Brett Favre’s message to his “fans”


  Now that drama queen Brett Favre has finally decided to stay retired, he has a special message to his so called “fans” who wanted him to stay retired.

“They really did not love me in the first place,” said Favre.

Favre said this in the growing response of fans saying that Favre should stay retired in order to save his legacy.

Favre told that he knows the Green Bay fans still loved him after his great 2007 season when the Packers fell just short of the Super Bowl. Favre also added that any fan of his that got sick of hearing about him and whether or not he was going to stay retired never truely loved him in the first place.

This latest outcry for attention by Favre could be the last straw for many of his fans.

For years Favre was idiolized in Green Bay by his fans and teammates alike. A lot of fans and former teammates lost respect for him the past two offseasons when he would retire and then try and come back.

My question is: Why would Favre accuse his long time and loyal fans of this? These fans helped turn Favre from a nobody into one of the most popular and loveable players in league history.

I think Favre needs to think before he talks.

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30 Responses to “Brett Favre’s message to his “fans””

  1. Karl says:

    Should have came to Minnesota big mistake on his part guess he did not want another ring.

  2. Rob says:

    Let’s see, you start by calling Brett Favre a name, “drama queen”. Then you call him out for disagreeing with the opinion of some fans. However, this is not about opinions. No person has the right to tell another they must retire. There are laws even, to prevent age discrimination. The only viable reasons not to work is that no one wants to hire you or you don’t want to work. Brett Favre can only be knocked for waffling on the issue, but not for any final decision…the decision is his. And so far as his indecision goes, when did that become a crime? We’ve never had a QB that good and that healthy at this stage of their career…these are unchartered waters. Only he could decide and he finally did. If a team did not think it was worth it, they could just drop it. If a fan does not like it, he can just ignore it…just like we all do with a lot of things everyday. So let teams decided who they want to pursue, let fans decide what articles they want to read and let Favre live his own life. To me, that’s what he’s being condemned for- wanting to live his own life. Perhaps we should all just do the same. Thanks for the memories Brett, nothing will ever sour them for me! God bless this free country too!

  3. Chuck Roundy says:

    Favre is right. his “real” fans, myself included, still love him and would like to see him play. It’s a sport and entertainment, not a marriage. Green Bay didnt want him anymore and that is ok, but it doesnt mean that if he wants to play that he shouldn’t. I’ve been a Packer fan all my life (I’m 46 years old). I’ve watched them through some horrible years and Brett made it exciting to be a Green Bay fan again. his “true” fans will always love him.

  4. Gary Vidian says:

    Brett Favre is correct. The so called Packer fans will turn on you in a heart beat. They did it to Bart Starr,Forest Gregg and Vince Lombardi. Don’t challenge me on this one. I was there for each. I stayed loyal to all of them including Brett Favre. Thanks to them the Packers would not be who they are today.

  5. Tom West says:

    I think(know) that YOU need to think before you write. The real “drama queens” are sports writers LIKE YOU who are obsessed with Favre. Yeah, YOU PEOPLE hound him all year long when he’s playing with questions like, “Will this be your last year?” and then send crews to camp outside of his home to report on how many times Favre flushed his toilet in the last 24 hours. You’re just another blood-sucking leech who isn’t worthy to carry Favre’s jockstrap. Got it?

  6. Lucas says:

    I think you need to think before talking.

  7. Shut up Rob I think this is a good article and Favre is a drama queen. He does need to think before he says something. by the way Favre wasn’t even healthy if he was that’s why he had surgery. How about you think before you speak

  8. Hey Tom West I have held Brett Favre’s Jockstrap so your wrong. I liked it to. It was the best job ever. he even let me lick it so shut up.

  9. Brett Favre’s Jock strap was the best one I’ve held in my life

  10. hariprem says:

    I love the drama.. thats what sports are about. I would give anything to see another season of the Favre show. What have YOU ever done that compares to what Brett has done

  11. Rob says:

    Steelerfan4043…sorry I made you so upset that you had to tell me to shut up. I would not tell you such a thing…it’s rude. Favre had a partial tear of a bicep ligament…yes he was hurt, but now he’s not. And look at how well he played prior to that injury…he could play well again. And the author’s point was that Brett’s speaking his honest opinion is refeshing. He doesn’t want Brett to give calculated responses, nor will I. And how can Brett be a drama queen when he’s the wrong gender, or is that a metaphor? Please, don’t shut up, I’m not worried about you. In fact, your other posts are quite humorous. We need comic relief as much as insightful commentary. Stay with your strength!

  12. john allen says:

    brandon you r funny!, not in favre’s league ever, keep talking, favre could care less, he is the man, the money, ur just?, what r u?, who r u?, ain’t money!

  13. Hey Rob I just want to say that your right about Brett Favre he can’t be a drama queen because he’s just not good enough to be one

  14. By the way I hate everyone in the world

  15. Mike Rieselman says:

    Brett should come out of retirement and bring the Super Bowl Ring to Minnesota. Brett is still the best quarterback in the NFL at 38.

    The Vikings should give him whatever he wants to get him back in the game.

    Adam Schein and Favre’s critics are morons who never played the game and would not know a true champion if he landed on them.

  16. PurplePeopleEater says:

    Rob, I’m loving your coments. They are level-headed, on the mark and gave me a couple of good laughs!

    Favre said nothing wrong. He gave his opinion, as each of the people in here are doing, and as every American has the right to do. The fact is that many of us agree with him. He is calling out the Fair Weather Fans. These are the people whose hate increases for the people whose success decreases. No offense to any of you, but these people make my stomach turn. I believe that a true fan is one treats his team like a member of his family, loving it through the good and the bad. Fair weather fans are similar to moochers, loving you only so long as you are giving them what they want.

    By the way, in case you couldn’t tell, I have wanted Favre to lose every game he ever played outside of one specific year. And until seeing the “fans'” reactions to the Favre fallout, I always thought that my poor view of Packer fans was simlpy that we have always been rooting for opposing teams.

  17. George Vick says:

    I have been a PACKER FAN all my life. Brett is now my zero!!!! I thought he was a reputable sport’s hero but I have learned that he want’s to stick it to the Green Bay Packer FAN!!! He calls it, to Ted Thompson, but I disagree. If he were to go to the _______, he would be the biggest LOSSER in Wisconsin sport history. All of you Favre Fans, just go away!!! You are garbage!!!

  18. David Digney says:

    To all you Brett Favre so-called fans that like to jump on the bitch wagon…YOU ALL CAN POUND YOUR PUD WITH A HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A true fan doesnt beat someone down,because they may want to play for someone else.I more than most,wanted Brett in purple,so Favre could beat Thompson where it hurts most…his EGO!!!

    You people are saying you never change your mind???….Thats horse-hockey folks….


  19. George Vick is right. Nice post

  20. alan says:

    for ever a favre fan wachted him take the stage after makowski wrecked himself he made football exciting he is the ultimae of qb’s and you people should be ashamed!!! Hes human just like us except for the extraordinary ability to throw a ball 50+yds any were he chooses so until you or any of the other fo fans can do that you should just close the mouth and just admire the man for everthing he has giving the sport.Hes not a god but hes sure not a drama queen hes just brett favre

  21. David Digney says:

    Ha Ha Ha Favre always had stunk I was just kidding

  22. Lori says:

    Brett’s great. He adds to the thrill of the game (both on and off the field). Hope he finds a way to stay visible within the NFL, even as a commentator so we can enjoy his insights and stories.

    As for Ted Thompson “considering Michael Vick”, there is no comparison between Vicks lack of ethics & Brett. Brett could serve as a role model of hard work; Vick is just a liar & dead-beat Dad.

  23. Mark says:

    How much more out of context could you possibly put his words? Come on, you KNOW the full text of what he said implies a totally different meaning to that sentence, but … you chose not to give that.

    Pulling this kind of stuff … you can’t even call yourself a sports journalist. You are a PR hack (for your own agenda), spinning words to make people think they mean something totally different than what they actually did.

    You should be embarassed.

  24. brandon says:

    Haha, thank you to all the haters that (and people that enjoyed my article) made my article one of the most commented ones. And thank you for all your negative comments, it makes me want to continue to write and piss people off 🙂

    And for those of you that said “what r u? u r nothing, Brett Favre is the man” Well my response is “what are you?” probably sit at home and collect tax payers money and read this blog all day.

    I was simply just reporting a story, Yes I called him a drama queen, because that is what he turned into, hes a shadow of what he once was. I like Favre, he is one of the best QBs of all time. I was just sick of hearing about his drama all the time.

    Thank you again for inspiring me to write more 🙂

  25. matt says:

    the minnesota adrien petersen’s wouldn’t get him a ring, do you remember the last 2 seasons? The guy is too old for the cold weather

  26. Williams765 says:

    Your Welcome Brandon

  27. ROY GUENTHER says:


  28. Walter J. Meyer says:

    When did you ever see Brett throw his receivers under the bus when they ran the wrong route? Who has all the records? I can tell that all the idiots that want to throw Brett under the bus never played football or any other sport, otherwise they wouldn’t talk so stupid! As far as I’m concerned if you put all these anti Brett fans and writers together you couldn’t get a complete idiot! In the playoff game with the Giants, the receiver ran the wrong route, yet they want to blame Brett for this!

  29. Mike Rieselman says:

    One year and 7 months ago I said the Vikes should give Brett whatever he wanted to get him back. I still feel the same. 12 men on the field ? Favre took us one play from the Super Bowl in one season. Next year is the year. If the whole team played like he did, we beat New Orleans. Dropped passes, etc. He is still the winner, the leader we need. Who cares if he loves the limelight ? Many of the best ones did/do. He earned it. 123 Vikes !!!