I’m still plugging along on these fantasy predictions.  I was hoping to wait on the recievers until Brett Favre was actually a done deal, but oh well.

THE GOOD:  Berrian’s stats have improved every year since he’s entered the league.  His first year with the Vikings was no different, as he came within 50 yards of breaking the thousand mark and he also posted a career high of 7 touchdowns.  Berrian has proven he’s a deep threat and if he can stay healthy I’ll bet he finally breaks a thousand yards this season.

THE BAD:  Both Jericho Cotchery and Laverneous Coles are thought of as deep possession guys, simlar in many ways to Bernard Berrian.  Cotchery and Coles both saw a dramatic decline in production with Brett Favre at the helm, as he loves to dink and dunk short passes to running backs, tight ends, and recievers.  With playmakers like Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor, Percy Harvin, and Visanthe Shiancoe at Favre’s disposal there may not be as many touches left for Berrian as fantasy owners would like to see.  This all assumes that Favre is in purple, of course.

THE BIG QUESTION:  As mentioned above, the big question for Berrian this season will revolve around Favre.  Will he sign?  How’s the arm on the deep throws?  Can he stay healthy?  Will he constantly check down to backs and tight ends?  It’s not a ground-breaking philosophy, but a wide receiver is directly tied to his quarterback, so Berrian’s chances for major success possibly hinge on who is behind center this season.

PREDICTION:  I expect Berrian to be right at 1,100 yards this season with 6 touchdowns.  The possiblity of Wild Cat plays could spike his stats a bit here and there.

WHERE TO DRAFT:  Continue to monitor Minnesota’s quarterback situation (as if you have a choice) and then decide whether Berrian is a fifth or sixth round fantasy pick.  Regardless of who ends up as the starting quarterback, Berrian should be gone at the end of the sixth round in most leagues.  I think he’s going to be a solid #2 wide out on many fantasy teams this year.