Love Gone Wrong – McNair’s Lack of Judgement in Relationship with 20-Year-Old Sealed His Fate


While some are trying to look at the good things that Steve McNair did on earth before his demise on Saturday involving is 20-year-old “girlfriend,” more things are coming out pointing to McNair leading somewhat of a double life that involved keeping this romance with Sahel Kazemi, aka “Jenny” somewhat hidden.

Reports today point out that McNair’s wife – Mechelle McNair, was NOT aware of the relationship with Kazemi, this despite the fact that Steve McNair continued to tell Sahel that the couple was in the process of getting a divorce. The Tennessean points out that there currently is no divorce pending, at least in Nashville, but that McNair’s house is for sale.

The pair met in January at Dave and Buster’s, where Kazemi worked. “He was one of the nice guys who would talk to you, not like the other athletes,” said Brandon Millichamp to The Tennessean, who worked with Kazemi at the restaurant. “And she was a super sweet girl. I was surprised to hear about their dating and this was so out of the blue.”

Kazemi came to Nashville about four years ago with her at the time boyfriend, Keith Norfleet, who is not a suspect in the case. Norfleet and Kazemi broke up about six months ago, and that’s when she started hooking up with McNair.

Then in May, for her 20th birthday, McNair got her a black Cadillac Escalade. That weekend Kazemi’s family met McNair at a dinner. Kazemi also drove around town in McNair’s Bentley, telling those that would listen about McNair getting a divorce and eventually that the two would get married.

“We went out to dinner and she was so happy and was having fun. Were we happy about the relationship? No,” said Farzin Abdi, Kazemi’s nephew to the Tennessean. “I don’t know if he had filed for divorce but I thought it wouldn’t happen.”

The nephew appears right. With no divorce in sight, it sounds like McNair was doing what unfortunately so many pro athletes do – cheat on their spouses and lead a life supporting other women with the millions of dollars they make.

It sounds like McNair supported Kazemi, paying for things and taking her on trips to Key West in Florida, Las Vegas, California, Hawaii and McNair’s farm in Mississippi.

All this with his wife not being aware of it. McNair may have been a charitable guy with a good heart, but in the end, it sounds like his relationship with a 20-year-old woman not his wife was the one thing that broke the quarterback that was known to his teammates and fans to be indestructible.

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12 Responses to “Love Gone Wrong – McNair’s Lack of Judgement in Relationship with 20-Year-Old Sealed His Fate”

  1. Jeff Sack says:

    While nobody can look at this tragedy without total sorrow I can not help but totally agree with the premise of your article. If you play with fire you will get burned and unfortunately this tragic case is just one case in point. Marriage vows are supposed to be sacred; not something that you can pick and choose at your own discretion when and where you want to abide by them.

    Covering pro-locker rooms we have heard rumors of players dalliances over the years. We do not talk about it because or job is to report what happens on the field not in the budoir. But unfortunately this certainly not the first time that we have heard about an athlete stepping out on their wife. It is just another sad reflection on where our morals or lack thereof are as a society.

    The shocking thing about it being a guy like McNair though is all the stories we heard over the years about how here nurses training kept him off the I/R. It always seemed like it was a good marriage. Apparently Abraham Lincoln was wrong you can fool all the people all the time.

    Matt I have told you this in private conversations, I have stated it on the air when we worked togther. We are blessed with two greatest barometers of all time our heart and our brain. When we follow them we do well; subsequently when we don’t we have tragedies like this. My condolences to McNair’s Widow and their family.

  2. Ken says:

    What a loser and a fugazy.

  3. trey_trey says:

    typical idiot.

  4. Mike says:

    Don’t blame it on him being an Athlete. Many men and women have affairs so lets not blame only athletes.

    “If you play with fire you will get burned” comment implies that what happened to Steve is okay. I don’t think so. If you believe a guy or a girl is not tru to you just dump them. Break the relationship. No one has a right to take another person’s life.

    Details about this are still coming out so I will refrain from saying it is this girl who did it. It is a tragedy and Steve did not deserve an end like this.

    A lot of people have affairs and though it is wrong I don’t think there is a law against it. You can divorce the guy or the girl and you can get money, custody of children, or sieze property from him or her. But you cannot take his life. Thats just not right.

    I am just very sad to see Steve go like this.

  5. M&M says:

    My condolence are to the McNair (wife & children) family. He didn’t deserve for his life to be taken this way because as we all know infedility has bee in existence by both male and female. Marriage is sacred in the eyes of “GOD” and should’nt be taken for granted.

  6. KK says:

    The victims here are Mechelle and her children. How do you explain to your children what your father has done or how does Mechelle ever forgive or forget her husbands secret life? He chose his path while knowing of his importance to his community. His past contributions to his community do not justify his actions that have now affected his family for life. Yes, everyone does make mistakes;however, there will never be any closure for Mechelle and her children with the result of this situation. How can we expect anyone to live with that?… especially children!!
    My heart breaks you Mechelle and her family.

  7. Albert Poledri says:

    People always say the same thang…He didn’t deserve this or she didn’t deserve that. It mi amigos, is not a matter of deserveing this or that but of what we call consequences. Logically, if you play with fire you may eventuaally get singed or burned or charred. Matt said it best, and for you Mike, never assume of what one say’s is implied. The santimony of marriage is precious, and for it’s violation there is a price. Unfortunely, for Mr.Mc’Nair the price is steep and will be permanent.

    Miami Beach Fl.

  8. A McKenna says:

    McNair is not the first and won’t be the last male or female to cheat on a spouse. Does that mean he deserved to die? I think not. Apparently the young woman was “deranged”, many women who get involved with married men no they are married. In everybody looses. Those who sit in judgement not nothing about “God”. Murder? Suicide? Equals CRAZY!!!

  9. Mike says:

    Price? People you are sounding like Steve deserved this?

    If the girl really did this then she was a psycho and a cold blooded murderer. Had she been dating another guy who was not an athlete and got dumped she probably would have the same thing.

    In any scenario a person like this would resort to violence like this. These same people who do things like this probably will hurt anyone even in minor incidents like road rage or petty arguements. Sometimes you can tell how volatile those people are by their behavior. Alcohol and drugs usually usually speeds up this process even more but in this case it looks like premeditated.

    Bottom line is that Steve was killed by someone because he was with this girl. Probability is very high that Steve is dead because of this affair. Someone other than this girl could have done this because of jealousy also.

    Some people are so caught up with their emotions that they resort to taking another person’s life. Its like OJ and though he was proven innocent we have our reservations. Did Nicole deserve that? Did Ron deserve that? She divorced him but the psycho did not leave her alone. Some people just can’t accept being rejected. I just feel you have to be extremely selfish and cruel to take someone’s life and especially because of jealousy. Some people feel really bad spraying a can of raid on ants, cockroaches, and flies. And here they are taking someones life because they are having an emotional outburst.

    Steve should have known better and you can blame his judgement. However, as stupid as he was and as morally wrong as he was you cannot say he deserved it.

  10. tammy says:

    I think this is a wake up call to wives husbands single women and men alike dont date married men or women if he dating and still married he is not the man or women for you bec what e did to her or him he they will do to you. And no one is thinking about the innocent the children both parties acted selfishly and her parent out to be ashamed bec if it were my daughter I would have sat him down and told him and her how we dont accept this in my family and warn my daughter but to many times parents get caught up in the hype of celebrity or money and they lose site of reality and outcomes like this being a athlete is no excuse for cheating ever plus her being 20 and him being 36 is also wierd what grown man has time to hang out with underage girls come on my prayers go out to his wife and children bec they will forever has to live with his mistake speaking from my own experience dating athlete not all are bad but just that whole environment of looking the other way that goes with dating and being married to an athlete just wasnt for me but bec of financial reason or children alot of these women put up with it and I dont judge them and they cant be at all surprise when things like this happen its sad

  11. L. Mikki Anglade says:

    Albert….thank you. You said what I’ve been thinking. Every time a tragedy like this happens people get into this tirade about deserving and the outcome not being ok. They try and rationalize what is never rational. Of course, Mr. McNair did not deserve what happened and it is not OK. But, in life…we can make our own choices–that is our right as people–but the consequences? Well, none of us have control over consequences nor do we have control over other people. So, IMO, it is so odd to hear (in the 2009 at that) platitudes centered on what we deserve or what is not ok. Life is not about that, unfortunately.

    In discussing the particulars of Mr. McNair’s death, one cannot help but assess the situation. Hopefully, most people know that choices to commit adultery typically leads to someone–if not everyone–being hurt, who are involved in the situation. How hurt? Again, we can make our choices but we have no control over the consequences of our actions (which, often, include and affect other people and, indirectly, their choices). We cannot control how people respond to being disappointed and/or wounded and hurt by us. A rational person handles disappointment differently than an irrational person. How do we know? Well, we don’t until something happens and the other person reacts—in accordance with his or her own values and principles. This is what consequences entail and why it is so important to treat people kindly and respectfully. But, we live in a society where people seem to naively think that everyone will and should exercise their “legal” options or act logically when hurt or wounded by another. Or, we simply are flippant and don’t care that we hurt others and have a “oh, well, it happens…get over it attitude”. Then something like this tragedy happens and we complain about the unfairness and the severity of the consequences. Again, we have no control over how things play out once we make our choices. If any lesson can be learned from this, it is to weigh the cost of your choices. Think worst-case and best-case scenario for each decision you make that affects someone else. Can you afford to make this choice? In what possible ways could they respond—extreme or mild? Don’t be foolish to think that people–who we have no control over and who have no control over us–will always react or respond the way we think they should. Just do onto others, as you would like them to treat you as well.
    That being said…what happened to Mr. McNair is so tragic. He paid the ultimate price for a mistake he made. Yet, Mr. McNair’s life is not about just one or, even, a few indiscretions (we all fall short or have fallen short of doing the right thing at some time or another). I do honor and remember him for more than just how he died. I remember him as a great player and the positive ways he contributed to society. I wish he were still with us.

  12. Ms wright says:

    While no one has the right to take anyone else’s life, he had to be there with his mistress and not home with his wife where he should have been in order to be murdered on that early morning. Their are indeed many people who have affairs, but that does not make it right. Though there are no laws that outlaw adultry, we all have a higher law by which we must abide. My heart hurts for his wife and children they are the victims in this. They have to live through all of the emotions that something like this brings. God bless his wife and her family and hopefully for her sake she can forgive him and move forward for her boys. May God have mercy on Steve’s soul.