I’m going to preface this by saying two things: 1) This is not an attack on the current Giants receivers. I’m actually quite happy with them and 2) I have no idea if this is going to happen.

That said, Brandon Marshall is having “trust issues” with the Broncos management, because of the way the team handled his acquittal on misdemeanor battery charges. Marshall has made it clear that he wants to be traded. Are the Giants a fit? They could be.

The Giants don’t have a true number one receiver. While Domenik Hixon and Steve Smith have talent, they are not number one receivers. Marshall is. Last year, he had 104 catches for 1,265 yards and 6 touchdowns. Those are number one numbers. There are problems with Marshall, though. He gets hurt frequently. He’s had run ins with the law. But when he’s healthy, he’s awesome. He’s fast, tall (6-4) and would take the place of Plaxico Burress.

I usually don’t like to advocate for players with character issues. However, I feel this case is different. Going to a strong, stable organization, one that doesn’t have a new QB and coach, could be very beneficial for him. Will New York provide distractions? Yes. But, the Giants seem to do very well with these types of players (except for Plax, but, really, no one saw that coming). With a team with a strong leadership core, Marshall might be able to thrive.

The Giants would have to give up a couple of players/picks for Marshall. I say a second round pick in the 2010 draft, Jay Alford and Kevin Dockery. With the D-line depth, Alford won’t be missed. And Dockery is being beat out by Terrell Thomas for the nickel corner. I think the Broncos would do it. Should the Giants? Should they take a chance on Marshall, knowing he would improve their team, but might cause a few headaches?