The Chicago Media Already Taking Shots at Jay Cutler

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Two of my favorite places to go for up-to-the-minute Bears information, the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, ran stories on Wednesday about Jay Cutler. Not surprising considering the hype and then (regrettable) debut Sunday night. But their coverage of Cutler for the 2 articles in question really stretched the bounds of journalistic reporting.

Maybe you saw the columns I’m referring to…

  1. The Sun-Times ran an article and accompany photo collage (“Cutler’s face Bears watching”) capturing the many faces of Cutler. It started “One game into the Jay Cutler era the Bears have discovered their guy is the Lon Chaney of NFL quarterbacks, a ”Man of a Thousand Faces” who seemingly never tries to disguise his feelings.”
  2. On the same day, The Tribune published an article (“Jay Cutler mind matters most on field, not fielding media’s questions”) that slammed Cutler for his body language at a Wednesday media session. Word is he didn’t make eye contact with reporters during the press conference, appeared generally disinterested and, of all things, scratched his back in between questions. (I know…that rat bastard!)

Look, the guy may in fact be a cocky, arrogant prick. And yes, considering all the hype and pressure on him, he failed to meet expectations – for one lousy game! But…

  • WHO CARES if he was pissed off during the post-game press conference? How do you expect him to act after losing a close game in which he threw 4 very costly INTs? Give everyone an “ah shucks” smile and act like losing to your arch rival in your franchise debut in front of a prime-time national audience is no big whoop?
  • WHO CARES if he failed to look reporters in the eye during a post-practice press conference? Have you seen some of these media guys? There’s a reason they can afford to spend days and weeks alone on the road – no conscious, upright woman wants to give them the time of day.
  • WHO CARES if he scratched his back in between reporters’ questions? I say better his back then his balls…

I’m guessing these same columnists would be celebrating Cutler as a gun-slingin’, tough-talkin’ leader in the mold of the “Punky QB known as McMahon” had the defense been able to stop the Packers late TD pass and get out of Cheeseville with a victory the other night.

We really shouldn’t be surprised at these “journalists.” I realize they get paid to pick a side, fabricate stories and offer us their “expert” opinions. And I know during the offseason, us die-hards craved our daily dose of Cutler goings on. They know any article about him (whether it pertains to his on or off field activities) will get read by both the casual and die-hard Bears fans.

But now that football is FINALLY here, we can let go of the 24/7 Jay Cutler obsession. Instead, tell me what’s happening or going to happen on the field (Was anyone else aware the Bears were playing the defending Super Bowl champs this weekend?). And it’s not like we just lost the face of the franchise to a season-ending injury…

So go ahead Chicago journalists – enjoy your time monitoring Cutler’s every facial expression, back scratch and yawn on Sunday for your lead article next week. Myself and the rest of the Bear Nation will actually be watching the game.

On a related note…

Is it just me, or is Jim Mora – the former coach who’s a YouTube sensation for this famous post-game outburst – in any position to criticize someone else for how they handled themselves in a post-game interview?

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2 Responses to “The Chicago Media Already Taking Shots at Jay Cutler”

  1. MarkV says:

    Classic! Hard to believe that with 4 interceptions that the Chi-town media spent more time critiquing his eye contact than by his performance. You’d think that would be the treatment he would get when you had NOTHING to talk about. Great job! Good to see a fan sound off instead of these cubicle quarterbacks.

  2. Lynae Ray says:

    I agree 1000% with the previous article on Jay Cutler- He is not in Chicago to ‘impress’ the Press- Jay could Care-Less about the Press- in case you haven’t noticed. With Jay, what you see is what you get- an HONEST interpretation of his game- and isn’t honesty the best policy? EXCEPT in politics!! The problem with the reporters is they want a politically correct QB- one who says and acts like they think he should. Maybe the press wished that they would have kept Kyle Orton- maybe he would’ve been a better person to interview after a tough loss to a good team, the Green Bay Packers! Has the press tried to think what it would be like if Kyle was still the QB, and the football ‘gods’ hadn’t seen fit to send them a Pro-Bowl QB as an early christmas present? Look at the Broncos game last week- Orton put up 0 points in touchdowns, until the ‘Immaculate Deflection’- which EVERYONE knows was truly a miracle! So would you trade the 2 field goals that Kyle Orton was able to amass before Stokely miraculously won the game,for the gun-slinging Cutler,lost to a very good team, and will only get better each game? I will GLADLYtake Jay back- you see I’m a Denver Bronco fan, who is still very angry at the dumbest rookie coach in NFL history for trading away MY franchise QB!