Rodney Harrison may not be quite the football icon that Brett Favre has become, but the guy knows football.  He’s also not afraid to speak his mind, and often time he makes a lot of sense.  I have, as many of you have, grown so tired of the Favre story that i’ve begun to just skip over stories with headlines such as “So-and-So Weighs In On Favre” or “Such-and-Such Shares Thoughts On Favre.”

However, I can’t help but share with you an opinion on the whole Favre thing that I think is spot on.  Here’s Harrison’s take:

“From the player’s I’ve talked to, a lot of them seem to think Brett Favre is pretty selfish,” Favre said. “Each and every offseason bringing so much attention to himself. It’s just really a disappointment to hear that time and time again.

“If you’ve been in the league 13, 14, 15 years or so you know if you want to play. The circus shouldn’t have to go on for three to four years. It’s just a disappointment. Then the media they’re just so caught up and in love with Brett Favre … It’s ridiculous because a lot of guys are doing good, positive things in the National Football League and those keep things keep getting overlooked.”

Bravo, Mr. Harrison.  Bravo.