There are a lot of people out there that will yell and scream and stomp over the fact that I continue to post updates about Favre’s tendancy to waffle over his decision.  In fact, I’ll probably recieve some comments similar to this:

come on adam you are?, ahhhhhhhh, a sports genius?, let me ask you a question adam, have you ever played football in college?, nfl?, as a quarterback? not even one snap?, well adam, i would just let brett favre do as he pleases, come back a 100 times if he chooses, free country, favre has more pocket change than you will make in a lifetime adam. adam remember one thing, there seems to be interest in brett favre, right?, every blog, sports page, sports channels, and correct me if i am wrong, vikings seem to be interested, right?, what is the deal?, move on to another story like TO.

None-the-less, I am going to continue to update you all on Brett Favre’s pending decision to join the Vikings instead of moving onto a story such as T.O. (ummm, what?).

Ed Werder is reporting on ESPN.com that Favre is feeling anguish over his upcoming decision on whether or not to suit up in purple.  In fact, a source told Werder that, “If it weren’t for the involvement of the Vikings players directly telling Brett they want him on their team, I think he might have already decided against playing again.”  Apparently Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, and Steve Hutchison have been calling and texting Favre in an effort to get him to join the team.

Favre is thought to be feeling cornered and obligated to play for the Vikings, even though he is not 100% sure that he really wants to.  The article also notes that money is not an issue, as there is supposedly a $10 million contract in place for 2010 should Favre choose to end his retirement.

As noted in the article, the Vikings strategy of using prominent players on the team to try and help recruit Favre might be effective, but it could also result in some tension between those players and the three quarterbacks currently on the roster… especially if Favre chooses to remain retired and said quarterbacks are still on the team when the season starts.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Vikings are currently dealing with two of the most unpredictable people in football in Brett Favre and Bus Cook.  Rumor has it that Tampa Bay may be willing to test the Favre-waters at the last minute, and let’s face it, they have a lot of cap space which could be tempting to Favre and Cook.  Tampa is also a lot closer to home for Favre.  While these are unconfirmed rumors at this point, we have all been witness to the fact that anything is possible in this seemingly never-ending saga.

Tomorrow is the latest “dealine” for a decision by Favre that had been reported previously.  Don’t be surprised if this dealine comes and goes just as quietly as the last handful.