that represents any kind of buzz this franchise needs to have.

Especially the felon part. But instead Bernie has manufactured, nurtured, and now sprung this “story” that at a minimum is going to be a distraction in Rams Nation until Vick signs somewhere (he’s supposedly going to have multiple options if the Eagles let him go.)

It’s crap journalism on Miklasz’s part. The “buzz” he says he wants is all about him; it doesn’t have anything to do with good football. It doesn’t help this franchise or its fans. It’s only an unwelcome, unthinkable distraction. It’ll be crap football for any team to sign Michael Vick to do anything more than the gimmick role he had in Philadelphia this season. And I don’t even want to see him here for that.

I implore Steve Spagnuolo, Billy Devaney, and Chip and Lucia Rosenbloom not to bring this half-assed publicity stunt by a bored columnist into fruition.

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17 Responses to “The Buzz of Bringing Mike Vick to the Rams”

  1. Jay says:

    Yes Michael Vick may not be the best fit to the Rams at this point. Maybe drafting a QB like Bradford or maybe waiting second round taking Tebow would be a better idea. We have all got to agree that anyone would be better than Bulger. Vick will be starting for Carolina, Buffalo, SanFran, or Oakland next year. If I was Vick the last place I would want to go is St. Louis…I don’t see any sign of that team getting better in the next year. One rookie DT is not gonna turn your team around. Go after one of the Vikings, Browns or Skins QBs in the offseason and get a young QB in the draft to build up the next two years.

  2. shawn bard says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH….Vick is still better than 50% of the current QB starters in the NFL. Any team that gets him will be much better off than they were before.

  3. John W says:

    Let me guess….you own a dog right?

  4. John W says:

    And…….You want to marry it bwahhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha

  5. Mike says:

    Jay I tend to agree with you. I don’t know where Tebow is projected in the draft but I’d be on board with him long before I would be with Vick.

    I hear you Shawn on Vick’s talent, & the Rams need a mobile QB, but I wonder how many people still think he’s 2004 Vick. Obviously I have my doubts though the TD pass to Maclin last week was sweet.

    Most of all the Rams as a young rebuilding team don’t need the drama/circus/soap opera etc. going on. They’ve got a lot of work to do without having to deal with that too. Plus they’ve set the tone of building the team with character as one of their “pillars”, acquiring Vick can easily be seen as going back on that promise.

    It’s weird to me how so many want the Rams to be a soap opera for their entertainment instead of wanting to be entertained by improving the product on the field.

  6. Diggums says:

    Vick proved he can sit in the pocket and deliver! The RAMS would only benefit.. Nobody cares about the dog stuff anymore that is SANE.. He proved everybody wrong about him just being a running QB.. If Randall Cunningham hadn’t got hurt the league would be full of Vicks and at some point WILL be full of Vicks.. Natural evolution of the sport is to have a QB who can throw, avoid the sack, and be a threat to run.. STOP making special offensive schemes for Vick and just let him go out and win games.. Pat White is next, Pryor.. YOU can’t escape the take over of the scrambling No matter how racist you might

  7. Bob says:

    THis article sucks. Vick is better than most starting NFL QB’s.

  8. Mike says:

    I can’t say Vick is better than most starting NFL QB’s when he’s thrown 13 passes since 2006. It’s a big on-the-field gamble that he’ll regain a lot of that form. A lot of teams can afford to gamble on Vick more than the Rams can IMO.

  9. jbrown says:

    Vick having bad charachter is so stupid he ain’t pac man jones. 1 issue I own an pit right now and would let vick watch him. Honestly the article seems racist. He would have put more wins the 3 qbs you used. Sjackson would have seen the endzone in week 1. Same as titans offense with young and johnson with the same talent at wr. Just an richard head thing to say if u ask me.

  10. Keyth says:

    This was such a Poor excuse for an article, seriously dude? If you have a journalism degree it should be revoked. Wait, your not a journalist you are a closet racist who needs to learn a thing or two about compassion. I bet u believed Vick would play in the UFL this year didn’t you? Vick will play in the playoffs next year, just watch.

  11. Carl says:

    You are a crap journalist

  12. GO GET A LIFE & shutup………..

  13. Mike says:

    C’mon, spare me the race card. Playing that’s more intolerant than anything I have ever thought or said, let alone anything I have said here. As for “go get a life”: Pot, meet kettle much?

    I don’t think a player who’s barely played for 3 years and the P.R. headache that would come with him would be good for the football team I root for. He’s not a good fit for what the Rams are trying to do on offense and the Rams’ locker room isn’t set up as well as Philly’s was to welcome him. I was naive, though, not to expect this discussion to eventually break down into nonsense.

    Before I go, to the Vick fans who earnestly believe he’s going to walk right in somewhere and carry a team to glory: for your sake, I hope he does it. It’ll be one of the great comebacks in sports history.

  14. anna says:

    Great Article… He would not be good for the Rams. Mike Vick is not good for any team. He is a BIG LOSER!!! I did not put his dog killing and torturing issue behind me either. The choice he made at the time to do that will live with him forever…

  15. Ricky says:

    This Article is just a weak attempt at publicity with no real facts to back to it up.
    Bottom line, he made a dumb move, was incarcerated and lost a year of his life (did not just a get a slap on the wrist), shows remorse and is making positive steps for youth not follow in his footsteps.
    Nowhere in this article states that he is currently working closely with the Humane Society.
    If you know anything about football, you would know that Vick is better than 50% of the QB’s in the league. I dare you to compare his stats to Bulger.

  16. The D says:

    Vick is the best fit for the Rams at this point we dont no how any of the rookies from the draft is gonna do in the NFL we dont have a line we need a QB that can run and throw when he needs to with him this team will not be a 1-15 team they will be a 8-8 team or 7-9 but they will buld the team from there

  17. Jack says:

    I would take vick over that idiot null.