Cowboys Cheerleader Facing Trouble Over Halloween Costume

Nothing like a good Halloween story to wrap up a football Monday. Seems that some second-year chick that runs around in skimpy skirts and low cut tops on Sunday for the Cowboys is in trouble for – dressing up like rapper Lil’ Wayne.

The story comes from Channel 11 in Dallas, which reports that Cowboys cheerleader Whitney Isleib went to a party dressed up as the rapper on Friday night. Of course in today’s day and age of pictures being leaked to the internet all over the place, Whitney’s pics of her getting dressed up showed up on the net, and the Cowboys are not so happy about it.

No one from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders or the team would officially comment, but a team spokesman told us the team is aware of the situation and addressing it internally.

Now why the Cowboys are upset about this is unreal to me. I mean, it was a Halloween party, the outfit wasn’t racist, and she was on her own time. Sure, she probably needs to make sure that cameras are not following her 24 hours a day, but at the same time, what the heck did she do wrong?


I find it hard to believe that A: the news station that did this story really had nothing better to report on, and B: the Cowboys really want to deal with this garbage off the field or on it for that matter.

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46 Responses to “Cowboys Cheerleader Facing Trouble Over Halloween Costume”

  1. Are You Stupid or Something? says:

    See name. Getting fixed up in blackface is both racist and completely socially unacceptable. If you aren’t on board with this, maybe you should hop a bus back to the 60’s (don’t worry, your seat is in the front).

  2. really?!?! says:

    okay, please explain to me how this makes someone have to go back to the 60’s? She in no way shape or form insulted Lil Wayne… she dressed as a rapper on HALLOWEEN… I believe there is a movie called whitechicks where black males dress as white females… what’s the difference? or how about how it seem to be okay to take “asian-eyed” photos? I am not really sure were a halloween costume needs to be on the news…i completely agree with this article and think that the person above me needs to pull there head out of there ass and have a little humor.

  3. Are You Stupid or Something? says:

    “Asian eyes” aren’t okay either, and if you don’t believe that doing that sets off a crap-storm, ask Miley Cyrus and the Spanish National Basketball team.

    The difference between whiteface and blackface is historical, and I can see that plainly as a white person. Blackface, throughout history, has been used to stereotype, demean, and degrade black people, treating them as the caricatures we would see in old cartoon before they started censoring them. A bunch of people making a terrible movie where they don whiteface doesn’t do anything to degrade white people – just the people that paid $8 to see that movie in the first place

  4. See name…Maybe you should check into 2009! Lil Wayne is the most popular rapper out there right now, so the fact that someone wanted to dress up as him is no surprise at all. YOU are the one playing the race card here. She likes Lil Wayne. She went to a party dressed as him. If a black man wanted to be Michael Jackson and painted himself white, it wouldn’t be an issue at all and you know it. GET OVER IT! Stop accusing people of racism, when you had nothing to do with that party and you don’t know the situation. How presumptuous of you. So hop a bus back to 2009 (you can sit wherever you want. It’s 2009)

  5. Let's be civil says:

    Regardless of what you guys personally believe, it has long been considered politically incorrect to dress up in blackface. You can get all bent out of shape about the fact that she’s in trouble for it but you’re not going to change anything from the comfort of your keyboard. And attacking people for voicing their opinions on the subject isn’t very classy.

  6. Schaalbwife says:

    Dear Are You Stupid,
    As you stated above “black face” is historical! Not just the painted face but the story behind it as well. In no way what so ever is Whitney’s face painted the traditional/historical “black face” that your refering to! Get a grip and get over it! Find something else to itch about!

  7. AbuMubarak says:

    As a black man, been one for 50 years, leave the girl alone. Since when do we use cheerleaders as role models? (except to younger cheerleaders)

  8. Jennifer Tappan says:

    Having gone to school with Whitney, I know she is not at all racist. Everyone who thinks she is racist needs to get over themself. Instead of passing judgement on her get know her!

  9. Michael Allen says:

    Its 2009 ppl. Stop pulling the black card.
    Btw I’m black

  10. Voice of reason says:

    Get real people. The kids today don’t see color the same way people saw it in the past.
    Kids today don’t know about any history, let alone the meaning of dressing up as a black person. My daughter is white and she is dating a black man and they both think this is rediculous! Leave the poor girl alone!
    Leave the racism in the past where it should stay. Forgive, love each other and move on!!

  11. Miguel says:

    I think people calling this blackface need to look up the actual definition of blackface.

  12. Stacy says:

    Nobody complained about people dressing up as Obama and he’s our president so whats the problem

  13. The Guru says:

    I think you’re all missing the most important part of this story. When she dressed up as ‘Lil Wayne, it somehow horribly disfigured her perfect teeth, which is a prerequisite for Cheerleaderdom in Dallas. The poor girl may have to resort to her backup career, turning letters on Wheel of Fortune! It’s almost criminal (or is that gansta?). Let’s hope her Orthodontist can put things right, and that the people who moronically claim racism here get over themselves. On a positive note, it allows ‘Lil Wayne to view his softer side, to see what he’d look like as a woman. You go, Boyyyyyy!

  14. frank b says:

    i think it is a bunch of none sense. if it would not have been haloween it would be different. you all need to get real and wake up. there is worse things then that going on in the world. if she would not have been a cheer leader it would not be a big deal.the radio stations are talking about this story and there is no reason to do anything. if there is something wrong there well you better think about the people who dressed up as micheal jackson or any stars in this world

  15. A.C. says:

    lol…this is hilarious. The fact that we are even having this conversation about a halloween costume. I am a black man. Very strong black man. This in no way offended me or should it offend anyone that is black. For the record, let me say that we (african americans) do enough to offend ourselves. Come on now keep it real. This was her choice of costumes. One year I wore a Bill Gates mask. Lol….Ok, maybe a bad choice since lil’ Wayne is facing jail time for weapons charges…but come on, she was on her own time. That cheerleader world is so funny and messy. The person who leaked the pictures probably was a cheerleader who was cut from the team. Everything is not “racist”. The things we need to stand up and fight for we don’t. Like rap music has all of the younger generation calling females the B-word. Maybe it don’t mean much to most, but I have a mother, sisters and three daughters. Yeah, so it means something to me. Somewhere out there somebody was dressed up like Michael Jackson, black and white people. I know because I sold alot of M.J. costumes on my online store. Nothing has been said. Where are the pictures…..?

  16. A.C. says:

    I read some of the other comments. Don’t get what I said twisted, there is still alot of racism in America. Kids today do know about it, just like kids of the past, because they are being taught. I just don’t believe that this is one of those racist moments. Everybody that is into going to halloween parties and dressing up, is trying to win the best dressed. From being a monster to being original. Athletes to politicians, actors to monsters….most of the time it is out of fun….None of us know what that young lady was thinking.

  17. BlackTruth says:

    “what the heck did she do wrong?”

    You either have to be a total retard or white to ask that question.

    Guess since Obama became president we have a LOT of white people dying to pull some racist stuff so they can feel empowered.

    And you wonder why people celebrate when the Census Bureau predicts whites will be a national minority in 30 years.
    Couldn’t happen to a better group of bastards.

  18. Eric in Dallas says:

    Do you people even know what Black Face was all about?

    Would this be a problem if she had dressed up as Mrs. Obama?

  19. Robert says:

    She was not dressing up as a “black person” or a caracature of a black person.

    She was dressing up as a person. She was dressing up as Lil Wayne. I’m a white male (which must make me racist, right?), and if I was going to dress up as Jessica Simpson, do you know what I’d do? I’d grab a blonde wig for longer hair and throw something in my shirt to resemble female breasts, and I’d prob throw a skirt and lipstick too! Why? Because Jessica Simpson is a big boobed blonde that wears skirts and makeup, and the goal of any Halloween costume is to look as much like who you’re trying to represent as you can!

    So the people that are pissed about this are basically saying that this girl can’t be Lil Wayne for Halloween. Her black friends can be Lil Wayne, but she can’t. Her black friends can also be white people if they would like, because there is not a “history” of “white face,” but this girl is restricted to only dressing as other white people. How freakin racist is that?

    She painted her face (and the rest of her body) so that she could properly resemble Lil Wayne, and she did a darn good job. I am so freakin sick and tired of this politically correct world we live in. It’s BS!

  20. Robert says:


    I am glad to see that you’re not a racist…

  21. Beth says:

    Wow people need to relax don’t think its that big of a deal out of it HALLOOWEEENN is the number one year when we can dress up as whatever and it shouldn’t matter. How abou the movie tropic thunder didn’t a character dress himself as a black? what’s the difference? did people freak out at that? no people went to go see the movie and found it to be a good movie stop ripping on people because you have nothing else there is so much more important things to worry about then a dumb halloween costume…

  22. Martin Herrera says:

    Enough,already!Leave the poor girl alone!It was a HALLOWEEN PARTY!Why don’t you bozos get a life and do something useful with yourselves?

  23. Max says:

    Was anyone offended when Michael Jackson masqueraded as a white woman for the last years of his career?

  24. Be Real says:

    The intent wasn’t to be racist. Someone should let this slow girl that it’s not acceptable to paint your face black because there will be people who cry about it. yes, she’s an idiot for not knowing. No, she shouldn’t be fire because of this.

  25. wendy says:

    what sweet hypocrisy the world has become. as a white female (dont hit me) i found the costume to be funny simply for the fact that it was so bad. who cares if some bubbly bleach blonde dresses up as any black dude my brother in law wore an obama mask does that make him a racist? no he has a sense of humor. it was hillarious in white chicks and tropic thunder… what about the guys that dress up as girls? wheres the feminist movement to crucify them? where was the controversy when dave chapelle parades around in “white face” or as a kkk member? oh thats right because its only offensive when an oblivious white chick figured her costume to be original and dare i say it flattering? maybe if she were walking around dropping the n bomb there would be some sort of offense to it but you cant laugh at one group of people for doing it and then condemn another for the same thing. maybe somone should ask lil wayne his opinion on this highly attractive woman parading around as him. im sure he has a sense of humor about it so if it doesnt offend him who gives a damn if it offends anyone else? the world still recognizes racism through the eyes of the ignorant. the world is not black or white and until people can let go of their self proclaimed social stigma PEOPLE of all color will be condemned by those who simply cant take a joke. maybe if all these people focused on some no named cheerleader would put this much effort into the economy our crisis would be solved.

  26. V-Doe says:

    WOW!!! I read the article and looked at all the comments. I see all points of view but ask this one question. The person in the picture with her is Micheal Myers. If she really wanted to offend blacks then Micheal would not have been standing behind her but would have been tring to kill her. White and Black people. Let the doors of hate shut and educate yourself on getting to know someone other then your own kind. No wonder E.T wanted to go home!! 🙂

  27. BoDidley says:

    We better arrest those Wayan brothers for their part in White Chicks. And not because they dressed up as “white chicks” but because that movie was so bad.

    Immitation is the greatest form of flattery.
    It’s unconscionable to play the race card in this situation.

  28. quade says:

    I am a black female and I find all of this funny. It seems to me that it offended more white people than it did black. From my experence some white people are so scared to offend blacks, they want us to know that they are not racist. These people pick battles that they think will offend black people, but then there are also those black people that get offend by everything. Should this chick be punished? No! Should this be an issue? No! Like it was said earlier one, this is not “black face” she painted her whole body. Two, it is 2009 and people need to get over it. If it offends you I am sure she is sorry, but it was not meant to be offensive, from my opinion. If you can’t stand to look at it, turn away. If you can laugh. Simple as that!

  29. Lizarrdbeth says:

    Mom my died on Halloween 27 years ago. My Mom was artistic, she painted, she sewed, and could draw incredibly well. I see Halloween now as her holiday. It’s a creative holiday. Also a Catholic one, All Souls & All Saints Day. I think my Mom would have been proud of Whitney’s creativity. If she wanted to be racist she probably would have just painted her face. The fact that she did her neck, shoulders and arms shows alot of effort. Someone wanting to be racist wouldn’t have gone to those lengths. I think this is an awfully creative costume. If a woman of color dressed up as a white girl and did the exact some thing, I would have thought it was awesomely creative. Halloween is about being something and someone different. Dressing up and having fun. If she wanted to be racist she would have done the black face on another night so she wouldn’t be confused with just dressing up. Whitney, I love the costume. My Mom would be proud of you. It’s really cool. Keep your head up. Be creative, B. E. creative!!

  30. chris says:

    It’s sad that our society has become so politically correct that this meaningless act is considered racist. What a joke.

  31. Laverne Ludi says:

    Whitney wasn’t alone on this and shouldn’t take all the blame. Brooke went as a mexican and should face the music along with Whitney~

  32. bluto1978 says:

    If you want to see real racists of all color watch Lockdown a show about max security prisons. A halloween costume like that one not racist. Stabbing some one in the neck because he/she is not the same color as you, racist. Lets not water down the term until it has no meaning at all no one pays attention when some cries racist, does no one remember the boy and the wolf story?

  33. An Us says:

    You both belong at the BACK of the bus

  34. Johnny Jones says:

    Tim tebow for heisman. and thats not racist

  35. SIS KILEY says:

    Whitney is and will always be #1 in my eyes!She is no racist and looked damn good as Lil Wayne!Hell even better!She is dedicated to being the best!Halloween is for fun and that’s exactly what she was having!She is a Superstar!I love u Whitney!Keep shining and remember SHAKE THEM HATERZ OFF!

  36. Brady says:

    Wow, this is all really stupid, but entertaining. People like BlackTruth are the reason racism is still such a big issue in this country. What an ignorant hypocrite.

  37. DJ says:

    Boy Ole Boy…. what will Ole Whitey do next? As a white male, I thought it was awesome… now… time for a history lesson… For anyone whom ever paid even the slightest bit of attention, you should know that the “black-face” isn’t anywhere near what this girl has represented. Simply put, if you think it is, then you my friend, are retarded. People fail to realize just how politically incorrect it is to be politically correct these days. You fail to realize that by being SO overwhelmingly correct, you’ve become the problem. Quade put it well by saying the majority of those offended were whites. Not blacks. HISTORY is just that… it’s history. We shouldn’t have to feel as if we can’t make jokes, or hide who we truly are, because it may offended someone due to history. It happened. Get over it. Move on. If you can’t let it go, than you are the problem.

    Brady… you are wrong. BlackTruth isn’t the reason racism still exists and is still an issue. It exists because people are so afraid of saying what they truly feel that they bottle up and only say it behind closed doors. When kids can hear it, and the majority of the time, those kids grow up believing the same things.

    For instance… I’ve always wondered if White America could get away with having a magazine specifically designed for Whites, such as JET magazine. Or Perhaps a WET (White Entertainment Television). Or how about a White American Beauty Pagent.

    The answer is simply, NO WAY! However, it’s ok for another race to do it… because you know… they are so innocent, and their past sucks so bad… (Even though history proves that the majority of slaves were traded by their own people, not kidnapped.)

    And the sad thing is… few whites are too scared to ask the questions that truly matter. It’s not a matter of racism. Its a matter of equality. Whites should be allowed the same rights as blacks and vice versa. And those that believe otherwise are the cause of the annamosity that fuels racism.

    If the Cowboys fire this girl… I swear I’ll start a grassroots campaign immediately against Dallas until their apology and her reinstatement. Who’s with me??!!??!!

  38. Andrew says:

    I for one am offended at the Wayans Brothers for dressing up as white women in a movie several years back. As a white person I demand the Wayans brothers be brought to justice for their crimes against the white race……You people need to GET A LIFE and quit claiming racism over every single thing!!!

  39. VenusWilliams says:

    For Halloween I dressed up as Venus WIlliams. I painted my body also. I also ordered a beaded wig. Am I racist? Absolutely not! Do I think it was funny, original, and creative? Yes! I in no way wanted to offend anyone. I am not the girl who is going to parade around halloween parties with my boobs falling out of my halloween costume, while I’m stumbling home drunk. Unfortunately, that has become the theme of halloween parties lately! The point is not about creativity, it’s about being a slut and a whore. I think this girl should be congratulated for not stepping into the normal stereotypical slutty football costume or police officer costume. If this is so offensive, why aren’t costumes like that offensive? Or what about people who dress up as “white trash”? This girl was just embodying a true music icon. I could see how dressing up in gang related clothing and painting your self black is racist because you are portraying a stereo-type, but this is not racist. I also don’t think movies like White-Chicks should be her defense. Personally, I don’t think she needs a defense. Ugh whatever! Next year I’m dressing up as the jamaican bobsled team from cool runnings. I have every intention of painting my body again, and I will have fun and still not be the slutty girl on campus!

  40. Cheer15 says:

    I am currently doing a case study on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I was not offended by this but I understand why Dallas is pissed. As a DCC (Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader) she has rules and regulations she needs to follow AT ALL TIMES. Putting herslef in the lime light in a costume that some may find insulting was her mistake. DCC are required to look good at all times. No matter what they are doing. She is the only one who seemed to have gotten pictures taken of her that were leaked on to the internet. I think she should have been smarter and I do think she should be punished in some way. Not kicked off the team but she should have some fall back since she was not following the rules that Im sure are also in her 1 year contract. Just sayin.

  41. Tarawa says:

    Nobody got mad when the Waylon Bros produced/starred in “White Chicks”…it was just humor…besides–she looks more like an Apache Indian(w/less wrinkles) than a black woman.

  42. urquahart 1 says:

    Are you all really that stupid or just missunderstood. This is the reason the country will never resolve the race problems in America. Some things no matter how you personally feel about them are out of bounds. I dont think shes racist, I think she made a poor choice. Kinda like making a joke about jews or a white guy saying nigger in black sports bar in the hood and saying well you said it why cant I. Blackface or anything like it. I dont care who does it, is out of bounds and should be left in the past. What other races on the planet do you spray paint your body to look like them. Stupid

  43. Cheeba Chooba says:

    In respose to, “Are You Stupid or Something? on November 3rd, 2009 1:32 am”

    Your comment about going back to the 60s and grabbing a seat on the front of the bus was pretty goddamn racist yourself…Instead of insinuating that others are racist, perhaps your better look at your unsecure self in the mirror before you start throwing out racist comments

  44. Cheeba Chooba says:

    Wow Black Truth! Wow!!! That was a bit too extreme…and I suppose you feel your comment was justified, and in no way out of line or racist? Perhaps you may want to think about one thing:
    Hate is baggage, life is too short to be pissed off all the time; it’s just NOT worth it…
    Stop being a racist douche

  45. Negrita says:

    Ok. this is stupid there where white ppl dressed up as obama. and there where black guys dressed up as white girls. so seriously get over it its not a big deal so the hell what if she decided to dress up as “Lil. Wayne” for holloween. What if a spanish girl did it then what?