Steelers and Coach Mike Tomlin Stay Silent on Talk of Vick

Steelers Camp Football
The real defense of the Steelers 6th Super Bowl begins in Latrobe, PA on Saturday, and for now, the team is worried about who is on the field, not a guy just out of prison for dog fighting.

Amid a report that Mike Vick was talking to the Steelers Friday, coach Tomlin quickly did what he always seems to do, talk about his team that he currently can control, not a player who is not even a part of the organization.

“I don’t know whether he was in Pittsburgh or not,” Tomlin said. “But I’m in Latrobe and everybody else in our organization is as well.”

Tomlin said that talk of Vick to the Steelers is downright silly, and that for now he’s not talking about the QB, or what he could bring to the club if it actually were to happen.

“That’s relevant for conversation,” Tomlin said. “I’m just focused on the Steelers who are here and what we have going on, and not interested in discussing potential free agents.”

As for what other Steelers think about Vick, a couple players said they wouldn’t mind, one of which was cornerback Deshea Townsend. “We’d welcome him with open arms,” Townsend said.

“We’re just focused on who’s here right now,” center Justin Hartwig said. “We’re just concerned about the Steelers. We’re not really concerned about Michael Vick.”

At least for now.

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44 Responses to “Steelers and Coach Mike Tomlin Stay Silent on Talk of Vick”

  1. Lanie says:

    I was raised in Pittsburgh and always believed in the Steelers Nation. I will never support the Steelers and the Rooney family if there are talks with Michael Vik.I believe in second chances. However, I think what he did was inexcusable. He is not sincere and I am disappointed in any organization who accepts him. I will boycott the Steelers and any corporate sponsors.

  2. Jay says:

    Give it a rest….he served his time

  3. Ron says:

    I would disagree with Lanie a little. You can’t say that you believe in 2cd chances then say you would boycott any organization that would sign him. Animal lovers spacifically dog lovers will never forgive Vick but I do believe that he is remorseful. All of this has made him realize how bad his actions were. Everyone should let this guy move on. If the Steelers sign him, in will support them.

  4. Tyler says:

    Lanie, you say you believe in second chances.. but then you say that you would never support the Steelers again if this happened?

    No offense, but that sounds a little hypocritical. You said, “He is not sincere,” and just how exactly do you know this? People that have talked to him (Deion Sanders came out the other day) have said that you wouldn’t believe the type of transition that has gone on with him.

    And even before all this happened, did you know about his non-profit, Michael Vick Foundation? It was actually ran by him, and he was involved with it every day. He’s had kids over at his house even when he was on home confinement. He constantly had jerseys and Gatorade for the kids, and did you ever see any of that released to the media? Nope. Why? Because he doesn’t want the spotlight.

    If you say you believe in second chances, don’t abandon the team that you follow just because they want to take a second chance on a guy who deserves it. The past is the past and I’m sure if he could, he would rewrite it.. but I’m not sure I want him to. This whole situation has made him a better person. Can he be a better football player? We’ll see. Mike Tomlin is a guy who believes in character and if he can sit down with Michael and look him in the eyes and get a feel for him, don’t you think his judgment is as good as any persons?

    Tony Dungy, Dan Reeves, etc. have all said that he’s a good kid who just went down the wrong path.

    And he’s a special football player and I think the Steelers would be a perfect fit.

    I think everybody just needs to give the guy a chance to redeem himself before judging him.

  5. Kevin says:

    Michael Vick does not deserve to play in the NFL. If he does get picked up, that team would lose alot of my respect. I believe in my heart the Rooney family will make the right choice and avoid Vick altogether.

  6. ryan porter says:

    I think vick should get chance to play again because a every since vick went to jail a lot of other players did worser things from dog fighting like getting a (DUI) an got 21 day in jail not 2andhalf or more but what I’m tring to say let the vick play

  7. Mary says:

    Michael Vick does not derserve to be on ant team
    there is no second chance after you abuse animals
    or people. Once a abuser always an abuser
    I feel sorry for any team that picks this dirt bag up

    he has no remorse and he’s a sick f—
    I would love to see him rott
    why would any team want to pay a animal abuser
    that’s like rewarding him for his crime
    I say throw him back in jail

  8. Mary says:

    there is no chances for what Vick did he knew what he
    was doing was wrong no one twisted him arm
    he is a money hungrey person that abused animals
    next he will be abusing people if he hasn’t already

    why should kids look up to him if snyone signs him
    it’s telling our kids it’s ok
    wrong he deserves nothing from the NFL and I will
    respect no team and boycott any team that signs
    this animal abuser

  9. SteelersFan says:

    The Steelers and Mike Tomlin have absolutely no interest in Vick because he would be a distaction and he’s a criminal. The Steelers already have a Quarterback that I think is probably better than Vick. Why did NFL Fan House put this because It is False.

  10. Kevin Jones says:

    I agree with SteelersFan I think he is correct

  11. John says:

    While I agree what he did was wrong the man has served his time and deserves to play again, all you people who say he doesnt deserve to play again are probably still crying over the death of a drug addicted pedifile GIVE ME A BREAK !!!!!!

  12. Jay says:

    Its crazy the same people that are screaming that Mike Vick does not deserve a second chance are the same people that ancestors had slaves… But black people are to forgive for slavery and move one, well why does this not apply for Mike Vick…. I guess thats the way it is when you make the rules. Your logic does not make sense… Please explain

  13. HK says:

    I am appalled that so many people think that this animal abuser deserves a second chance! And who the hell compares dog fighting to a DUI? (ryan porter)Ridiculous!! I am guessing that none of you saw the condition that all those animals were in? There noses were ripped off, there skin was in shreds. Many had to be put down. Im sorry but that is the most heinous thing you can do to a living being. So what if he had kids over to his house for his “foundation”! Wouldn’t you if you had to fix your public image? I won’t support the steelers any more if they put him on their team. If you could let animals suffer that way then you are a sick individual and don’t even deserve this life.

  14. HK says:


    How can you compare people upset over dogs being abused to a drug addicted pedophile? I think people who support Michael Vik are the ones who are crying over drug addicted pedophiles. The dog wasn’t the criminal here! I can’t believe how uneducated some people are. Those dogs never stood a chance and he beat them and penned them against each other in a brutal fight to the death. All for money!! The guy is a loser and The steelers won’t put him on the team. They would be stupid to even consider.

  15. HK says:

    Oh and Jay, your comment about slavery has no relevance to this guy who has a few million dollar paycheck and drowned, electrocuted and beat dogs to death for years. Anyone who puts football over animal abuse deserves to be punished too for their stupidity.

  16. will says:

    people that say they will boycott steelers are not true fans to heart. why dont u support the steelers when Santonio holmes was driving around high risking people being killed.

    you need to grow up, give it a rest about crying if vick came to the team you supported. im sure the team would not care about lanie even if he did go to pittsburgh 1 fan out of the most supported loyal fanbase wow… imagine if he made the winning wildcat play with holmes and wallace in super bowl 44 im sure lanie would come crying back.

  17. Robert says:

    First off im not the type to run to blogs and severly critize people that made mistakes as some sort of hobby like most of you lames. I had to take the time to comment because these idiots who believe there is no such thing as a second chance were really making me want to throw up! i mean seriously if you think two in a half years in prison isnt enough punishment then you try it! i can only imagine the dirt that most of you people have done in your life times and many have done things far worse than Vick. I will admit it was very wrong and he should have paid for his crimes which he has done and then some! What most of you forget is the NFL is still a BUSINESS!!! and if i have trained all my life in a specific line of work(in this case football)who gives you the right to protest my return to my line of work regardless of the type after i have paid my debt to society? If Michael Vick did any other type of work this wouldnt be an issue but since its football i guess to some of you idiots its totally fine for some one to be banned from the career they have trained there whole life for after paying there debt for a crime thats totally unrelated to the line of work he does. I mean you guys who are against Vick would have a decent arguement if Vick were to pursue an Occupation around animales but what you are arguing now is just ridiculous!…Seriously players have done far worse them Vick but have gotten off the hook with far less punishments. i mean its ok for Big Ben to be accused of rape and people not even investigate it,or Stallworth can get drunk leave a club and run some one over and get only 21 days in jail,referrees can get cought betting on games,and players can beat the hell out of there wifes yet all recieve slaps on the wrist while Vick gets crucified! are you guys serious? I mean dude alot of you guys probably have gone hunting before Killing helpless bears,deer,Birds,ect…so whats the difference in that? what now are you guys gonna argue that dogs are more special and meaningful because they are mans best friends? get real a life is a life! oh and what about UFC and MMA(Mix Martial Arts)its perfectly fine for humans to brutally beat the snot out of each other those guys are trained killers just like the dogs! Where’s the role model argument against UFC? and whether you believe it or not in many cultures and places in the states people are raised fighting dogs and in there local society its perfectly fine. Just like in some places in this country its perfectly fine to hand a Rifle to a 10 year old boy and say shoot that deer! I know everything i have said wont mean anything and will go straight in one ear and out the other but that ok. I just couldnt read these ridiculous comments without responded in favor of Vick. Bottom Line he has paid his debt to society now get off his back and let him get back to the only line of work he knows so he can support his family and self like every man would want to do.

  18. Virginia Steeler fan says:

    Professional athletes are role models for young people, whether you believe it or not, every kid who plays sports dreams of playing in the NFL, NHL, NBA, etc. While we all debate over Michael Vick and compare his illegal activities to DUIs, etc. one must stop and ask themself about whether a professional athlete has a responsibility to his/her fans, especially the younger fans. Michael Vick disgraced VA Tech fans,and Virginia football repuation as a high quality producer of fine professional athletes (Heath Miller) . yes, he served his time yes – and he is marketable in other jobs that pay well. He has lost valuable time due to his ‘mistake’ and as one gets older in the NFL, he will have more this his reputation to clean up. It is tough on the field

    There are Steelers who work very hard at staying straight and are outstanding role models for kids and young athletes. Heath, Troy are stellar examples. The Rooney family needs to stay focused on what professional sports are really about…Ole’ man Rooney was in the game for more than the money and I hope his legacy lives on in his offspring who will make the final decision on whether The Steelers hire XCONs or role models for the good people of Pittsbugh and so many others who look to the Steelers as a high quality franchise that provides more than football and entertainment to the Steel City.

    now that is talking business. Sustainability and reputation as an organization is good business and Vick is not a ‘product’ that is going to sell seats.

  19. Virgina Steeler your absolutly right on the nose. And you managed to respond without belittling any of the reading audience. Good job, thats the sort of humility and honor that i associate with the steelers organization. The Steelers have won more Superbowls than any other franchise without Micheal Vik. Maybe the Cowboys should pick him up. Personal integrity has never been a virtue favored by Jerry Jones and look where thats gotten him.

  20. kathleen carlson says:

    Michael Vick did much more than bank role a dog fight. It is unbelievable that some football fans are willing to over look this and believe it is insignificant.
    Read information from an animal welfare group:
    If Vick genuinely sees the error in his cruel behavior, that’s one thing. However, details released in a recent USDA report call into serious question Vick’s ability to change, a fact that his representatives seem to wish to ignore. The USDA report revealed that—in contrast to what Vick told us during his empathy training at PETA headquarters (that he had a mental disconnect between his animals at home and the dogs he fought)—he would put “family pet” dogs into the ring alongside dogs trained to kill and that “Vick, [Purnell] Peace, and [Quanis] Phillips thought it was funny to watch the pit bull dogs … kill or injure the other dogs.” The report also states that Vick himself personally killed dogs in slow, painful ways, such as by slamming them to the ground so that their backs broke, and insisted that they be killed rather than given away. Vick and his partners’ 18-page federal indictment ( describes a grisly underground enterprise for breeding, raising, and training dogs for fighting. Those who did not “perform well” were tortured and killed by hanging, drowning, beating, and electrocution.

  21. SteelerBeliever says:

    This was an adult who for years knew of horrible abuse, and not only let it continue, but was an active participant. If he wasn’t caught, it would still be going on. The guy is just a pathetic thug who ought to get a job stacking pop crates at Giant Eagle.

  22. Lisa says:

    It says something about you if you cannot find it in yourself to give this man a 2nd chance. Whether you are black or white does not matter. This is not a racial issue. This is about a person getting another shot to do it right. I am a die hard Steeler fan and would not want this to be a distraction to the team but I think the potential positives outweigh the potential drawbacks. This man can still play at a high level and I predict he will rebound nicely and become a starting QB in 2010 as long as he doesn’t let all the naysayers bring him down!!!!

  23. glrfc says:

    OMG! The man served his time. He appears to be remorseful. He’s a super football player; showtime all the way. Give him a chance, whether it be with the Steelers or any other NFL team. What he did was wrong, but worse crimes have been committed and forgiven. If God can forgive us, and him, for all the sins we’ve committed, who are we to be unforgiven.

  24. Football Fan says:

    Just because he paid his debt to society, it does NOT mean he should be up in our faces and spoiling our sport. Pick another job and have a great life.

  25. Football Fan says:

    Read on sports news service that E-POLL found 72% of sports fans DISLIKE VICK. In fact he made the TOP of the list of MOST DISLIKED ATHLETES. The NFL needs us FANS more than they need him. (Manny Ramirez placed a distant 2nd at 58%.)

  26. Football Fan says:

    HEY btw HK: I’m a BIG BAD BLACK BROTHER my own self! ESPN’s video of Vick’s torture devices on his Virginia property stay in my head man. Remember he didn’t just front the dogfighting enterprise. He actually participated in the torture-killing of some of the dogs. That is way badder than a DUI, drugs, or a sh…t pile of other mess.

  27. Football Fan says:

    Whoops, I mean btw JAY! (Sorry there HK.)Peace out…..

  28. SteelerBeliever says:

    Lisa, I *am* willing to give this thug a second chance… just not as a quarterback / role model for kids in the NFL.

    He can do plenty of other things in his life and earn an honest living. His name recognition & notoriety could serve him well on the speaking circuit, for example.

    I don’t want to see him under center ever again, and ESPECIALLY not with the Stillers!

  29. Doug says:

    M.Vick deserves to play football again. If someone kills someone one while drunk driving are they not allowed to work again? If killing of animals is the issue here than anyone football player who hunts should be under the same scrutiny as M.Vick. So Payton, Brady, Favre they should not be able to take another snap under center either.

  30. SteelerBeliever says:

    Doug, what color is the sky in your world? If you don’t see the difference between death by electrocution / hanging / mauling / torture and deer hunting, you’re really missing the point. This guy cheered as dogs were being killed. Do you really think that goes away or can be “rehabilitated” out of someone after a few months in the slam?

    Besides, I didn’t say don’t let him work again… I said don’t let him work as a QB in the NFL as a role model for kids.

  31. Buster says:

    Doug, to answer your question, if someone kills someone while drunk driving they are NOT allowed to work again in a HIGH PROFILE JOB due to the bad PR. As for comparing hunting to dogfighting, you are comparing apples to oranges. Hunting is not done to watch the torture and killing of animals pitted against each other. And Natural Resources finds hunting is necessary to prevent extracted starvation resulting from ever-increasing populations. As for other players, I don’t want any thug messing up my football.

  32. Bob says:

    Steelers are not Dallas. He was a jerk in Atlanta by flipping off fans. Telling everyone on tv he is loved and no one cares what he does becouse he is a star. So he goes to jail and sees God, Tony Dungie and Bubba. And now he is reborn. He does need a second chance. NOT IN THE NFL. Or maybe with Detriot NOT WITH THE STEELERS. He will never be part of Steeler Nation. Steelers have made stars not thugs. Again we are NOT THE COWBOYS. I live in Atlanta and Falcons don’t want him. He lies to everyone. He is not smart enough to play for the Steelers. Dogfighting, The guy makes millions hang out with seedy people (thugs) funds and kills dogs. Would not hang with team mates. And he gives all that M
    money up for that. He’s not that Smart. NOW THAT IS WHAT THE STEELERS WANT a thug. Stay away from VICK. He will cost you your Team like he did in Atlanta. Go Steelers and Go Steeler Nation.

  33. Bob says:

    By the way, all the thugs (like Vick and Ray Lewis another dick head who was part of the killing someone in Atlanta in 2000) in the NFL should be thrown OUT. No matter what team you are on.

  34. thesenuts says:

    i will boycott the organization – are you serious, i mean what he did was wrong but he served his time some people can be so judgmental, man if walls could talk

  35. john says:

    animal is animal and is never change from asia they kill dogs and eat dogs[ i mean like from here you killing dogs and going jail….. shit ………… )some stupid out there ,leave him alone beter let him play ,only some stupid people try to compare some stupid dogs with human

  36. 757steelersfan says:

    the things that vick did doesnt affect real football fans its women and feminine males that get all upset about it. vick going to the steelers makes since vicks a runner steelers are a running team tomlin is from newport news Va. and Vick is too they are actually friendly with each other. tony dungy is vicks mentour and is friends with both tomlin and the rooneys. dungy was a refferance when tomlin got the job and tomlin coached under dungy. if you follow this trail you can see that vick to the steelers could possibly happen. if we lose fans because of this its a good thing because they were not truly steelers fans they just hopped on the bandwagon. you cant stop watching a team that you grew up watching just because they decided to give someone a second chance and really the majority of people posting negative things about this possible acquisition are females and how really how many hard core steelers fans do you know that are steelers fans. then consider how many of them post comments on internet articles. then think about how many of them are animal freaks like the people at peta. im guessing you dont know any

  37. 757steelersfan says:

    the rooneys are very close with the comissioner and the commisioner let him so dont you think that the rooneys would have said something if they felt strongly about not allowing vick to play

  38. kat says:

    Is 757 Steelersfan and John for real? No matter what your take is on Michael Vick’s reentry into the NFL your attitude and views are scary. Fortunately, I hope you are in the minority of the Steeler fans.

  39. SteelerBeliever says:

    757 and you other bozos without spell-check, you just can’t be serious. Only women and feminine males care about animal torture? If you weren’t serious that would be hilarious. Where I grew up in Pgh, every kid throwing a football was Bad Brad, every time you crushed a guard you were Mean Joe Greene. I guarantee half my old football team would be happy to twist your head right off your neck. In a feminine way, of course!

    Vick (torturer), Ray Lewis (killer), Plaxico (idiot)… they all ought to be tossed out on their ears, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  40. Sandy says:

    If you people really believe that he is remorseful, you are as foolish as any team owners that would even consider him. Hes an egotistical, self righteous maniac who can kill an animal with his bare hands and laugh about it. Thats a sick person, one which will not change and who does not need to be anywhere near a football field and kids who look up to these players. I too will no longer be a Steelers fan after 53 years if they sign him. Vick got caught, period, he didn’t volunteer to go to jail. He’d still be doing it if his friends weren’t busted and ratted on him. Hes pure scum. Lets see if he can give all those dogs he killed a second chance.

  41. 757steelersfan says:

    SteelerBeliever i can understand your views and others but this is where your argument turned for the worse.

    Vick (torturer), Ray Lewis (killer), Plaxico (idiot)… they all ought to be tossed out on their ears, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    most people don’t agree with those statements. maybe the ones about plaxico and vick but you seldomley hear anything about lewis. i understand that what he did was wrong and i would not be posting here if i didnt feel that we could potentialy acquire vick. if dungy was convinced that vick was sincere then im sure someone else will be too possibly someone that grew up in the same area as him and talks to him. this would be Tomlin. and i agree with you Sandy he is not sincere but i could care less he did what he did he got the same punishment as someone else it is just far more publicized. if a person that made alot of money but was not in the public eye would be able to get their same job or a similar one back for a different company. vick cannot do this because everyone made a big deal about it which it is but he did his time. but to be honest SteelerBeliever and kat most men can get over this and i think the majority of people not just steelers fans want michael vick to succeed again. if the thought of michael vick made most sports fans upset i dont think espn would be reporting on vick and running footage of him throwing passes at my old high shcool every 30 minutes.

  42. 757steelersfan says:

    and although i feel that vicks actions were wrong i have to partially agree with john people in asia and other parts of the world eat dogs but we dont look down on that because that would be rude. down in the hampton roads area dog fighting isnt popular but it isnt unheard of. i think there might be a little bit of a double standard here. just for the record i do think he was wrong and should have gone to jail but that is all over with and i can forget about it and move on.

  43. Snuff says:

    No sick is shooting helpless animals, cutting their heads off, and hanging them on a wall as some sort of cheap decoration. Even worse is the thought of grown men teaching there young boys how to use and shoot a rifle to kill helpess animals. That is not a sport and anybody protesting that the killing of the dogs was so horrible and unforgivable are the real idiots. They should feel the same about anyone who hunts for fun or so called sport…….Vick was wrong for participating in the destruction of the dogs but he has more than paid the price for his crimes and negative behavior so please get off his back! ……and seriously i thought the NFL was in the business of drafting football players not role models some of you parents need to stop depending on spoiled cocky athletes to be the perfect example for their children and step up to the plate themselves! or at least teach them not to glorify athletes as the greatest people in the world and that there are just as many bad athletes as there are good ones……….Oh and while your at it you might as well teach them if they make a mistake or commit a crime they should just curl up and die because apparently society no longer believes in seconds chances or rehabilitation! lol

  44. craig says:

    I would like 5 min with Vick and a cattle prod..he would NEVER walk the same again !