For better or for worse, the St. Louis Rams offense forever will be compared to the record setting days of the “Greatest Show on Earth” running and gunning in the Dome.  Those were amazing and wonderfully fun days for Rams fans and rightfully so.  Every time you went to see the Rams, you knew you were going to get a “Show”.  The Rams were the hottest ticket in town.  People were talking about the Rams at every street corner.  But alas, the “Greatest Show” was only on for about 3 seasons.

This year, the Rams brass announced that they would focus the Rams offense around running back Steven Jackson and the running game and a West-Coast short-passing offense.  Cue the groans from the St. Louis Rams fans who were hoping for a return to the “good old days”.

St. Louis is a blue-collar town.  They appreciate hard work and hustle with their sports stars.  They support players who sprint to first base in baseball.  They love players who throw their body around on the baseball diamond.  But, the Rams fans are hoping for the high-flying high wire act of 1999 to 2002.

However, St. Louis can get behind a run-first offense with hard working blue-collar offense.  St. Louis Rams fans could get behind the “Midwest Offense” if it works. If the Rams win with this offense, the fans will get behind the team.  One could say they need to see it to believe it.  I feel like I’ve heard that one before…