Following the Rules of The Ten Commandments of Gambling – Part I

1. Start with a specific amount of money, you can afford to lose and never add to it throughout the season. Don’t deviate from this rule. If you can only afford to lose $500, start with and only use that amount during the season. If you lose the $500, further analyze all your bets, but, especially your losers and only do your bets in your workbook. You’re officially done for the season.

2. Use and keep a worksheet throughout the season.
Pick every single game throughout the season (versus the spread), obviously, as each week progresses, and rank from bottom to top, which you feel least likely versus the spread, to most likely to beat the spread. Only bet the top one to three games maximum per week, that you believe will beat the spread. Analyze your bets after you’ve won or lost each week and be objective. Write down in a logical analysis why you’re making a bet. No hunches. No I felt…Logical reasoning. Write it down in your workbook. Don’t make the same mistake twice.

3. Bet in percentages. Especially early in the season, before you’ve won or lost (most people lose beacause they have NO SYSTEM), only bet a maximum of ten per cent on any one game. If you hit a winning streak (four in a row or better, increase your percentage, but, never above 20%).

4. Be disciplined. Be 100% lucid when making your choices. That means do NOT be under the influence of any alcohol or any other drug (okay, aspirin is fine) during your decision making nor when you place the wager or wagers. The so-called experts on television, never make their choices using the spread, ever. Why? They typically are former pros who lose money, if they gamble at all. They’re not professional gamblers. If they chose versus the spread, they’d all or almost all, be exposed to not know anything about professional football gambling or any other kind of sports betting, for that manner .Follow your own intuition.

A part of the “be disciplined” tenet, is to make your choices early in the week and, unless you have a number one choice, that you’re convinced is a “lock,” wait until the night before or shortly before game time, to place your bet. In other words, this gives you a chance to sleep on it. Oh, and by the way, there is no such thing in real life as a lock. None. Not when you’re working against the spread.

5. Do NOT bet emotionally. If you see your tendency, is to mainly desire to place bets on “your” team week after week, you are either a moron, have little creative thought or enjoy losing. Betting on your team is almost always an emotional wager. In a given year, you can fight this bad habit of most novices, by having your team be your fourth choice every week and therefore, only placing the bet with yourself. Track how you would’ve done if you’d placed that bet. The odds are very high, you would be on the loser’s side of the column. Also, with local bookies, they know in Chicago, for example, that 80% or more of the bets on the Chicago game are for the Bears to beat the spread. They know this, so, they’ll typically jack the spead-up by a half to one point. They do this especially within 90 minutes of kick-off, when people won’t check with the “Vegas Line” or look to place the bet somewhere with a “bettter” spread.

6. Don’t bet every week. Especially, if you’ve bet once each in the first two weeks and lost both bets, take the next week off. Be disciplined. Don’t become an addict. You prevent this by not betting every week. Some gamblers find they get an addrenalin rush when they place the wager. They “believe” they’re going to win every bet. I used to believe in the “tooth fairy” but, no longer have this irrational thought. This should only be done with coin you can afford to lose. Don’t bet every week. You’ll probably find when you’re watching games with no bets, you enjoy the game more…then again, maybe not.

7. This actually is Number One-Understand all the rules! This should be a given…Understand clearly all the rules. Know what the “juice” is (typically 10%)…

8. Do not bet with an online gambling site
(via credit or debit card or by giving the company your checking account information). Don’t do it. Trust me on this one.

9. To me, a losing streak, by definition is two games in a row. After any losing streak, take the next week off. Be disciplined. Another thing many losers do, when they’re on a losing streak, they INCREASE the percentage they place on their next bet. If your objective is to make money, don’t do it! See Rule Number Three. When you’ve hit any losing streak, take some time off. When you place your next bet (after the aforementioned breather) make it a 5% wager on what you have in the “pot,” until you’ve won three in a row. Only then should you increase your wager to 10% of what you have to place bets with.

10. Don’t get cocky. You’ve won seven bets in a row, you tell all your buddies what a “rocket scientist” you are. You’ve won seven in a row. Einstein had nothing on you…then you lose four in a row…The other thing some gamblers will do, they go on a winning streak, the “book” pays them on Tuesday or Wednesday, they’ve won sveral hundred or thousand dollars…they have it in cash in their pocket…do they put it in a safe place (a bank) or stash it in their house somewhere? No, they blow it on “stuff” they don’t need or buy a gift for someone who probably doesn’t deserve it. Save it. This is now part of the new pot. Let me repeat-Save it. Once you’ve won on a net basis, the amount you started with, I recommend stashing those winnings for the playoffs.

By following all these rules you can still lose. But, you’ll be more than likely not losing as much or at least taking a more scientific approach to wagering on Pro Football. Also, this is not meant to encourage anyone to gamble. Follow whatever laws are applicable in your state or wherever you live. Most (98%) people shouldn’t ever gamble. Vegas didn’t get to be a huge metropolis because most people made money gambling there. They don’t. Most people, if they keep an accountant’s track of their gambling, consistently lose. Let the gambler beware.

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One Response to “Following the Rules of The Ten Commandments of Gambling – Part I”

  1. Bullajami says:

    There are many reputable online sportsbooks where it is safe to place a bet (so long as it is legal in your jurisdiction). I have personally made bets at more than two dozen online sportsbooks and have never been ripped off. Scams exist, so do your homework prior to choosing a sportsbook. There are several watchdog websites that provide reliable information.