NFL Week 7 – Top Ten Things I Hate

#10 – I hate the US Government for using tax payer money to bail out financial institutions (Sept 2008). The only time a bail out or influx of money into capitals markets is appropriate and reasonable would be after a huge drop in the stock market occurred (this happened) and then an immediate freeze on the markets (this did not happen) so that the people/institutions that actually lost the money could be reimbursed and to keep other institutions from purchasing collapsed financial products and making what should be consider illegal profits. (Sorry, I’ve been holding onto that 1 for quite some time…)

#9 – I hate Brenda Carney Warner. I blame her for the recent demise of the Rams. Had she not been such a blow-horn the Rams might have thought twice about trading Kurt to the Giants in 2004.

#8 – I hate Dan Mullen head coach of Mississippi State Football. Yesterday, 10/24/09, he called a ridiculous and failed fake punt deep in their own territory (3rd quarter). This ultimately resulted in a quick TD score by Florida and Miss. St. spiraled continually downward and lost.

#7 – I hate JaMarcus Russell. How can a quarterback continue to fumble inside his own five yard line over and over and over? I am so happy for Raider fans that he was benched today.

#6 – I hate Coach Spagnuolo. Ok, I’m not sure that I hate him, but at 0-7 I can’t see leaving him off this list. No, he is not out there on the field, but yes he is responsible for their pathetic play and their overall lack of heart. I think he should be fired.

#5 – I hate Jon Gruden as a play-by-play sportscaster. He is just too stinking positive. “That wide receiver made a great catch and has made a huge impact for this team. He is looking forward to a very bright future.” Or, “that defensive end made a great tackle. Look at how he completely dominated the offensive lineman. When the ‘Generic_Team_Names’ picked him up, they had no idea he would play this well.” Jon, I loved you as a cussing, spitting, snarling head coach, but would you please shut up?

#4 – I hate Marc Bulger. As a seasoned, former Pro Bowl quarterback, how can you possibly throw such amazingly bad passes at the worst possible times? Today in the 3rd QTR against the Colts you could feel a very positive change of energy building in the game. Steven Jackson was running like a mad man and at 21-6 a single Rams TD would have brought them into a single possession game. With 1:39 remaining in the 3rd quarter, S. Jackson rushed to the left for a 14 yard gain. The very next play Marc Bulger threw a pick-6 interception that would forever put the contest out of reach. I think Marc Bulger should be fired.

#3 – I hate Rookie Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell. No one seemed to have told him that people will hate you when you ‘pile on’. In the 4th QTR, with 5:53 remaining, Joesph Addai had rushed to the right for approximately 4 yards. The Colts were leading by 3 touch downs when the chains were brought out to measure if they had made it to the first down marker. Officials announced that the Colts were short of the first down by inches. Most coaches would have punted the ball at this point. Instead, Caldwell threw a challenge flag. Unbelieveable. After further review, the Colts were rewarded the first down and they proceeded to pile on 2 more touch downs in the last 5 minutes of the game. (Final score was 42-6)

#2 – I hate Hostess chocolate Cup Cakes. How can anything that delicious be that bad for you? Oh chocolaty goodness… Oh creamy filling…

And the #1 thing I hate is the current Rams Ownership Group. Right after the completion of the 2009 draft I did a fairly comprehensive analysis of the offense (I would have moved on to the defense had I not been so shocked at what I found). I was amazed by the almost complete lack of any qualified wide receivers. I was amazed at a roster void of any kind of competent and competitive quarter back. (I am not saying this based upon feelings or personal opinions. I looked at years of stats for every player in every one of these positions.) I also ranked the ‘rebuilt’ offensive line and found (statistically) questionable player choices at right guard, left guard, and left tackle. All I could think of is that the team was being deliberately devalued so that it could be sold. Since then that cat has also come out of the bag. Rams ownership should be fired (replaced ASAP.)

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3 Responses to “NFL Week 7 – Top Ten Things I Hate”

  1. great rant dude

    at least the Rams didn’t bring Rush on board to retard progress

  2. Tammi C says:

    As a Raider fan I have to agree with #7 and #5. It is getting harder and harder to watch a team that you love do stupid idiotic plays all the time. Russell has many issues and why they keep wanting him to throw is beyond me. He can’t throw (unless its to the other team). I kept wondering yesterday why they did not continue to give the ball to Fargas. (ok, so I am biased, love that man) but hey, he is the only one who knows how to run and get some yardage. As for Gruden, I totally agree. While watching the game last week, I kept looking at my friends going huh?? Everytime someone did something he would keep going on and on about them. Someone could run 2 yards and he makes it sound like they scored the only touchdown. You know its bad when you mute the TV just so you don’t have to listen to it. One last thing, I can’t wait for next week, cause I think the best game is going to be the Rams and Lions.

  3. to Tammi.. but you don’t agree with #2?

    mmmm… chocolaty goodness… lol