It has been awhile since I’ve posted one of our fantasy features, so with Percy Harvin being on our minds lately, I thought this would be as good of a time as ever to explore his fantasy potential.

THE GOOD:  Harvin is an incredibly dynamic player that can score some fantasy points every time he touches the ball.  He can do it in a variety of ways, too, including recieving, rushing, returning on special teams, and even the occasional pass.  His natural athletic ability combined with top-notch speed and vision make him an explosive threat no matter where he lines up.

THE BAD:  When it comes to pass catching, Harvin is kind of limited to the slot position, which means he’ll get fewer reps.  While his ability to line up in the backfield could supplemnt some of those touches, one has to be wary of a “gimmick” type player’s ability to put up consistent numbers.

THE BIG QUESTION:  Harvin is currently on day three of his holdout.  Missing those valuable reps in training camp can translate to fewer reps during the season.  He needs to get on the practice field before we can get a grasp on how often and in what capacity the Vikings will be using Harvin during his rookie season.

PREDICTION:  I think Harvin will sign his contract on Monday or Tuesday and get into camp.  I think he will have a promising but underwhelming season with something around 400 yards recieving and 150 rushing yards.  Between those touches and ones on special teams, I think he’ll be ale to muster 5 touchdowns.

WHERE TO DRAFT:  I will shy away from drafting Harvin at all, and I recommend you do the same.  While you can possibly draft him VERY late as a bench warmer, the btter strategy is to let him sit on waivers while you monitor his progress.