allen tackle

There is one reader of this blog that I know will especially appreciate this post.  So, I just wanted to say “Hello” to G.P., who is a huge Asher Allen fan.

The Vikings third round pick got a chance to show his stuff on Tuesday when Cedric Griffin missed practice with a leg injury.  Allen was a firecracker during practice and coaches and reporters raved about him afterwards.

Brad Childress said of Allen, “He is quick footed, doesn’t shy away from contact and doesn’t shy away if you’re a No. 1 receiver. He will get up in your face and he is a smart guy.”

While working with the first team, Allen singled out Bernard Berrian and used his speed and aggressiveness to make a number of plays during team drills.

While I was originally disappointed that the Vikes chose to add another under-sized cornerback in this year’s draft, a few more fans like G.P. and a few more practices like this could change my mind.

Then again, I recall Benny Sapp having similar practices and pre-season games like Allen had today and I don’t see anyone rushing to anoint Benny the next Antoine Winfield.

Time will tell.

In the meantime, Allen is starting to build a case for making him the Vikings new nickel back.  Charles Gordon being unable to return from injury greatly improved Allen’s (and everyone else’s) chances of getting the nickel job.

I hope my buddy G.P. is right about Asher… I will gladly eat my fair share of crow if the Vikings have a shutdown corner on their hands.