Note: Not Bulgers actually X-ray

Note: Not Bulger’s actually X-ray

Bulger is out for 2 weeks because of a small fracture in his right pinky finger.

Why was he out at practice with a broken pinky finger in the afternoon, when they had not gotten the results of his x-ray?

Kyle Boller takes the reins for the next two preseason games as Bulger sits out with his finger in a sling. This will severly hamper the ability for all the Rams new, young players on offense to get on the same page.

UPDATE: Here’s the exact info on the fracture from

– Bulger had an X ray on his right pinkie finger after injuring it on a center exchange with Jason Brown in the morning practice. That X ray revealed what Spagnuolo is calling a “small fracture” in the pinkie finger. The finger was not displaced in any way and there is no surgery or casting that can be done on it.