The Case for Michael Vick to be a KC Chief

Soldier Field
As the Chiefs arrived in River Falls for their last training camp at that location one thing was clearly missing from their offensive roster, speed and athleticism. Besides running back Jamaal Charles and rookie wide receiver Quinten Lawrence the Chiefs have no speedy game breakers on their offense.

Which brings me to my main question why is a former first overall pick of the 2001 NFL Draft, three time pro bowler with 4.3 speed and the ability to throw the football out of the stadium still sitting on the free agent market?

As we all know I am talking about Michael Vick who has been recently reinstated after serving a two year sentence for financing a dog fighting ring. The fact that NFL teams are not taking so much as a sniff at Michael Vick is not collusion it comes down to the same thing all decisions in the NFL come down to money.

Not to say Michael Vick would cost a lot of money, in fact he would come at a relatively bargain basement price considering his talent. A NFL team could sign Michael Vick for somewhere in the neighborhood of a million dollars.

The reason teams have been scared away is the threat of losing their big money, sponsorship. If a team signed Vick they know there is a chance one of their sponsors would pull out just to get the good publicity of saying we wont run our ads during a game in which Michael Vick is playing. If a sponsor did that they would get more publicity than they would have got by running their ads during a NFL game.

Political powers like PETA would praise whoever pulled their commercials and it would be the number one story to be debated on sports talk radio and ESPN shows like PTI and around the horn.

If the NFL was not ran by cooperate sponsorship Michael Vick would have been on a roster the day he was reinstated to the league. I am not saying Michael Vick did not deserve what he got (maybe I would have gave him three years) but the point I am making is since he pleaded guilty Vick has done everything right, he served his sentence, he is going to be involved in community works speaking to people about the dangers and harsh realities of dog fighting.

Teams are not taking a moral stance on this issue there is just 31 owners in the league who don’t want any bad PR. Which is not a take on the owners of the league it is something that speaks volumes on the fans of the league. Owners are scared of the backlash from their fans, a owners worst nightmare is to pull up to their home Monday Night Football game two hours before kickoff only to see more people protesting holding up signs against the signing of Michael Vick instead of tail gaiting….. That would be a owners worst nightmare.

The reason I say that speaks volume to the fans is because fans control the game more than they realize. If a owner thought signing Michael Vick would produce eight home sellouts he would already be on a team. Which means it is time for NFL fans to forgive and forget, the truth is 2500 people are arrested each year for dog fighting and no NFL fan besides law enforcement members or PETA partakers could name one of the 5000 people arrested for dog fighting after Vick.

Nobody protests St. Louis Rams games even though Leonard Little plays for their team. Little as you may recall was convicted of drunk driving man slaughter in 1998. He did 90 days in jail received a eight game suspension and has since went on to make over 36 million dollars in the league and picked up a second DUI and if the Rams decided to release Little it would not take over a week for him to find a new home.

The bottom line is there is not a third string quarterback in the league that Vick could not beat out just with his raw abilities. Sure Vick was not that accurate as a quarterback to begin with and may be a little rusty after two years away from the game, but with the invention of the Wildcat offense Vick could step in immediately and play in certain situations.

It just does not take that much practice to catch the shotgun snap from center act like your going to pass it then run right as fast as you can. Vick would be a upgrade over Brodie Croyle ( Croyle played in two games last year and did not finish either of them) and the Chiefs have the leadership in place to have a reclamation project like Vick.

When Pioli and Haley took over Larry Johnson demanded a trade now he is singing a different tune saying things like “ I was perceived a s a team cancer now I want to be a leader” “I want to be a Chief”. The Chiefs could handle Vick and with Todd Haley being a former offensive coordinator he would have the creativity to take advantage of Vick’s skill set.

Vick could also factor in as a kick returner or receiver possibly, If the Scott Pioli is serious about putting together the best 53 players he can then Vick deserves a spot on this team, he could pay immediate dividends.

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13 Responses to “The Case for Michael Vick to be a KC Chief”

  1. Ron Seibel says:

    We don’t exhist on this planet just because of sports. Get a life. Michael Vick is an evil man. He had dogs slammed to the ground until they were dead. He had the teeth pulled out of the mouths of breeding females so that they couldn’t bite the males they bred with. Now you want to reward him with a million dollar contract, just so you can watch him play football. You sports writers kill me. Most of you are a bunch of wanna be’s that can only make it writing about sports. I’m sure you were the last ones chosen when the teams were picked in high school.

  2. Ron Burgandy says:

    Agreeded the NFL is privelage and not a right. But if Leonard Little is out there how is it fair to keep Vick out?

  3. aaron allen says:

    Ron Seibel, people like you disgust me. get off your high horse. he has lost two years of working and over 20 million dollars because he killed a couple of dogs… DOGS! What he did was wrong and deserved punishment but this is ridiculous. he would be a perfect fit in KC… at the very least he could be our kick and punt returner and at the most a wildcat qb for almost a minimum contract. I say bring him in!

  4. it is a shame that greed is the main factor it dont matter if you rape kill or mistreat animals all that matters is money
    i have to clinch my teeth of all that vick did to those poor dogs they are saying he can be a role model to whom convicts?
    he isint even a role model to his children what keeps him from marrying the mother plus he has another child somewhere
    all i pray is that he never plays in the nfl again but should he i hope there are some players that hate him for what he done & slams his black ass to let him know how it feels & hopefully take him out of action for good

  5. Matt Bailey says:

    Ron Seibel, you’re an idiot. Jeannie Caldwell is even more of an idiot. First of all, learn how to write before you get on here because no one can understand you. Second, his skin color has nothing to do with anything so don’t go there. Third, Vick paid his debt to society. He gave up his career, reputation, money, and 23 months of his life. I agree that what he did was wrong, but he did 23 months for killing some dogs. Donte Stallworth killed another human, much like Leonard Little, and he did 30 days in jail. He deserves to be in the NFL as much as any other player in the league. I am a Chiefs fan and would welcome him onto the team without any problems at all. He committed a crime. He served his punishment. Get over it, people.

  6. I agree with Matt. People do stupid things especially when they are young. I am not defending Vick here, and I think what he has done is wrong, but lets face it. Done it, paid for it and its over.

  7. well guess who shows there stupidty?
    didint know a person has to be a writer to express there opions all that matters is i got a few feathers ruffled
    i stand by all i said about vick {the savage}
    he got a slap on the wrist he should have gotten at least 5 years of hard time
    he will never have an endorsement the animail rights will see to that hell be working at bargain basement money

  8. Matt Weber says:

    Jeannie –
    You type like a freaking third grader, so shut up. Do you really value a dog’s life over a human’s? Because for some reason no one (including yourself) gives a rat’s ass about the manslaughter charges on Little and Stallworth. All anyone ever mentions is Vick and his dog charges. Granted what he did is morally wrong, but it’s over, it’s done, move on. And who cares if he’s not married, guess what, it’s not illegal to have a child out of wed lock, I went through it when I was a child and there was no problem in it. So shut-up Jeannie and give up, he will play somewhere, and I hope it’s in KC.

  9. Jimmy Lewis,Jr. says:

    I challenge any one of you who keep condemning this man to do just what the writer said…name any one of the other 5000 people arrested on dog fighting charges other than Michael Vick. The fact is, you most likely can’t. You really don’t care one way or the other. You all just like to see people fall from grace for some reason or another. I guess misery really does love company.

  10. Mitchell says:

    Wow Jeanie, first of all learn to spell, second of all, learn to forgive somebody. Yes, he was horrible to the dogs, and he deserved prison, but just because he did the horrible deed doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have an opportunity to get a job at what he does best and what he loves to do. If the world was full of people like you, everyone would hold a grudge on people that make stupid mistakes…that would make for a miserable world, because I’m sure everyone has done something stupid in their life.

  11. Taylor Jones says:

    I think micheal Vick would be at the very least a good investment. I like the statment about how sponsors would extort the situation. The chiefs should let folks know behind doors that they have confidence in thier fans to stick with the chiefs. so national bad press isnt really a big deal. not like the chiefs are very marketable now. sign him for cheap trade him for lots. please excuse my spelling just want to put my oppinon.

  12. for all of you that are standing by vick
    please read the artical by terence moore

  13. did any of you vick {the scum} fans see the vidio he made at a strip club all bleary eyed {probly from drugs we all know hes a dope head}