Well, the world of the Minnesota Vikings has been turned upside down as doggy-doo has officially (and I mean officially, so you can stop calling me a dipstick) hit the fan at full force as the Minnesota Vikings have officially received their license to print U.S. dollars.

In roughly the time it would take most humans to buy today’s groceries, Brett Favre flew to Minnesota, signed a reportedly hefty contract, and began practicing with a purple number 4 jersey on.

In that time while you may have been deciding whether or not you want skim or 2% milk, many other things happened.  Minnesota fans “stormed” Winter Park to catch a glimpse of Lord Favre and some of which were even threatened with trespassing by local authorities.  18 products with Favre’s name and number (including 10 different types of jerseys) were put on sale by the Vikings.  A press conference has been scheduled for 5:00 p.m.

By the time you got to the bread aisle, Childress had already made a statement:

“We believe adding a player such as Brett Favre to our mix will be a strong positive for this football team,” said Head Coach Brad Childress. “As we have conveyed before, his unique knowledge of our system, the NFC North and his innate skills make this a rare opportunity. We felt there was a brief window to reconsider the possibility and we owed it to the organization to evaluate our options. After thorough discussion, the same variables that made this a unique and positive situation previously, still exist. Now, our attention turns to getting to work as a team, our next practice and preparing for the season.”

Then as you checked to see if the carton of eggs you grabbed had any cracked ones in it, Favre also released a statement:

“I am excited about the opportunity to join this football team,” said Favre. ”From ownership, to coaching to the players, it is evident that everyone in the Vikings organization is committed to bringing the fans of Minnesota a Championship. I am eager to join my new teammates and get to work towards that goal.”

By the time you got to the checkout line, the price for you to go to a Vikings game at the Dome has almost tripled.

And in case you didn’t think that was enough to happen in just a few hours this event has set forth a chain of events for better or worse.  This move will make or break the career of Brad Childress.  This move will go a long ways towards pulling the Vikings out of the NFL’s revenue gutter.  This move will sell tickets and merchandise, causing a large increase in revenue.  This move could be a huge step towards the Vikings getting a new stadium.  And no, I’m not exaggerating… business-wise the signing of Favre is indeed THAT good.

It is almost impossible to expect his production on the field to match the impact he’ll have on the Vikings bottom line, but whether or not he can translate to the field at all is yet to be seen.

Favre could lead this team to Miami or it could all be a tremendous let down.  It has been over a decade since he was league MVP and just as long since he’s won a Super Bowl.

Either way, the Vikings will make their money… and in the end, money trumps tradition, rivalries, football sense, and honesty.  If you didn’t believe that about the NFL before, you should now.