The Rams will actually face off against someone that isn’t themselves starting Friday night at 7pm Eastern LIVE on NFL network.  We’ve heard a lot of rumblings out of camp and seen who is playing well, but we cannot be sure until the lights go on.  Not too bright lights, because it’s still the preseason naturally.  What is there to watch for on Friday night?

1. The lines. The play calls will be vanilla for both the offense and defense, but the effort will not be.  Can the Rams newly formed offensive line protect the quarterback?  Can Jason Smith block any pass rushers?  On the defensive side of the ball, can the Rams produce consistent pass rush?

2. The receivers. With Avery out for the preseason and maybe more, who amongst the rest of the receivers will step up to fill his spot and position himself for a larger role when Avery returns?

3. The corners. It is the same deal with the corners as it is basically an open casting call for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th corners on the roster between Tye Hill, Justin King, Jon Wade, Quincy Butler and Bradley Fletcher.

4. Strong side backer. Chris Draft is the incumbent, but he is challenged by David Vobora and Larry Grant.  Who starts and who plays the best?

5. Backup Running Back. Whoever replaces Steven Jackson first will give us a good indication about who is leading the backup running back competition.  However, everyone will get to play, but who will impress?

Is there anything else worth watching in the game?